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Double trouble

by Tess MacKall | Erotic image by Samarel


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My husband and I live in the country. He commutes to his job in the city as a broker and on occasion I drive in for lunch and shopping trips. I had just finished one of those trips and was on my way back home. The trunk of my Jag was filled with goodies and I couldn't wait to hang them in my closet. About an hour from the city, I noticed I was very low on gas. I'd never make it home.

"Damn!" My husband had promised to fill the tank just yesterday.

I drove for another two or three miles, spotting an old gas station on my right in the distance. Thank God. I'd passed this way before of course, but had never noticed it. I pulled up to the pumps and put the car in park, letting out a sigh of relief. Before I could even think about getting out of the car, there was a tap on my window. Scared the hell out of me.

My hand immediately went to my heart and I looked up to see a man peering in the window with a great big grin on his face. I smiled. Couldn't help myself. His grin was incredibly infectious. I lowered the window and he spoke.
"Hello, pretty lady. Can I fill you up?" He kept right on grinning, except now he arched an eyebrow too.

I couldn't help but catch the double entendre and I gave him one of those "yeah, right" looks I do so well. Like I'd have anything to do with a grease monkey, even if the grease monkey was handsome and had a killer body.
"Yes, please. Fill it up." I raised the window as he set about doing his job, hearing the clanking metal sound as he put the gas nozzle into the tank.

He came around front and grabbed a bottle of window cleaner and a towel. My my, service with a smile and going to clean my windshield too. It was indeed rare these days to find a full service gas station, but being this far out in the middle of nowhere I suppose this guy had to do it all in order to hang onto customers.

Drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, I noticed he hadn't misted the windshield yet. He was just standing there looking at me through the glass. Well actually he was looking down at me and the grin had vanished. My tight skirt had slipped upward and was dangerously close to showing everything I had. Not to mention the fact I was sitting there with my legs gapped wide open. There was no doubt as to what he was leering at. I never wear panties.

Quickly I slammed my legs shut, tugging my skirt back down. I looked up to see him biting his bottom lip. He swallowed hard, sending a spray of window cleaner over the glass and began wiping it with the towel. A rush of heat covered my body. I knew I was blushing.

I busied myself with the c d player, switching tracks, but my eyes kept glancing back up to see what he was doing. I couldn't help it. The man had just seen my pussy. He moved to the other side of the car to finish cleaning the windshield, then back to the pumps to set down the bottle of window cleaner.

I watched him in the side mirror as he topped off the tank and removed the hose.

He wiped his hands on a towel that hung loosely from his back pocket and approached. The window hummed softly as I lowered it, turning to look at him.

He placed his arms on the door panel and leaned in. The devilish grin was back, but this time he was definitely feeling bolder. I could see it in his dark green eyes. He had that look. The same look every man gets when their cock is hungry. And oddly enough I was flattered. Too flattered for my own comfort. A surge of excitement spun its way through me, lingering between the folds of my pussy. I was juiced up and getting juicier.

His dark brown hair curled up at the ends, just shy of his collar. He wore a light gray work shirt and had left the top two buttons undone. I could see swirls of hair peeking out, enticing me to look a bit more. The shirt molded to his body, defining the outlines of his chest. Large pecs. I love large, hairy chests. My husband's is like that. Not that it matters. I never see much of him these days. His mistress keeps him busy. He fucks. I shop.

My eyes traveled up to his face and for a moment I was too stunned to speak. He licked his lips in the most delicious way, slow and sensuous, like he could just eat me up.

What a wicked thought. Hadn't had that done in a while. And then it hit me, like a shot out of the blue, the image of the grease monkey's head between my legs. I clenched my thighs shut tight. Oh, God. That was surely helpful. My clit was definitely feeling it now, the throbbing beat matched that of my heart. Struggling to rearrange my ass in the seat to alleviate some of my discomfort, I felt the smooth glide of my pussy lips as my juices spread through them. I cleared my throat, reigning in my naughty imaginings.

