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Tie me please

By Artcore Fantasies | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

It was their third date and once again he was being a true gentleman. A chaste kiss on the lips and a quick goodbye. She sighed audibly when he left and turned toward her door. On the doorstep was a box. No address at all. Just a plain cardboard box.

She picks it up and goes in. She slips out of her high heels, dropping her filmy skirt as she walks. Her pussy is glistening with moisture. The triangle of curls at her apex undulate with every movement as she walks towards the kitchen. She removes her peasant blouse and reaches for the cold bottle of wine waiting in the fridge. She wears no bra underneath so her tiny pert breasts swing softly as she moves. The nipples harden as she presses the cold bottle against her breasts.

She is so hot. Glancing around she notices the box. Walking over to it, she carefully cuts the tape and opens it. Silently she gasps. For inside is a plethora of items. Curiously she pulls each one out: a feather, silk ties, an eye mask, candles, body oil and more. At the bottom is a note IF YOU TRUST ME....I CAN MAKE YOUR FANTASY COME TRUE. Fantasy.... um if only she thinks.

Just then the phone rings.

"Do you trust me?"
"I don't know you"
"Yes you do...I'm in your every dream.....Do you trust me?"
" ............ ."
"Answer me"
"........... "
"Do you trust me?"

"Good, then go to your bedroom, open the balcony door, lie down and put the blindfold on" with that, he hung up. She stares at the phone for a minute listening to the dial tone.
Slowly she hangs it up and reaches for the box. I must be crazy she thinks even as she is walking to her room taking the chilled wine with her. What has she gotten herself into? This guy could be a serial killer or rapist, but his voice was so mesmerizing. Walking to the balcony she opens the door, then climbs on her wrought-iron bed naked and puts the blindfold on. Silently, she holds her breath...

Several minutes pass before she hears movement on the balcony. She smells him first. His scent is woodsy and wild but underneath all that is the pure essence of man. She hears him moving around and smells the candles as they are lit.

"Who are you" she asks.

He says nothing. She feels his breath on her as he gently wraps one delicate wrist with a silk tie anchoring it to the iron bar above her head. Methodically he does the other wrist and then her feet. Now she is splayed open for his eyes. They glow as he slowly looks her over. Ah, what a beauty he thinks as his hands move from her luscious mouth to gently caress her breasts. He teases the nipples making them stand at attention. She moans softly. Bending down, he takes one into his mouth flicking the nipple with his tongue.

Greedily he sucks her, drawing her breast deeper into his mouth as his other hand wanders over her taut stomach to delve between the curls hiding her clit. Continuing to suck, he finds her clit and goes lower to a pussy already wet and hot. He slides one finger in as his mouth moves to the other breast giving it the attention he gave the other. She has tried to remain quiet this whole time holding her breath but she can't anymore. She moans. His finger feels so good moving in and out of her while his thumb plays with her clit "Faster" she begs.

He puts two more fingers in her, stretching her, his thumb still playing with her clit. His other hand has creeped around her back and is holding her fast to him. She feels the orgasm building as he captures her scream in his mouth. She is panting and gasping for air as he quietly chuckles. She feels him leave her and move around.

She is slowly getting her breath back as she smells the wine and then gasps as the first drop of cold liquid hits her skin. It pours over her breast and down to her stomach where it pools.

"I like a good wine...don't you?" his husky voice asks as she feels his mouth follow the trail of the wine. His tongue laps at the wine pooling on her stomach. His tongue swirling in her belly button as he sips the last taste. She feels him moving downward and her womb clenches in anticipation of what he'll do next.

He climbs on the bed between her outspread legs, his hands separating the lips of her pussy. She jerks at the first flick of his tongue. His arms are wrapped around her legs holding her off the bed. His hands holding her ass as he licks her up and down. His tongue is moving everywhere over her pussy, his mouth enveloping the lips. He thrusts his tongue in her hole as his hands move to separate her ass, one finger pushing gently into her asshole. She tries to get away from this invasion but he holds her still. The sensation is too much for her. As his tongue moves in and out of her pussy and his finger moves in and out of her butt she explodes clenching her muscles all around him.

