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Sex in the lady's room

By Sensual W | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

It was cold, so cold my nipples firmed up, tight little buds that threatened to undo me as lace brushed against them as I walked. Thin blouse, short skirt and naked underneath I walked with purpose, intent upon my mission. Wrapping my arms around myself, I walked fast, as fast as 4-inch heels allowed. Sharp intake of breath, or gasps of whore assailed my ears as I walked, wolf whistles from construction workers as my legs flashed, bare and tan, thigh muscles showing, something I was proud of. However, today, this evening was mine and he was so going to pay for his little games.


Finding the place, I stepped in the warm air wrapped itself around my chilled flesh, a soft blanket of warmth and comfort. The chilly air, pert nipples, naked pussy and warm air stirred my blood. I was hungry, longing for him to come and join me in this public place.


The cute waiter seated me, his eyes lingering on my breasts and ass as I walked. Playing with him just a little, crossing my legs, Sharon Stone style stunned as he hoped that what he saw was not his imagination. Ordering a Malbec, the red heady wine seeped into my soul, fueling the fire the raged between my legs. Urgent, licking flames of lust, my soul and heart burned for him I longed for him to touch me. Frustrated I shifted some, ordered an appetizer as I waited for him.


I knew he was doing this, to show me who was really in control. I could use my body to torment him, play with his lust, and cause his erection to bulge under his linen pants. Now he was making me wait, leaving me bread crumbs, just a taste of what he could do to me. I hated games, for it always seemed that he won, but this had been a mutual fantasy and he was playing it up to the hilt. He knew that by the time he showed up I would be jumpy, pissed and slightly annoyed that he had neglected me this way, naked in public and wanting. Craving him, the luscious cock which he used with such skill. On the other hand, his fingers as he stroked and petted me, soothing me yet were causing my skin to burn where he touched me.


Shifting the waiter came, sensing my impatience filling my glass of water, staring at me his big baby blues, firm biceps that bulged under his white shirt. Broad chest honed down to narrow waist and hips, he was something to look at.  Ordering a bottle of wine I sat and sipped as the time seemed to drag by. A little buzzed I thought of calling his cell phone and begging him to come, to release me from this torment. However, that had been the rule, no calling to beg instead I was to wait patiently for him. "Madam" the young hot thing asked, "Would you like something to eat besides your wine" his pen and pad at the ready he waited for me.


Staring up at him, the place was almost empty, and I was a woman on a mission. Leaning forward so he could see my ample cleavage, I asked him to come closer and whispered loudly when his break would begin. Red began to creep up his neck, a slight flush that showed over his collar as he coughed and tried to be professional. "In about ten minutes madam he said." Meet me in the women's bathroom in ten" I whispered my eyes intent upon his blue ones. I wanted cock, had to have it and since he was not showing up this sexy man would do. Young, viral and oozing sexual longing I knew he would do whatever I asked. I wanted control of this game, I wanted it now, had to have it now. Tipping his head, he said he would double knock on the door.


Leaving my wine, and jacket so that he would know I was here I sauntered towards the bathrooms in the back. Swinging my hips, showing off my legs and ass I tripped towards the girl's room. Slipping in, I checked myself in the mirror, turning this way and that as my heart pounded, breath quick and fast as pussy juices slid slowly down my legs. I was worked up, this game had gotten out of hand, I had let myself loose the wild woman out to play and now I was insatiable. Knock; knock his knuckles firm against the door. Slipping in, checking over his shoulder he stepped into the lady's room, I grabbed his shirt, pulling him into me.


Our lips collided, fast and hard as he pulled me into his arms crushing me against his chest. His hard muscles, firm his belly flat as I ran my hands over him. Tonguing me, deep and fast, breathe hard and rapid as fingers quickly undid buttons. I wanted to taste him, to lick his soft skin, teasing his nips with my tongue, devouring his young flesh, as one would eat a ripe fruit. Running his hands down over my ass, he caressed me, grabbing the soft round flesh he pulled me into his hardness. Moaning into his mouth, as my fingers played across his bare skin. I rubbed my pubic bone against his rock-hard cock, causing him to bite my neck, his hands working my skirt up over my bare ass. Startled, he looked at me as he realized I had no panties on as his young fingers kneaded into my flesh.


He walked me backward, lips kissing, biting my skin his viral lust evident that he wished to fuck me good. Pushing me up against the wall, he slowly kissed me, undoing buttons, as he went, revealing my bare breasts, my pink nipples soft and firm under his tongue, spreading my legs he took me in, the dew drops of my longing clinging to my bare pussy. "Damn woman," his blue eyes looking up at me as he knelt before me, young fingers caressing, touching and causing me to drip even more down the inside of my leg. The scent of my sex, a woman's lust filled the bathroom urging him to taste me with his pink tongue. Leaning into me, I waited expectantly that instant second of pure ecstasy when tongue meets the wetness of a woman's pussy and clit. That soft breath against wetness, as clit hardens instantly begging for more, instinct and carnal desire leapt as fire through my veins. No longer flesh and blood, something human and animal. I could not put my finger on it as he lapped at me, his desire for me burning between his legs, his tongue almost frantic in his quest to take me there, show me what a man he was. Head thrown back against the mirror, my ass half on the sink, his mouth between my legs tasting, drinking and inhaling my woman ness the door flew open and he walked in.