"Ummm, how much?"


I reached for my purse, dragging it to my lap to retrieve my wallet. Digging in, I didn't see it at first and began removing things from inside. With nothing left but the bottom of the bag staring back at me, my heart sank. I'd left my wallet on the counter at the jewelers.

"Oh, shit!"

"Excuse me?"

My throat suddenly went dry and my mouth dropped open. "I...I...I have a small problem."

I know he could see the disconcerted look on my face. Surely he'd understand. After all, I'm driving a Jag. Feeling a little better about the situation, I just came right out with it.

"I'm sorry. But I seem to have left my wallet at the jewelers earlier when I was shopping."

He raised up from the door panel and took a step back. "Really?"

I smiled, giving him my most ingratiating look, lifting both my hands up and scrunching my shoulders as if to say "silly me".

Much to my relief, he tossed his head back and roared with laughter. Of course I joined in. Just a mistake, no harm done. I'd become so scatterbrained these days, my mind constantly worrying over my husband's increasing absence from home.

His laughter died. Without warning, his arm reached inside the window, plucking the keys from the ignition. I gasped, letting out a squeal, swiping at his arm and missing. He was much too quick for me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

I was livid. My blood literally boiled. How dare he take my keys!

"Lady. You need to call somebody to bring you some money."

He tucked the keys in his jeans pocket and walked off in the direction of the gas station. I scrambled for the door handle, shoving the door open. Entangled in the seat belt, it caught in my hair. I'd just had it done this morning too. A new shade. Ginger Auburn. Screw it! That man had my keys.

I hurried along behind him, catching up as he sat down in a chair behind a very cluttered desk.

Pointing my finger, I stopped, smoothing down my coral colored silk skirt instead. I needed to use a different tactic with him. Somehow I didn't think demanding would quite work. Maybe I could negotiate.

Letting out a small sigh, I smiled. "I understand your position entirely. And I am so very sorry about all of this. Really I am. What if I leave you my watch as collateral and then have my husband come back and pay you?"
I dangled my wrist in front of him, showing off the expensive watch. Five thousand dollars on a sixty dollar debt. Surely he'd jump at the chance.

"Lady I don't know a damned thing about watches. That thing could be a knock off and besides, if it's real you might come back on me and say I stole it. Hell, no. Call somebody."

I held up my hand, flashing him my three carat diamond. He shook his head no, before I could even open my mouth. Marching out to the car, I grabbed my cell phone and dialed my husband. For all the good it did me. Voice mail. I left a message, not that I believed for one minute he'd call back. I tried two of my friends and left messages as well. Not to be defeated I went back into the station with every intention of facing him head on. There was two of him.

I looked from one to the other. Twins. Double trouble. Identical in every way, even the expressions on their faces. And obviously both were amused by my dilemma. I was a little anxious at being in the room with both of them, but I didn't think I was in any real danger. At least not the kind of danger you call the police over. I carried on with my plan.

"Look. I've called. I've left messages. Here, use my phone, call and leave a message for my husband yourself. It's sixty dollars. I'm driving a Jag for God's sake. Do I look like the kind of person who would steal from you?" I set the phone down on the desk, waiting for him to pick it up.

He reared in his chair, propping his feet on the desk. His grin was back. He glanced over at his twin and back to me. "Got any ID?"

I tapped my foot, my patience growing thin. "I told you I left my wallet." Then a thought occurred to me. "Ah! In the glove box. My car registration."

He shook his head again and I followed along, shaking mine as well. "What's wrong with that?"

"Proves who the car belongs to. Doesn't prove you're the owner. Picture ID."

Folding my arms across my breasts, I asked him oh so politely, "So what are you going to do? Just hold me hostage for sixty dollars?"