"No more.... I can't take anymore." she gasps.
"Ah, but honey.... we are only beginning."
She feels him getting off the bed and hears the rasp of a zipper as he takes off his jeans. She feels the swish of the air as he removes his shirt. He climbs back onto the bed. This time up by her head.

"Now you will please me."
"No, I cannot...I have never."
"Yes, you will." He leans down and she feels skin on her face.
His hands move almost reverently over her face. "I won't hurt you...I would never hurt you."

He gently pried her mouth open and carefully lowered himself
in. "Close your mouth around me".
She could only do as he asked.
"Move up and down...only as far as you can handle."

She slowly moved her head up feeling him slide against her mouth. He was velvet in her mouth and tasted kinda salty. She started moving her mouth up and down his long cock. Going faster and faster as she found a rhythm. She felt his hands in her hair pulling her forward as on his final thrust he spews into her mouth. Greedily she gulps it down and licks him clean.

"I want to touch you." she says.
"You will soon." he promises.

He moves down her body as his hands follows. His mouth once again finds her as his hands delve into her tight curls. His finger finds her clit while his tongue sweeps up and down her pussy. She is wet and creamy and more than ready. He rises up and guides his shaft into her. He is long and thick and she can feel him swell inside her. Slowly he starts moving. At first it seems erratic but then she notices a pattern. He does One hard thrust and ten soft ones, then two hard and nine softs. Her body builds in anticipation and by the time he hits ten hard thrusts, she is mindlessly screaming and writhing on the bed. She tries to wrap her legs around him but is thwarted by the restraints. Her orgasm rips at her and seems to go on and on. She clenches tightly around him milking him of his cum.

"Please." she begs "Please, please, please"

"What do you want baby.... what do you need?" He asks her.
"I want to touch you.... I need to touch you."
"Only if you keep the blindfold on."
"Anything... anything at all."

He releases her from her bonds, lays on his back and guides her on top of him. "I'm all yours."

She smiles and slowly runs her hands over the hard muscles of his stomach. Her hands run through the bit of hair on his chest finding his nipples and flicking her fingers over them. She lowers her head and takes one nipple into her mouth sucking on it as he gasps.
"Oh baby, you are so good." His hands hold her steady as she slowly licks her way down.

Her hands find the hair at the top of his cock and continue downward. Her hands clasp around him and start to move up and down while her mouth covers his head licking the bead of moisture off the top. Faster and faster she moves her hands and mouth up and down. She uses one hand to cup his balls massaging them as she feels him tighten up.

"Oh god, baby, I'm coming...... " he says as he shoots his cum into her mouth.

She slides him into her while he is still hard and starts riding him like bronco. Her movements are so fast, he doesn't have time to catch his breath. He can only hold onto her as she bucks up and down on him. She is so wet that she slides all over him. She feels her womb and his balls tightening and together they climax. Her milking him while he's thrusting as if there's no tomorrow. She is laying across him exhausted. He gently removes her off of his body leaning over to softly kiss her. Quietly he dresses, puts the items in the box, and leaves out the balcony door.

The phone awakens her. As she answers she looks at the clock. It is noon.

"Hi, are you ready for our lunch date?" says a chipper voice. It's him.. the gentleman.
"Uh, yeah, just give me half hour."
"Ok, see ya then." he says and then hangs up.
She looks around the room...there is no sign of her mysterious
visitor. Was it all a dream?

Half hour later her gentleman pulls up.
"Hi, how was your night?" he asks in a chipper voice.
"I'm not sure." she says.

She gets in his car and reaching around for the seatbelt she notices his jacket. It is covering a box.... with a silk tie hanging out of it.

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