Startled than thrilled I knew the anti-had just been raised. The rules suddenly no longer existed for either of us. His grey eyes, dark, lean jaw line taut, the nerve in his forehead jumping as he watched me, the ecstasy on my face as the waiter kept going. The young sexy stud at my feet was drunk on my wine, hungry for more his fingers caressed me, sliding into my warmth as my body clamped around his thick fingers. He leaned up against the stall, watching me, my fight for control as my garden progressively invaded by this young stud's fingers, tongue and lips.


I watched him watch me, my breasts exposed, nipples taut and full young fruit ripe and ready for his mouth. I would not ask though, or beg because that would only increase the waiting. Instead I thrust my chest out more, spread my legs wider, wanting him to see what this young boy was doing to me. Slurping sounds increased as his fingers began to work my g-spot, as his tongue caressed and played with my clit. I was about to cum, I could feel it that wave that builds and builds with in your body, a sense that soon you would be drowned and oh what bliss. My body was shaking, trembling as my mind fought for control and my body threatened to cum all over his beautiful face.


Looking down, my chest heaving I met his blue eyes half-drunk we were with desire and sexual longing. Coming to his feet, he worked his way up my body, his fingers pinching my nipples, causing a soft gasp to escape my lips. Biting my lip, his fingers still buried deep within me, I watched him over the waiter's shoulder. The bulge in his pants gave away his seemingly outer sense of control, his eyes turning to hazel as they always did when he was horny. Licking my lips, my leg on the waiter's hip his fingers worked on my pussy and g-spot. I bit his neck, my green eyes intent upon his face, the realization that I was now in control, the ball was in my court.


I had taken a semblance of control and they were both mine to do as I bid. Pushing the waiter away from me, I directed him behind me. His hands on my waist, his cock rubbing against my ass cheeks time seemed to slow as I walked towards my husband. Taking the waiters hand and my husbands, I kissed one and then the other, both of them vying for my lips and half-naked body, fingers pinching and caressing my breasts and nipples. Soft tongues, warm lips seemed to transport me to another realm. Their soft, then firm ministrations against my skin seemed to lift me on wings above everything. Ecstasy that started from the top of my head working its way down into the very tips of my toes, pure waves of pleasure that shifted throughout my frame.


Take your pants down I instructed the waiter, let me see that cock I demanded. The sound of zipper against metal let me know he was doing as instructed. Turning slightly, I looked, at his engorged flesh. Average but very full; his head had a large top, the ridges evident something to enjoy moving up against my inner walls. Fuck me from behind I hissed, as I leaned over my ass in the air as he positioned himself behind me. Go slow I said I want my husband to watch you slide that cock into me.  He played with me, teasing me with the tip, sliding it up against my wetness, pressing into my clit before he slowly penetrated me, as the sensation of being full flowed through me. Reaching out, I grabbed my husband's pants, pulling him to me as my pussy began to rock and vibrate against the waiter's cock. Unzipping him, he sprang forth, hard and full a cock I knew so very well. One I knew how to tease and torment with my mouth and lips, when to inhale and exhale against his damp skin. I knew what would send him over the edge, coupled with the view of his wife being fucked from behind. Touching the tip of him with my tongue, I set to work, an oral play that in the end would leave him wanting more.


Time seemed to slow down to the wet slurping sounds of a cock going in and out of my inner soul, slurping noises from my mouth firmly wrapped around my husbands cock. Breathing, fast and hard, desperate and frantic at times, hearts pounding as we indulged in the pleasures of the flesh.

As the tempo sped up, an orgasm that threatened to overwhelm me, the incurable desire to send me crashing to my knees as my back and neck began to hurt from being in this position. Thrusting my hips back into the waiter, I urged him on, to take me there to that point of no return. Sensing my husband, the waiter and myself were about to cum I let my body loose to do with whatever it wished. As the waiter began to shudder, than my husband as the wave hit each one of us sending our bodies into spasms that reverberated from one and then to the other. We stood there, his cum spewing into my inner sanctuary as my husbands spilled into my mouth and down the back of my throat.


What a moment, an evening of pure delight as our waiter gathered himself together, tucked in his shirt washed his face and hands, while I watched him. Hugging and kissing him, I whispered in his ear, "thanks Jack, you're the best." Kissing him, I let him leave my eyes lingering on his back.


"Darling," his voice sent shivers down my spine, my body still humming and wet, bare and vulnerable under my skirt. "Now that you have had dessert, shall we have some dinner?" His teeth grazed my ear, sending shocks down my spine, his hand in the middle of my back as we walked out the back door. Waving at Jack I promised to call him, blowing kisses as we slipped out the back and into the alley. Sliding into our waiting car, I spread my legs, inviting him to indulge and play. The evening was just beginning.

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