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Unzip your jeans
By Charity | Erotic sex art by Samarel

We met in the cafe. I was sipping Tea and you were yelling on your cell phone. Telling someone that you'd get it in on time. I laughed and you smiled. You hung up the phone, came over to my table and asked me my name. When I told you; you said it was the prettiest name you ever heard.

You then asked me out for that night. I said yes. Rushing home to get ready...I wondered...Do I really want to do this?

You picked me up and I said "Let's walk." We walked uptown and went window shopping. I pointed to a risqué dress and you leered. We talked and laughed through the night walking around the city. In the back of my mind though was the thought...Do I really want to do this?

On the way back to my house; it started to rain. Not just little sprinkles but a fast, cold, soak you to the bones rain. We ran to my door and hid under the awning. Soaked to the skin; I ask if you want to come in and dry off a little. You say "sure" and I unlock the door. Walking in, I turn on the light and point you towards the bathroom. I walk to my bedroom to change and leaning against the door; I again wonder...Do I want to do this?

I come out of my room wearing shorts and tank top. You're by the fireplace lighting it. You look so good. The shirt you are wearing is plastered to your body; defining your muscles. Your jeans shape your ass perfectly. you've removed your shoes and even your feet look sexy. You ask me if it was o.k. that you started a fire. I smile and say "that sounds great." I go into the kitchen and grab two beers. Handing you one; I go and sit on the floor by the fire. You join me. I wonder...Can I do this?

You move closer to me and run your fingers along my cheek. I turn towards you hand and you cup my face. Leaning towards me; you softly kiss me. I respond and kiss you back. Your kisses become more passionate and you slip your tongue between my teeth. Our tongues tangle for a while and you lower me to floor. You move away from my mouth and start kissing my neck. Your mouth follows the path of my collarbone and along the edge of my tank top. Your hands are lifting my top and I can feel the heat from the fire. I pull you closer and run my hands along your back down to your ass. Am I really doing this?

You pull me up and remove my top and bra. You lay me back down and take my nipple into your mouth. I gasp as you start sucking and biting it. You right hand is kneading my other breast and your left hand is slipping into my shorts. My hands start to unbutton your shirt and push it down your arms. You slip out of it and I run my hands over your pecs. Getting bold, I lean up and run my mouth all over your chest. You grab me and fall to you back; pulling me on top of you. I stand up and remove the rest of my clothes. Kneeling back down beside you; I unsnap and unzip your jeans. I reach into them and wrap my hand around your cock. You moan. Can I do this?

I tell you to lift your hips and I remove your jeans. Leaning down, I lick the tip of your cock. 've heard guys like this. I grab your cock and start running my nails along the sides. Slowly I wrap my mouth around the head and give it a little suck. You moan. I move my mouth a little farther down and my hand cups your balls. I start to suck you gently moving my mouth up and down you cock while my hands massage your balls. You start moaning and put you hand on my head; pushing me further down you cock. I maneuver my tongue so I can you take further into my mouth. You pull me off your cock and pull me up to kiss you. You pull me to my knees and place me over your mouth. I feel your hands separate me and then I feel the heat from your mouth as you lick me and pull me closer to your mouth. Your tongue flicks out and your teeth nibble my clit. I start to move on you. You try to hold me still by grasping my waist. You stick your tongue inside of me. The sensation is too much for me and I explode over you; screaming your name. Collapsing over you...I think...Did this just happen?

You lift me in your arms and ask me which way to the bedroom. I point and you head there. Walking in you place me in the middle of my bed. Following me down; you start to kiss me again. You stretch out over me; supporting yourself on your elbows. You knee my legs apart and place your cock at my opening. I wrap my legs around you. Can I finish this?

With one thrust your inside. I cry out from the pain...and you stop and stare at me. Before you can say anything; I pull you further in and start moving. Our bodies find that natural rhythm and together we fly over edge. You look down at me with wonder and pull me close. Just before we fall asleep...I kiss you and say "Thank you for this."


Awaken from slumber.

By Natasha | Erotic painting by Samarel

She gentle began to stir in the bed as he sat in the chair and watch his sleeping beauty awaken from her slumber. She felt a bit groggy as her eyelids slowly fluttered open. She inhaled deeply taking in a breath of air from the bedroom its smell was familiar to her however because of her grogginess she was unable to exactly pin point where she knew the smell from. It was musky but lite not a heavy odor at all more of a summer afternoon smell when it had just started to rain and you were stuck without an umbrella and had to run in wet dripping rain getting drenched.

That smell, mixed with something kind of sweet, like candy? Maybe? hmmm she was becoming more alert now and as her senses slowly became more aware she noticed her body was now stripped naked. The sexy white silk chemise she wore to bed the night before was now striped from her tan body her arms tied above her head to the iron queen size bed she slumbers restfully upon, her hands wrapped in silk as well tied tight but not too uncomfortable. Her legs were tied too. Ankles bound by ropes which were meticulously knotted then tied to the bed then tied to ropes which worked as a pulley system lifting her hips up high in the air off of the bed and then with one pull of the ropes separating her legs pulling them apart allowing to her to open up as to reveal all of her female sensuality.

This was the perfect position for devouring her fully in his mouth. The ropes were still loose so she was unaware of the ability yet in store for her by this incredible sexual device at her feet. Once taunt the pleasure for her and him will surely begin. He slowly approaches the side of the bed only to gently touch her breast as he very slowly begins to pull the sheet off her body. Her nipple becomes very hard and rises high to the occasion as if to request a lick or perhaps another form of attention. She moans and sighs in enjoyment. In his soft sexy voice, he asks " do you want me to fuck you my beauty?" and she smiled and let out this little laugh "huh, hahaha, yes Master."

Then he asks " do you want me to lick you." She smiles so big her pussy begins to get even wetter. His hands continue to massage her breast they are firm and full. Her nipples are hard. With each touch she feels a sense of electricity flowing through her body from her breast to her wet hot pussy. His hands are now reaching towards the ropes with one pull the pulley system pulls her legs wide open as he does this she moans in excitement and looks thrilled. Her pussy is exposed and open ready for the tasting, she is wet and hot her clit is ready for his tongue. He secures the ropes knotting them at the end of the bed. Then approaches his awaiting appetizer the main course would be his COCK INSIDE HER PUSSY!


For now, though he will fuck her with his tongue and taste her on his lips his mouth can't wait to devour this sexual treasure. His mouth seemed to swallow her whole completely into his watery reservoir. Her wetness melting into his mouth as he devoured her with his concentration on her clit. He used his circling technique to bring her to full orgasm. Her hips rising up even higher in the air as her pussy began to tighten and pulse he finger fucked her as she came in is hand pumping her with his fingers in and out slowly with the perfect rhythm of her hip movement. She was now ready for his hard-throbbing cock. He thrust himself deep inside of her pussy. She fucks him deep within her so much so she begins riding him high in the air. Like she was riding on an imaginary saddle. Grabbing hold of his cock with the muscles of her pussy tighten and spasms with the most intense multiple orgasms she has ever experienced. His deep penetration has left her pussy a dripping creamy delight. Never before feeling this many orgasm. She opens her eyes only to awaken and discover it's all just a dream.

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