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Learning to love

by Arni Tulane and Liez Kaminski

Erotic lesbian art by Samarel

Tomorrow is my first day of college!

Moved into my dorm room this afternoon.

Met my new roommate.

She’s adorable. Her name is Arni.

Beautiful smile. Brilliant white flash of teeth when she grins ... the soft touch of her dark fingers on my arm.

I’m a little sore from moving. Hard work. Third floor. But I grew up on a farm, so I’m used to that after years of long days of labor around my parents’ property.

Registration for classes is tomorrow. We are both concentrating on the same major. We talked about classes we should take. She’s going to take one I just found out about: Sexual Education for Young Adults. I was too embarrassed, too shy to ask her to tell me more about it.

She had sort of a smirk on her face when she pointed at it on her list of classes.

Just before we went to bed in our tiny room for two, she showed me the textbook for it. She already has it! There were pictures of naked people in it. There were even pictures of people doing sex.

I have watched cattle and horses and sheep and hogs breed my whole life. But I’ve never seen people, or even a picture of people, breeding. I guess I should call it making love to each other. They aren’t farm animals, after all.

She showed me some videos of people “doing it”. Actually making babies. Sperm insertion and the whole thing.They had noisy, wriggly orgasms. Fascinating!

I got the strangest sensations in my tummy ... and down below that, too.

I couldn’t stop staring at what they were doing to each other.

My new roommate giggled at me. “I take it you’re a virgin?” She said it softly, but I was embarrassed by my inexperience.

I nodded slightly as I stared at the floor. I wanted to ask her if she was too, but the words stuck in my throat. My face was burning with embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie. It’ll happen. Don’t rush it. Okay?” Her expression was one of complete understanding.

The strange feeling in my panties didn’t go away. It got worse.

We stayed up late, talking, putting things away, the moving them to a better place, then moving them back to the first place ... sometimes.

She started giggling.

I couldn’t help it, I joined her in her giggles.

And we couldn’t stop giggling. We got louder and louder until we were literally rolling on the floor, tears in our eyes.

“FUCK!” she screamed. “I’ve never ever laughed this long and hard before!”

“Me either,” I admitted, unable to stop grinning.

She rolled onto her side, then perched up on her elbow. “God I want to make you cum!” she said, softly now.

I remember staring at her for the longest time, wondering how that would feel.

Finally I said, “Okay.”





My whole body felt wriggly and stimulated.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I have previously experienced an orgasm. I like to toy with myself when I go to bed, when I am alone. I have taught myself how to diddle my ever so sensitive clitoris. I’ve gotten pretty good at it too.

I wondered if her touch would be as much fun as mine was. I need to form a fantasy so that I can think about it while she touches me there.

Her dark fingers glided down the inner part of my thigh as I lay there wondering. Would she penetrate my little hole? Would she put more than one finger inside me? Would she move down between my thighs and kiss me ‘there’? Would her tongue partake of my wetness? Like some of the people in the videos she showed me?

I could feel my wetness growing. It feels so wonderfully enriching.

Would her fingers make little noises while they played with me?

I hoped so. That was one of the things that made me feel sexy. The noises that my fingers made as they diddled my parts.

Her fingers took way too long to reach my parts. That frustrated me.

But the dark skin of her hands and face did turn me on. I wanted her hands to fondle me. I wanted them to toy with my white breasts, my pink nipples.

I wanted to feel her thick dark lips kissing my thinner pink lips, and I wanted to feel her tongue licking me deep.

Would she dominate me?

My eyes are riveted to her hand. Such a gentle erotic touch.

“Want to come on my hand honey?”

I nod, my eyes riveted to her busy fingers.

They glide down my inner thigh again, and then back up to my vaginal lips. Is that what sexy people call them?

They caress me there, fondling my growing excitement.

Her face shows surprise. “You’re not plucked, sweetie!”

She’s right, I still have my full growth of pubic hair.

“Oh my god, I’m going to pluck your cunt hair and put it on the internet while I do it!” she blurts out.

Immediately she gets her laptop computer and places it between my legs, pointing right straight at my pussy. She logs on to a site and giggles. “There’s lots of people on the site already this evening! Plenty of people will get to watch your little white cunt emerge out of hiding!”

I can see their perverted, curious eyes staring at my pussy.

Someone types, “Is she a virgin?”

Arni types back, “Damn straight! And a tight little virgin at that! Watch me stick my fingers inside her little pink cunt.”