Once more he glanced over at his twin, who was now walking toward me. He took his boots down from the desk and stood. I watched as he came to stand in front of me, only inches away. The scent of his cheap cologne mingled with sweat, filled my nostrils sending a chill down my spine. What the hell am I doing? I clenched my hands into balls, digging my elegantly manicured nails into my palms. The other one was now standing next to me and he parted his lips, exhaling, letting his warm breath cover my face.

I couldn't take my eyes from his mouth. His lips were full and large. And the image I'd had of the other one between my legs surfaced again. Our eyes met and I knew instinctively he understood what I was feeling. He felt it too. The first twin spoke again, this time his voice softened, almost crooned.

"Would we really be keeping you against your will?" He lifted a strand of my hair, tucking it behind my ear.
Oh, God. He touched me. My already racing heart slammed against my breasts and I thought I might fall from the impact. A burst of heat inflamed me, riding through my veins at the speed of light. Every single part of me tingled and my body trembled.

Somehow I found my voice, albeit shaky. "Listen. I'll have my husband bring the money to you tomorrow. Please."
He moved closer and I tried to back away, but he caught me by my waist pulling me into him. I could feel his cock pressing into my stomach. My body weakened and I relaxed in his hold.

"I'd much rather we just take it out in trade." The words fell from his lips like a soft summer rain.

I could do nothing but stare into those smoldering green eyes. My hand moved of its own volition, slowly inching its way upward, wanting desperately to stroke the dark stubble of his cheeks. I licked my lips, forcing myself to calm, dropping my hand back to my side. I didn't do things like this and surely he wasn't serious, but he did have those lips and those gorgeous green eyes and I was so.... needy.

As if he were a magnet, I leaned in, placing my hand to the hard planes of his chest. He lowered his face, bringing his lips to mine. Almost there. I felt a third hand caress my ass and I jerked away from number one's lips. I don't think my heart was even beating at that point. Suspended. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. Just suspended in some place I'd never been. Between two hot men literally breathing down my neck.

Twin two leaned in, brushing his lips over my throat. My mouth dropped open at the sensation and I held my breath. Twin one pulled me into him even tighter, his mouth hovering right above mine.

"By the way. I'm Nick and this is my brother Nolan. What's your name?" His low whisper vibrated inside me, rushing through me like a river of fire.

Nolan massaged my ass cheeks as Nick's tongue darted across my mouth. Once, twice, three times. A soft gasp escaped my lips. The throbbing of my clit pounded in my ears, its pulse quickening along with my breathing. I finally managed to speak.

"Simone." The throaty tone of my voice surprised me. My arousal so strong every part of me wanted this.
"Pretty name for a pretty lady." Nolan breathed into my ear, his tongue circling its outer edges.

Nick's tongue invaded my mouth as Nolan's hand cupped my breast, rubbing my taut peak back and forth. The soft exploration by both men exciting me beyond all my darkest fantasies. I returned the kiss, twirling my tongue with his, lifting my hand to Nolan's, pressing him into me.

The kiss broken, Nick looked into my eyes. "We're going to make you very happy, Simone."

"Happy?" I breathed. "Oh, yes. Make me happy."

Nolan reached down, scooping me up into his arms. I linked my hands around his neck, looking back at a smiling Nick. He carried me through a door I hadn't even noticed and outside. We rounded a blinders fence and continued down a wooded path, his long smooth strides making their way quickly to the cottage nestled amongst the towering oaks.

My mouth went dry with the thought of being alone in the cottage with two strange men. No one could hear me scream. Somehow though, I just didn't think I was in danger. At least not the bad kind. I relaxed again.

Nick bounded up the steps, opening the door. Through the living room and down a hall into a bedroom we went. He laid me down on the bed and tugged his shirt from his jeans. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nick doing the same. All I could do was watch. As if timed perfectly their clothes came off, both reaching the state of undress together.

They stood before me buffed and beautiful, a mirror image of each other. Tight dark brown curls covered their chests. Their arms large and muscular, their shoulders wide and rounded. Rippling mounds of sinew descended their torsos, tapering into lean waists and outward to broad hips. Rock hard thighs framed large cocks standing at attention and yet again, my breath was stolen from me.

