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The lesson | Lesbian love

By Artcore Fantasies | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Lesbian Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

Maybe I should have tried a restaurant instead of a nightclub. It was my fifth night as a server. I was still on probation period and I just couldn't cut it. I did everything right. I served the drinks, took the money and even smiled. But I wasn't raking in the tips and I know my boss Lacy wasn't happy with me. After my shift, I knocked on her door to tell her I quit.

"Come in."
"Uh, Lacy..."
"Oh, Missy, what can I do for you?"
"Um, I just wanted to say I'm sorry but I need to quit."
She looked at me quizzically and asked why. I told her I wasn't cut out to work in a nightclub. "Why do you think that is?"
"I don't know..." I replied.

Just then, a man walked in. I seen him here a couple of times and assumed he was her boyfriend.

"Tell you what." she said "Come back tomorrow an hour before your shift and we'll talk." with that said, she escorted me out of the office and shut the door.

I went home. On the elevator, was the guy down the hall. Now there was a looker. Tall and lean with an aura of bad boy around him. I wish I could see his eyes but they are always hidden by shades. He catches me staring at him and waves as he gets off and heads to his apt. I follow him, watching his tight ass in those tight jeans. He turns around and smirks as he enters his apartment. I unlock the door to mine and go in. Casper my cat greets me. Right now, he is the only male in my life. I go into the bedroom and strip. Walking over to the mirror, I look at myself. I see a 5' 4" woman with dull blue eyes and mousy brown hair. I can see why no one would want me.

I was nothing. Now, if I looked like Lacy.....maybe I'd get somewhere.

I go into work the next night. It's an hour before open so only David the bartender is there. He motions me back to Lacy's office. I enter her office and she is sitting behind her desk. Her long black hair is loose and her blouse is half undone. She looks at me with those smoky gray eyes and motions me to a chair.

"I've given it a lot of thought" she said "and I think your just not trained right."

"No, they just didn't train you right." she looks at me considering. "I hate to lose, I'm gonna train you myself."
"You will?"
"Yes, I will. The only condition is you do EVERYTHING I say. No questions asked. Agreed?"
"Um, ok. agreed."
"Good, now unbutton your blouse."
"Un...unbutton my blouse?"
"Yes, all the way."
She comes around the desk "Do you want to learn or not? I haven't got all day."
"Yes, I want to learn."
"Then do as I say."

I reach for the first button and slip it through the hole. Moving downward I release each button till my blouse hangs open. My red lace demi shows through. Lacy stands in front of me and slowly remove my blouse. Then kneeling, she traces a fingernail over the edge of my bra. I shiver as one of her nails touches my nipple. "Take it off." she says.

Mesmerized by her eyes and voice I reach back and remove my bra letting it slide down my arms and to the floor.

"Beautiful." she says leaning towards me.

I jerk as I feel her mouth on my breast, her tongue flicking my nipple. I don't know what to think. It feels wrong but it feels so good. One of her hands holds my hip while the other cups my breast. Her fingers rolling my nipple. The pleasure I feel is shocking. I've never felt this way. Her mouth is now sucking my nipple, pulling more of my breasts into it.

"Stand up."
I do. She takes my hand and leads me to a couch hidden in the corner. Pushing on if. It folded into a bed. She then turns to me and starts to unbutton my skirt, letting if fall to the ground. I'm only in my panties and heels now.
"Lay down." she says indicating the bed.

I lay down and she climbs over me. Leaning down, she starts to trail kisses across my breasts again. Her tongue flicking out like a snake's sending shock waves throughout my body. She moves lower, her hands grasping the edge of my panties pulling them down and off. Her hands move up my legs to my thighs opening them wider. Opening my pussy, she separates the lips. "Mmm. Someone's a little wet." She says. I watch her head go down between my thighs. I feel her tongue licking the inside of my lips moving toward the center. I can only hold my breath as I wait for what she'll do next. Her tongue moves up toward my clit. Her hands hold me open wider. Her teeth are biting my clit. Little nips that make me squirm and pant. She sticks a finger in my hole diving it in and out while her mouth is now voraciously sucking, biting, and licking me. I have never felt like this. If feels as if my body is gonna explode...and then it does. I bite my lip drawing blood as I try not to scream. My juices flow and she greedily lick every last drop. I feel her tongue licking me as I cum again. She gives my pussy one last lick and stands up licking her lips. "I knew you would be sweet."

I just stare at her with my legs spread and my pussy juices flowing out of my body.

"Did you like that?"
I nod my head
"Do you want more?"
I nod my head again.
"Do you want me?"

For an answer, I scoot to the edge of the bed and remove her skirt. She's wearing nothing underneath. Standing up, I start to unbutton her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Her bra is sheer and I can see her nipples poking out of it. I release the front catch and her breasts spill out. I grab them and start caressing them, flicking my nail over the nipples. She moans. I lick one of her nipples. She tastes a little salty but good. I draw her into my mouth and start to suck. Her hands are on my shoulders, her nails digging in. I turn her around and lay her on the bed, her legs hanging over the side. I move between her legs spreading them apart further. I'm leaning over still sucking her breast, one hand on her other breast
and the other hand moving downward. I delve between her thighs, my hand rubbing her pussy. She moans again and gives a little shudder.

My fingers start working her clit, rubbing it and squeezing it. I move my hand down further and put a finger in her hole. Slowly I start to move it in and out. My mouth moves away from her breast and heads south. Running my tongue over her stomach, I kneel down. I stare at her legs spread apart, her pussy lips glistening with moisture. I open them with my fingers. Tentatively I give her a lick. She gasps. I do it again and she bucks off the bed. I wrap my arms around her legs holding her in place while I start to move my mouth over her.

"Oh baby, oh ya..."
I can smell the musk of her scent and it excites me further. I put her legs over my shoulders, my arms holding her in place while my fingers still hold her open. I push my face deeper into her pussy, my mouth working overtime. She tastes so good. I stick my tongue into her hole and dive it in and out. She is writhing on the bed by this time, moaning and panting. "OH....oh... .oh.....I' m gonna cum......" I feel her tighten up as she orgasms. Her juices flow into my mouth and I swallow them. Taking her legs off my shoulder I lower them to the floor. She looks good laying there.

"Is the lesson over?" I asked.
"For now. Come in early tomorrow and we'll continue."
I gather up my clothes and put them on. Tidy up my hair in her mirror and walk out the door. Needless to tips were very good that night.

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