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My New Job

by Liez and Arny | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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I was in the shower when my roommate came in to pee. We get along really well, sleep together, and have seen each other many times having sex with our BFs. I giggled silently when she asked, “How’d the job search go?”

Trying not to giggle, I replied, “Got a job! I start tonight! Its high paying.”

I had her attention now!

“What’s the job?”

I decided to frustrate her curiosity. “I’ll tell you tomorrow when I know more about it.”

“Oh, OK.”

I turned off the shower and reached for my towel. She was quiet while I dried myself.

She was still perched on the toilet when I stepped out. “You got that perfect job we saw in the newspaper, didn’t you?” Her eyes were like laser beams, scanning my face.

I giggled.

“Oh god, I’m coming to watch tonight!”

I blushed bright red. “Think I’ll be able to make it work?” I asked, my face showing the bit of fear I felt.

“If anyone in the world can, it’s you, Kendra. Seriously, as much as you like doing it, it’s the perfect job for you.”This time, she blushed. I think she was fantasizing about working there too.

As I walked into our bedroom, I said, “God, I’m so excited. I get paid each time they feel my boobs, each time they touch my bunny, each time they stick a finger in me, each time they touch their cock to me, and each time they stick their cock in me, too.”

“Do you get paid just for stripping?” she asked.

“No, that’s how I raise their interest level. Oh! And if they cum in me, I get paid by the minute for how long it takes them. And they have to be tested for STDs when they walk in.”

She looked thoughtful, then asked, “What’s the name of this place?”

“The Nooky Nook Strip Club.”

We both giggled.

“I may have to start working there with you. I’m not as horny as you, but I do love to fuck.” she snorted.

“They said if the guy takes longer than 3 minutes to cum I get a bonus. If longer than 5 minutes, a double bonus. If the guy doesn’t cum at all, then he pays triple. So it’s really aimed at the quick cummer guys.” The rules seem really tight. I wondered how many men will cum in me in a night?

“What are you going to wear for tonight?”

I thought for a few seconds. “Well, whatever I wear, needs to be something that turns the guys on. So I was thinking about a semi-transparent blouse, and short-short skirt. A bra that holds my boobs up high, but lets them shake back and forth, and a pair of tiny little undie pants that barely hides my vagina lips. What do you think?”

Kendra thought for a moment. “Lets find you a transparent bra too, so they can see your nipples. Guys like picturing themselves fondling our ta-tas.”

So we went shopping.

On the way home, she turned to look at me. “What do you think about my idea of telling the guys that I’m engaged but want to learn how to be good in the sack? Telling them to please teach me how to be the best sex partner I can be, so when I get married I know what to do.”

Kendra looked at me and giggled, then she snorked. “Do you think you could keep a straight face?” She snorked again.

I grinned. “Are you saying it’s not true?” I winked at her.

She stared at me for several minutes. It felt like an hour. “So ......... you guys have never done it? Yet?”

I blushed. I shook my head.

“Why not? I know how much you love sex, for god’s sake.” She reached over and patted my womanhood.

“I’m not sure. It’s like we want to have a reason to get married, or something. I mean if he started it, I’d jump out of my clothes. But ....”

“So you’re going to become a stripper and a slut at a hooker’s club and probably fuck five hundred men a week, and you two haven’t even made love yet? This is interesting!”

I nodded, blushing bright red, both pleased and embarrassed by her description of my new job. I thought about the hooker part. Getting laid by man after man and getting paid for it ... yeah, I was going to be a hooker.

I decided I was going to be the best stripper-hooker I could possibly be.

“Let’s go visit some strip clubs so I can learn from the best.”

We did.




We watched at least 30 strippers doing their own unique thing for several hours. My mind is one of those that constantly critiques how things could be done better.

So after five or six strip clubs under my belt, I felt like I could be the best stripper of the whole damned town. And the fucking ... yes, fucking, there would be no emotions involved in it, I love my fiancé ... I would ask the guys to teach me how to be the best fuck they had ever had.

I felt the wetness building in my ... say it ... cunt. I was getting a soaked cunt in my britches. I glanced down. It was starting to show.

Kendra noticed. She giggled.

A short while later she said, “I’m going with you. I want to watch this. If you get so horny you can’t drive, I’ll drive home.”