I can see a bunch of the guys start to masturbate as they stare at my pubic hair. Men masturbate differently than women do, that’s for sure! They have to move their whole arm; we women can just wiggle our middle finger.

Arni went to work with a pair of tweezers, plucking hair after hair from my ticklish growth.

I have seen some men’s dangles in pictures before, but never live like this, live, pulsing, being stroked to amazing size and stiffness. Their penises so much larger than my clittie!

I feel my excitement growing. I feel my wetness building. I stare at all the men’s hard cocks as more and more men join the video, watching my naked little pussy being plucked clean of hair.

They start yelling at Arni to stick her hand up me.

I wonder if her hand would fit inside my tight little unused pussy hole.

Would it fit in my resized cunt hole after she pilfers my innocence?

Why have I started calling my vagina my “cunt”?





It took a little struggling, but Arni did get her fingers into me. The first finger on her right hand went in fairly easy, until it seemed to hit something inside me. The second finger also went in fairly easy, until it hit something at about the same depth. Then, when she withdrew the one finger on her right hand, she inserted two fingers on her left hand. Her fingers started stretching me, pulling my opening apart. I remember feeling my eyes enlarge, my mouth opening as though trying to aid my little lower opening to yield, to open wider.

That second finger on her other hand seemed like it was making my whole little pussy gash stretch farther than it was made to go.

She turned to her laptop and said to all the staring eyes, “Guys, I think we have a bonfire virgin here! Shall we stretch her little virgin pussy open so all y’all can see her hymen, what the Docs call her protective membrane?”

There was a resounding, even shrill, agreement that she should.

She arranged the laptop so it was really close to my opening, then got on top of me, straddling my face, her face now directly above my little inexperienced vagina ... as mine was to hers. Reaching around my hips, she pressed two fingers of each hand into my virgin ... cunt ... hole.

I heard a couple of the guys that were watching grunt loud and as though they were struggling. I think they may have been having orgasms. That’s what it sounded like to the naïve little virgin me during the videos.

I grinned as I thought about my unused body turning them on so much.

Then Arni started pulling her fingers apart. I felt my little hole opening, stretching farther and farther. It hurt ... but in sort of a good way.

One of her thumbs began to rub on my clitoris, strumming back and forth. My eyes started getting blurry.

I heard a couple of the guys joking with each other about getting to see the back side of my belly button.

Arni kept pulling and pulling and pulling.

I wondered how big my hole was now, as it felt like I was at least a mile wide.

Then Arni said, “Another inch wider and we may be able to see her hymen, guys!?”

“How wide am I stretched now?” I asked.

“About a half of an inch,” Arni said.

That sure isn’t how big my pussy-hole felt!

Arni kept pulling me apart, stretching me, little by little, bit by bit, as my poor little cunt felt as if it could swallow someone’s foot.

“How big am I now?” I croaked.

“About three quarters of an inch,” she said.

Her cunt was right in front of my face. I could see her pinkish clitoris surrounded by her dark pussy lips (That’s what most of my friends called their vaginas: pussies). Her pussy was pulsating slowly up and down as its owner struggled to stretch my pussy out.

One of the guys watching suggested that she find something thick and round and shove that up me to stretch me out.

I felt her fingers relax slightly, perhaps as she thought about what she could use to open me up.

All of a sudden, she released me. She bounded off me, going to her suitcase.

She came back with a long, thick, penis shaped gizmo. It was really thick. It was black as the ace of spades. I think it was made of plastic.

“I’ll shove this dildo up her until she’s wide enough for us to see up her cunt hole,” she said. She got a bottle of something out, and, with a SQUIIIICK sound, squirted it onto the dildo, rubbing it up and down the shaft until it gleamed bright and shiny.

“Now for her first fuck!” Arni squealed as she re-opened me with four fingers, but holding the big black dildo between her thumbs.

“Let’s spread her wide, guys,” she giggled

And she did, putting all her strength into getting my pussy hole wide while the head of the dildo slid inside me.

It hurt like hades.

I forced myself not to cry out.

The guys were cheering.

I felt the thick blackness slowly slide into me a tiny fraction of an inch at a time, spreading me in a way I did not know was possible.

It was huge! THICK! Well, at least to me it was. And very hard. And very black.

After the head of it was fully inside of me, Arni got between my legs and started thumping on it.

Slowly, slowly, an eighth of an inch at a time, it forced my little inexperienced cunt-hole to yield to its demand.

The guys kept cheering.

I started crying.

Arni started howling, “Go cock go! Fuck her cunt! Spread her out! Take her virginity! Make hers a cunt hole that loves to fuck cocks!”

