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It's a little after 3am, I wake to find you resting peacefully your arm around me my hand in yours. I very carefully lift your arm and slip out from your loving embrace. Quietly getting up from the bed and making my way to your feet. Lifting the covers I slowly crawl under them taking your left leg and gently rolling it so you are laying on your back. Inching my way up carefully not to wake you, feeling tingles of excitement at what I want to do. your legs barely parted i rest my naked body on them my face just above of your manhood. my breasts pressed into your thighs. Your soft, I slowly run my fingertip over you it twitches just a bit. Wanting not to wake you, wondering how you would feel growing in my mouth. I gently lift you and place your soft manhood into my mouth. Wondering if you can sense the warmness my mouth offers you. I start sucking lightly at first but drawing you deeper towards my throat as i increase my suction stretching you. I feel a couple little pulses as you begin to grow. Quickly you fill my mouth with your hardness, pushing at the back of my throat as you swell. Wondering to myself if you are still sleeping not wanting to come up to look. Pressing my lips as far down as they will go taking you completely in, my chin resting against balls, i suck softly letting your head slide down my throat, relaxing my muscles, wondering if i can consume all of you, excited about trying, glad you are sleeping in case I can't. As i softly suck you feel the tightness of my mouth and the suction drawing you deeper into my throat. My hands exploring your balls and softly massaging them. I pull my head back slowly, your shaft slides out of my mouth my lips tightly around you, I stop at the head and suck hard and deep. yikes i hear a soft moan wondering if you are about to wake up. I lower my head and raise it quickly, my right hand wrapped around your shaft and stroking quickly, my head bobbing up and down over you my pace is now fast, my wetness dripping onto your leg. Getting more excited as i feel you throb in my mouth and i taste your precum. Increasing the speed and intensity of my sucking I feel you contract in my mouth with each shot of cum as you explode. Your milky warm cum bursts into my mouth, shooting itself down my throat quickly. I keep sucking until you are dry of cum. relaxing, feeling you go soft in my mouth. I wonder, are you awake? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? You soft in my mouth,(not wanting to let you out) I rest my head on you and close my eyes.​


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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