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'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"


By Karrington | Erotic sex art by Samarel

Show me your desires

The ones you keep within

Dark wishes revealed

The Beast who longs to sin


Run your fingers down my neck

Brush my hair aside

Taste my soft sweet tender flesh

Love bites so divine


Press your insistent hardness

Tween my silken legs

Explicit whispers in my ear

At once, I start to beg


Your eyes upon my body

Controlling my response

My juices wait to flow for you

I'm tortured with this want


Smooth voice commanding "Now, my Love,"

Such music to my core

I touch my throbbing center

At once, I start to soar


My moans of passion rising

As my fingers thrust

I feel I'm overflowing

I scream my fervent lust


My gift now your searching tongue

Savoring my completion

As my hands grasp your masculine neck

Frantic undulation


Buried in my sweet delight

You moan appreciation

Sensation starts another wave

As I reach destination


You lay upon on the bed now

"Come claim your reward"

I've been your obedient pet

The one you so adore


You slide so deep within me

Eyes widen in delight

I grind my hips so harshly

This need I cannot fight


I ride you oh so slowly

Rocking, thrown back hair

You gaze at me in wonder

My climax brings you there


Pulsing, throbbing river

You fill me with your seed

And as we kiss so softly

We know we're now complete.

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