When the head and about an inch of it was up inside me, Arni stopped.

She let it rest there,stretching me wide, as my pain slowly subsided to a muted ache.

“What do you think, guys? Will we be able to see her hymen now,” she giggled to her audience?

Consensus seemed to be that it should stay inside me for about half an hour so that my cunt would stretch to its full size, permanently stretched to a larger dimension.




As the pain of the monster dildo inside me subsided, I slowly started to get more and more turned on. The men watching the internet images of my desecrated pussy were laughing and cavorting and showing each other pictures of naked women. Their expressions were a riot! I started compressing my vaginal sheathe on the dildo, working on being able to get the dildo to move as I did so.

That seemed to really turn the guys on. They became fascinated by the periodic twitching and gyrating of the dildo inside me.

My boyfriend, Daryl, started collecting the email addresses of the guys watching. Anytime the guy was even close to local, he invited him to our wedding, explaining each time that the guy would be able to fuck his wife’s newly married little cunt hole, and breed me along with a big gangbang of other men.

Why did that sound so erotic to me?

It was turning me on that total strangers would perhaps be coming to our wedding, and fucking my increasingly horny little cunt hole.

I started cumming.

The guys got even more excited.

I started squirting all over the computer, my juices running down the screen.

The guys all started jerking off harder, many of them cumming on their own computers, their cum-sperm draining down their screens. I could see each of their cocks and balls as they blew their cum loads in plain sight.

Then suddenly a woman appeared in one of the cameras. She had a wooden spoon in her hand.

She started whacking the poor guy on his cock, and on his hand, and then on his balls. It was obviously painful for him. I could see him screaming as she whacked him over and over, yelling at him.

I felt so sorry for the guy.

But I was too close to an orgasm to stop.

I squirted on the screen again.

He squirted on his screen, even though the woman had just whacked him again right in his balls!

Then the woman really started whacking on him. He bent over in pain, his sperm all over his hand and computer, his poor balls hanging down in full view, easy to hit. And she did, she shacked his abused testicles with her clenched fist. The poor guy fell to the floor, dropping out of view.

I felt sorry for him, so I told the guys I was going to shut my camera off.

They all started begging me not to. Even Daryl told me I shouldn’t.

So I didn’t. But I sure felt sorry for that poor guy.

The men must have been inviting their buddies to watch my video, cuz more and more guys showed up, their wide eyes staring at me.

It made me feel good to know that they would risk their private parts to watch me.

I wondered why more women didn’t do this sort of thing, orgasming on video for guys to watch? It is fun!And clearly the guys enjoy it. Even enough to risk pissing their wives and girlfriends off.

I let them all know that they were welcome to join us next time I decided to be such a slutty little whore.

That made me cum again.

Have I mentioned that I now realize that I absolutely love to cum?




The next morning, Arni and I went to register for classes. We were both standing in line to register for the sexuality class when we were approached by a couple of women. They asked us why we were taking this class?

We told them that we wanted to be the best we could be, and thought that perhaps this class would be beneficial for us ... long term.

The women told us that the two men that taught the class were suspected of offering better grades to any woman that would have sex with them.

That didn’t sound so bad to me, and Arni giggled. I could tell she sort of was intrigued by the idea too.

The women saw our reactions and looked at us as if we were disgusting human beings.

Arni looked at one of the women and asked her, “So how good is your sex life?”

Both looked at each other with anger on their faces. One of them said, “Sex is not something that should be taken lightly, young lady!”

Arni laughed out loud. “So not very good I take it?”

The woman huffed, grabbed the other lady by the arm, and said, “We’re wasting out time with these idiots, let’s go!” And off they went, huffing and puffing like a starved horse looking for oats to eat.




We spent almost four hours arranging our dorm room that evening. About eleven o’clock, there was a knock on the door. Arni opened it to find a large well-built black man standing there, complete with confident grin and tight stretchy shirt.

He introduced himself as living down the hallway, a member of the football team, and very intrigued by what he had watched on his computer the night before. He said that another guy had said he saw us today and was curious if we were the same woman on computer, finger fucking each other last night.

Arni turned to look at me, grin on her face. She raised her eyebrows, asking me, silently, if I was interested.

I came and stood beside her while I looked the guy over.

He really was cute, and very well put together.

I looked at Arni and said, “I am if you are!”

Arni invited him in.

She put her hand on his arm, perhaps testing his muscles.

