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On My Knees

by Ginger | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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Standing before you I watch your eyes as I remove my clothing.
This being what I failed to do the first time.
After my clothes are off I smile at you as I lower myself to my knees.
Slightly parting them so that you can have a clear view.
My hands on my breasts, I begin to fondle them.
Nipping at my nipples.
Pulling slightly on them.
Then pinching harder.
I gasp as I suck in a breath of air.
Pinching was too hard.
Your expression told me that you liked it.
So regardless of the pain I just felt I did it again.
And again I gasped as I sucked in more air.
I feel small, before you, on my knees, having you look down on me like that. Making sure that I am doing it right this time. I am hoping it's pleasing to you.
I keep hold of my left nipple with my left hand as I lower my right hand.
I can feel the heat being generated even before I reach my pussy.
I pinch my nipple again and slide a finger between my lips.
Gasping softly as I feel the moisture there I want to move faster but I control myself.
Watching you to make sure that you are watching me. When I see that your eyes have moved lower I spread my knees even more and slide my finger up and down between my lips.
I hear a soft sigh escape your lips encouraging me to continue.
Faster I slide my finger up and down my slit. My tiny button swollen and hard with excitement.
ohgod I have to finger myself
I thrust one finger inside myself and I stare at you as your eyes slightly widen watching my finger disappear into my pussy.
I take my left hand and slide it down to my pussy as well.
Using it I spread my lips open so that you can see my finger being sucked up inside my love hole.
My upper arms squeeze my tits together and I take another finger and add it to the one that I have already inside me.
Once both fingers are in I start fucking myself harder, bucking against my hand. The faster I move the more I grind against my hand the more intense it becomes and my moaning gets louder.
I notice that your hand moves to the buldge you are sporting in your pants.
This only encourages me to fuck myself more, I love that I have turned you on.
I shove my two fingers into my cunt.
Fucking myself
Faster OHHHHHHhhhhhhh
I gasp out barely audible "I'm going to cum"
Thrusting and grinding a few more times before I let out a scream to wake the neighbors as I feel every muscle within my body tighten and a release from my pussy drowning my fingers.

I look to you as I kneel before you. My eyes in submissive question.

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