After dressing, I practiced shaking my boobs and booty while I watched in the mirror. In a few minutes, I had it figured out, I thought.

The moisture in my cunt started dripping out and running down my leg.

Kendra noticed. She got a towel and dried me off, snickering the whole time.

She looked me in the eye, her hand covering my newly-named, oozing‘Cunt’. “I can see you’re going to love your new job, babe!”




I sucked in a huge breath as I stepped out on the stage, silvery pole in the center.

I walked to the front of the stage, looking from man to man, crotch to crotch, licking my lips.

I grinned at the audience.

“I have a special request for all of you fellas tonight. This is my first night of being a stripper. I’m nervous and a bit scared.

“But I want to learn how to do this. I want to become the best stripper ever.

“But ... I need you guys to help me.”

I paused again to scan my eyes from male crotch to male crotch.

“Guys, I need you to teach me how to fuck.”

I listened to their intake of air.

“Yes, you heard me right. Please, please, please, teach me how to suck on your cocks, kiss your asses, suckle your balls, and most of all, pleasure your cocks with my cunt.”

Not one sound could be heard in the strip joint.

“See, guys, I am engaged ...” I held up my hand to show them my ring “... but my man and me have not yet gone to bed together. Don’t get me wrong, he knows I’m here. But we haven’t had sex yet, haven’t made love yet.

“So tonight I need each of you to teach me with your dicks and your hands and your mouths, how to be, on our wedding night, the best fuck my fiancée will ever experience.


This time I slowed my eyes, staring directly at each guys cock. I leaned toward each bulging lap, enjoying the view. So many guys were hard now. I could see it in their faces and their laps.

Kendra gave me a thumbs up and a grin.

“Now, guys, I have to be honest with you one more time. I can’t stand the smell of shit. Please, make sure your butts are clean. I would like to learn to lick your assholes tonight. I want to learn how to suckle your cocks and lick your balls. I want to be a total slutty whore tonight. I want to do it all! I want to be the sluttiest whore you’ve ever fucked and bred.

“Yes, I want all of you to cum inside my cunt. DEEP inside my cunt. And let your cock rest inside me after you cum ... until all your cum has dripped into my slutty cunt.

“I want to be so full of cum that when the next guy sticks his dick in me, cum squirts out cuz my inexperienced little cunt can’t hold it all.


Whistles and cat calls and hoots of excited support echoed about for my stated goals.

“Who’s going to be the first guy to cum in me?” I shouted as I started to shimmy my boobs and thrust my cunt in randy need.

I fondled my titties, plucking at my nipples, then reached down and lifted my skirt, showing them my perfectly hairlessslutty cunt.

“Cum on guys! I’m fantasizing about six guys fondling me, all over my body, while another guy is fucking me, while I’m sucking a cock, while I have a cock in each hand ... and feel someone trying to get their cock in my tight little virgin asshole. Get the picture?”

I bent my knees and diddled my clittie, spreading my cunt lips open for everyone to stare at.

Five guys jumped up on stage and ran to me.

I fell backward into their arms.

Two guys stuck their hands in my top and started playing with my breasts, one dropped his drawers and instantly fucked into my dripping cunthole, and one got his penis out and offered it to me. I started sucking instantly.

I was in heaven.

I started to squirt big long arches of wetness.

My eyes rolled up into my head as I murmured “YES! YES! YES!”

And he came in me!


“NEXXXXXT” I begged.




When I woke up, the lights were low, and the strip club was empty. I was naked ... and covered in stickiness.

It’s really true that squenching a man’s cock tight with your pussy muscles with each out-stroke makes it feel better for the woman (for me). It pulls his (any man’s) cock against her (my) G-spot each time he pulls out, making my libido soar into the upper atmosphere.

My boss was sitting on a chair, staring at my sperm drenched, cum soaked body. My pussy ached, but in a wonderful way. And my bum ... asshole ... ached. I found myself wishing I could remember it all. All those cocks. All those butts. All those orgasms, one after another, sometimes even continuous. So many arching shots of sperm. So many loving hands on my titties. So much suckling of my nipples. So many kisses, so much fucking, so much ... I actually came again.




I must have passed out again.

When I awoke, my boss was still sitting there. “Gawd I wish I could fuck you. You are something else! Best stripper-whore ever.”

I leaned back. I looked at him. “I sure could use another good fucking. Feel free to be him ... please?” I even felt pleasure begging for his cock.