She turned to him and rose onto her tiptoes, seeming to invite him to kiss her.

He did.

“Wanna fuck us?” she murmured.

“Fuck-yeah!” he replied with a huge grin ... his eyes glued to her chest.

And with that he started removing his clothing.

Arni helped him, staring at his crotch as it became exposed, then stripping herself.

She lay down on her bed and spread her legs. “Mount me, you big stud!” she chortled.

He did, and within just a few strokes in her beautiful black vagina, came.

“Shit!” he said. “Sorry!”

“Well, eat me to orgasm then, asshole!” she chuckled. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his head into her dripping pussy.

He seemed surprised, but caught on soon enough and started licking and suckling her clittie.

I sat on my bed and stared at his perfect black butt as he soon gave Arni a groaning, shuddering orgasm.

I was fascinated by how huge his testicles were. They swung and jiggled as he really got into his oral servicing of my new darling Arni.

He got hard again and re-entered her, slamming his cock all the way in, his huge balls slamming against her butthole over and over and over.

I turned on my computer and put the video out so the guys, and gals if they were tuned in, could watch.

SO many people watching tonight! A lot of them were couples, all colors and genders and races. Before long there were hundreds of couples fucking as they watched my darling Arni being serviced by the sexy black stud.

I got so turned on watching everyone that I pulled the big black dildo out of the drawer where Arni had put it and shoved it up my cunt as far as it would go. I felt something tear inside me. But I didn’t let that stop me. I kept shoving it further and further in until is hit bottom, about 8 inches into me.

I exploded.




OH MY GOD!!!!!

Orgasms are incredible! Especially that one.




The black guy was still in Arni’s bed, and fucking her again, when I woke up the next morning. I watched her cum again, then heard their grunting orgasms a few minutes later.

The scent of sperm permeated the room. He must have had a bunch in his balls still, this time.

We all went down to the showers, not bothering to put clothes on. There were other men and women there, showering. Several of them looked at Arni, and admitted to watching the guy fucking Arni the night before. They checked out his dark, dark penis as Arni washed it carefully, stoking it back to fullness.

Then she bent over and pulled him to her opening, pushing back onto his pecker. By the time he came this time, almost the whole shower was full of people cheering them on.

The word had sure gotten around in a hurry. But it gave me a chance to assess the shapes and sizes of the different penises of my dorm mates waving in the air.




We arrived at class early the next day, probably so we would have front row seats. Neither one of us wore undies. Or bras. I had on my somewhat translucent top. Arni just left her blouse unbuttoned to below her succulent titties.

The profs arrived about ten minutes late. Neither one of them were wearing undies under their loose shorts. We could see the shapes of their penises through the cloth. I waited until they stepped up to the teachers’ podium to assess their sexuality potential.

Arni and I glanced at each other, shaking out heads. Neither one of them were much of a turn on.

We didn’t even bother to spread our legs to give them a view.

Clearly both of them were confident that they would be able to fuck us before the term was over. We could tell by their sneers.

The white prof started out, his eyes searching woman to woman to catch any view that might be offered.

The black guy was second. He talked for a long time. About halfway through the hour the head of his penis began to appear below the hem of his shorts.

I tapped my elbow against Arni’s arm as I covered my mouth with my other hand to silence my gasp of delighted surprise.

She giggled as her eyes focused on the dark, unexpected image.

I leaned over and whispered, “Shall we diddle each other where he can see us, and see if he gets a hard on?”

Without answering, and without taking her eyes off his black penis head, she reached over, raised the hem of my dress, and began to pleasure me.

I reached over and did the same to her.

Our contrasting skin colors were highlighted by the room lighting.

We both watched his eyes focus on what we were doing.

I wondered if I could come like this. I sure hoped so. Hearing and seeing and smelling Arni having sex had really got my juices flowing.




Arni managed to come first. She stifled her orgasm pretty well, I could barely hear her moans of delight.

But the black professor was watching. He had a grin on his face. He looked at the white prof and nodded. The white guy nodded back.

The black prof’s penis rose to near vertical.

He was a bit thick, but not overly long. Maybe 6 inches. His penis was about the thickness of my two fingers and my thumb.

I came twice more during the class.

Arni came five more times.

My fingers got very wet.

Neither of us made much noise, at least not very loudly.

The profs both had hardons the whole time. The white prof’s penis (he pulled it out of his pants about half way through the class. Everybody was staring! Even the gay guys!) was only about 5 inches long, and thinner than the black guys.

I’ll have to ask Arni how she manages to cum so easily.



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