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Don't you remember?


by Allison | Erotic Sex Art by Samarel

It was the morning we went for breakfast at that new coffee shop up the road, bumped those friends of yours, the ones you met last year on that trip you went on. We chatted and had coffee with them, they joined us for breakfast, nice people.... Remember, she still said she wanted to explore my body with her tongue, you guys still laughed about it, nervously at first, then us chicks agreed. We finished breakfast and went our own separate ways, did a bit of shopping at that organic market, we were discussing the possibility of the suggestion at breakfast, making ourselves horney and decided to go home.... Now do you remember?

Well after walking into the front door, you tripped trying to get out your pants, we packed up laughing, there was a stream of clothing from the front door to the swimming pool area. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, I still had bruises on my back from you slamming me up against the wall and fucking me.

I remember how you knelt down in front of me, put my leg over your shoulder so you could suck me easier, gawd it was good, you had me so wet, kept teasing sucking and fingering me. Would give me a bit of your cock and then take it out. You would force me to suck you, not that I needed much encouragement, for a couple of minutes, and then take it away from me. You had me begging you to fuck me, but you wouldn't. you were teasing me, and I was getting pissed off with you, the more you pissed me off the more you laughed at me... you had me begging, down on my knees, please.... Please.... No, suck this.... Lick that.... You threw me down onto one of the pool loungers, pushed my knees apart and shoved your fingers into my cunt.. played with me until I almost came and turned me over and licked my arse.... You had me aching for you, my pussy was wet and you were enjoying my painful predicament....

This game carried on for about half an hour, and eventually you could see you were driving me crazy with lust for you, you pulled me towards you, sat down and pulled me onto your lap sliding your cock into my wet pussy. Slowly slowly moving your hips up and down, watching me as I came over and over again. Holding me, feeling my shuddering, listening to my groans of pleasure... after 10 minutes of this, you moved your hips deeper into me, made the strokes longer and longer, I sat back and watched your face, you closed your eyes and shot your load deep inside me. Now do you remember??....

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