The sultry green of their eyes leapt from their handsome faces connecting with mine. Mute and paralyzed I only stared. They came to me, each on one side. First one button with one hand and then a second with another hand as if in concert, touching each other's thoughts, working with precision. Shivers of heat coursed their way through my body and I trembled all over. With my blouse out of the way, they removed my bra and each dipped a mouth to my breasts.

I reached out cradling their heads and stroking their silky brown hair. Little moans erupted from me, inciting them to do more. The suckling intensified and each nipped and pulled my nipples. Convulsions of pleasure pain swept through me. My pussy was so wet it dripped. The slick wet heat of me rose up in the air. I could smell my need.
Both men left my breasts simultaneously, the air chilling my already swollen nipples to bursting. Oh, how I ached.

Twin tongues trailed down my body, with one hand sliding down the zipper on the side of my skirt. I lifted my ass as Nathan slipped the silken fabric from me. The thong encasing my pussy was all that remained. With one hand on each side of my hips, they each gripped the thin strand of fabric, snapping it into as if it were nothing. I felt the thong drop to the tops of my thighs, exposing my bare pussy.

Hands reached out, pulling my legs apart. One tongue slid through my lips and I curved into its touch. The other came after, their heads bobbing back and forth as they stroked my clit and tasted my juices. Two tongues as if one, gliding over me and sending me to the edge. My breathing became a wild pant as I came closer to my ecstasy. My hips moved into their mouths, craving their relentless strokes. Like shards of glass exploding inside me, my need peaked. A blinding crescendo of orgasm spread through me racking me with spasms of bliss. I screamed and my hips jolted into the air.

They moved away, then Nick lowered himself, lifting me from the bed. I wrapped my legs around him as his cock slid through my slit to my pussy hole. The tip of his cock throbbed against me sliding into my heat. Together we moved as Nathan stood behind me. His hands roaming over my back and circling around to squeeze my breasts. His thumbs flicked my nipples and I felt his rigid cock press into the crack of my ass.

Nick withdrew, allowing Nathan to slide inside and coat his cock with my juices. His cock gilded back through my crack and entered me tenderly. Nick kept his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them wide, moving my hips up and down to ride his twin's cock. I reached between our bodies an stroked my sensitive clit. My moaning became louder and Nick covered my mouth. His cock found my hole, sheathing it inside me. The pounding in my ass and the ramming into my pussy rocked me. The rhythm of the twins became my own, our union complete.

Both men fucked harder and my fingers worked furiously at my bud. Sweat pooled between our bodies, our scent mingling, only heightening our pleasure. I felt them both straining to maintain control, their release coming to them. The thought quickened my own and once again I screamed, falling limp as the echoes of their cries joined mine. Hot cum filled me up and dripped from within. Still inside me, we all three fell to the bed, resting to begin again.

Hours later, I left them, my two twin gods. My body sore and bruised, yet so alive. I wanted to stay, never leave, but I had to try one last time. My hope vanished as I turned into the drive, seeing the darkened house. Once again, I'd be alone and empty. As I threw my keys down on the entrance hall table the phone rang.


"Simone. Got your message. What's this about an emergency?"

My kind and caring husband, hours too late to rescue me. To rescue us.

"Nothing. I handled it myself. It's late, Trevor. Are you still in the city?"

"I'm afraid so. It's going to be late, so I'm just going to stay here tonight. You understand don't you?"

I smiled, shaking my head. I understood all too well. I briefly wondered if she was blonde or brunette. Maybe this time it was a redhead.

"Of course."

"So what are you going to do tonight? Plans with the gals for a night of bridge?"

I paused, taking a deep breath. My mind was suddenly so clear. I knew exactly what I wanted. For the very first time, I knew.

"No. I have an errand to run."

"Oh? You know I don't like you out at night, Simone. What errand?"

A smile spread across my face. "The car needs gas."

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