He stood up, unbuckled his belt, then dropped his trousers. Then he dropped his underwear.

“You sure, sweetie?”

His cock hung to his knees.

His cock was thicker than my arm.

Way bigger than anything I had ever seen before. Even in the porno’s my fiancée likes to watch.

Then I totally forgot about my fiancée.

I nodded, beckoning to him, spreading my legs wide.

“Please” I said, “Fill me up and breed me full of your cummies!”

He did! WOW!!! So much cum! IT started to spurt out of me each time he shot a squirt into me. I’ve never had that done to me before!




That time when I came back to being able to see and think, he was still inside me, lying on top of me. I put my hands on his butt and pulled him tight into me.

He stirred. “God you’re a good fuck,” he mumbled.

“Wanna cum again?” I asked, hoping he did.

He started to saw in and out of me again.

I resumed clenching my cunt muscles each time he started to pull out. He would groan every time I did.

“Oh my god that feels so good when you tighten on me. Never had a woman do that before. I’m starting to get hard again!”

And he did!

I started clenching harder and harder as my still horny little cunt began to reascend into ecstasy. Everything went blurry as I climaxed harder than I ever had before. And that’s saying something!

He grunted louder and louder each time he pulled out of me.

Then he would slam his incredible cock back into me and shove my need to cum again up another notch.

Not nearly as much cum this time, but that’s understandable. But his cock was slamming into me harder and harder as he came. I could feel the head of his monster cock hitting my cervix with every thrust. Not hard, not so it hurt, but perfect, in a way that drove me into sky flight orgasm.

I passed out, coal black out, my whole body pulsing in blissful, incredible, soul-bending orgasm.




When I slowly came back to sentience, he was lying beside me, his arm draped across my tummy.

He smiled at me. Beautiful smile. “You are without question the best fuck I’ve ever had, sweetheart. I love your exuberance. I love how you arch your chest up to meet the hands of a lover. You did it with me, you did it with all the men that fucked you.

“And the way you tighten your cunt muscles every time I pull away, every time I pull my cock back out. It is the most sensuous feeling I have ever experienced. And believe me, I have had a lot of experience with hundreds of women! Owning a stripper-whore club, if you know what I mean.”

I looked into his eyes. I was amazed to see, clearly, that he wasn’t lying to me. His sincerity was obvious. “That is so sweet! Let me tell you, you can fuck me anytime you want to. Honestly, more fucking is better than less fucking. My cunt stays wet all the time. So often I have found myself craving a good fucking from a horny man. So damned often! I really think I would like to have tonight happen every day of my life. I love cocks fucking into me and breeding me full of their cum. Sperm is such a turn on for me.”

He chuckled. “You’re the most incredible American white woman I have ever met. So many view sex as just a way to get their way with a man. You actually mean it when you say ‘Fuck me stud!’ ”

I giggled as I felt the moisture in my vagina rebuilding. “Wanna do it again?”

He grinned. “You’re incredible! How about you come home with me and we can fuck again in the morning? We’ve already missed the two o’clock in the morning fucking.”

He started kissing me, gently, soft caresses, soft lips, caressing my breasts, his hand sliding slowly to my Cantal opening. His fingers slipped inside me, he began to caress my G-spot. “How do you like that, Sexy?”

My hips rose toward his hand. “Oh fuck yeah!” I groaned. “Fuck yeah!”

He didn’t stop either, he kept stimming me until a heard myself screaming in lust, cumming so hard that I started to buck up and down.

He shoved his whole hand up my cunt, shoving it deep up inside me, then clenching his fist, then ramming it in and out until I passed out again.

My cunt was deliciously sore when I drifted back to being able to see.

He was just coming back from the bathroom. “I had to wash my hand, it was covered in sperm. I’m amazed how much cum you had inside you!”

He smiled proudly at me. “Want to come home with me?”

I nodded.

He held out his hand, which I took. He helped me stand up. Then he put his hand around my waist to steady me.

“I love your cock, sir,” I confessed.

“I love your cunt. I love it so much I want to share it with all my friends, as often as I can. Want to be the party whore for all my parties?”

I looked at him. He was serious.

I nodded as I felt cum running down my thighs.

And that is how I became the most fucked whore in the city. And the happiest whore in history.


And that is how I earn $14,000 a week.

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