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The Games We Play
Tangled up in me

After a very stressful day at work, we decide to meet at a local tavern for a drink, things have gotten dull I am restless you know it but are NOT at a loss, YES you thought this was what you wanted, spice zest, all the things that risqué behavior and thrills bring to life…but that was just IT you thought that it was MY JOB to bring them to you all the time… Oh that first time I slipped through your hands you found out that it was each of our jobs to bring them to the table…"Christ" ..


You break into a sweat just thinking about the months we spent apart and the thoughts that drove you to utter distraction…no…to despair thinking of the naughtiness I was conducting with someone else…you put the thoughts completely from your mind as I always tell you mistakes that are learned from are mistakes Well worth making…. learn Well you did, as this is what brought us to tonight…I received a note at work explaining my role to play in tonight's debauchery. And one thing for sure I am great at role playing and my god you have become such the Ying to my Yang….and so it began….and Hot is not the word for this night…and you always ask why I so want to devour you….


I sat more in the corner, so I can people watch. I order my second drink and I'm finally starting to relax and enjoy myself. I search the bar, trying to come up with scenarios for each couple or group. It keeps my mind alert and is very entertaining.


As my eyes wander through the room, our eyes meet. I gasp. Your stare is intense; it sends chills up my spine. I have never seen eyes so beautiful and full of amazing passion. We hold our gaze for a moment and I smile wink suddenly so unlike me I look away to purposely break off our stare down. My body is tingling all over, my heart is pounding and I can feel added heat between my legs.


I concentrate on my drink and gaze around casually, in every other direction except yours. The feelings I got with you excited me so, but I am trying hard to be more careful in my sexual encounters I do not want to end up in jail. I order another drink and notice the time. I was supposed to meet my girlfriend for dinner, but don't feel up to it tonight. My phone has no service as usual so I go to the back to the phone booth and dial her. We chat for a couple minutes and I ask for a rain check. When I open the door to come out, you are standing right there.


My mouth opens, but nothing comes out. You walk towards me and I back up into the phone booth. You enter, close the door and pull the privacy shade. I still can't speak, but there are so many thoughts running though my mind. Screaming is never one of them.


You crush your mouth to mine. Instant heat runs through my body and my breath catches. Your arms pull me so close. Oh, the smell of you, the taste. Oh my god is all I can think. My lips part, your tongue pushes in and tangles with mine. Your hands start to roam, pressing firmly against my body. I realize at this point I have already surrendered to you.


You take my breast roughly, pinching at the nipple through my dress. "Mmmm," I moan into your mouth. My arms go around your neck, pulling your mouth deeper into mine. You pull up my dress and immediately go to my wet pussy. A moan of pleasure escapes your throat as you realize I'm not wearing any panties. You lightly rub my hard clit, caress my wet lips and slide a finger inside me. "Oooohhhhh," I breathe into you. I press my body deeper into yours. You insert another finger inside me. Pressing so deep inside me, and take your thumb to my clit and rub in a circle. Oh, I am so wet now. I reach up and grab your strong arm. I try to push you away or maybe hold on for the release that is coming. You finger me faster. You break the kiss and take my neck with your mouth.


"Oh god, yeessss," I moan. I begin to tear at your clothes, your long coat is cumbersome but I give up and go just for your Trousers, you tease me for being such a hot number and I scold you for being bold….I make quick the task to unbutton your pants, but you unzip them and pull out your hard member. You pull my leg up high and thrust into me, deep. We both gasp. You bury your head into my neck as you fuck me hard and deep. I reach up and hold onto the coat hooks on the wall, doing all that I can to remain standing.


I can feel you so deep inside me. You raise my leg even higher and fuck me faster. I can do nothing but hold on, pressed against the wall. "You are so beautiful," you whisper into my ear and take me to even higher peaks.


Thrusting in faster and grinding your pelvis into my clit you keep me pinned against the wall. My knees are getting weaker. "Ohhhh, yeessssss, oohhhhh fuck me harder," I command you. "Ohh baaaby, take me there."


You do as I ask and thrust harder into me. Your breathing gets more labored, your hand goes around to my ass and pulls me in with each thrust. "Ohhh yes. You feel so damnn good." Slamming faster and faster into me, your body starts to shake. "Oohhhhh yeeeessss, cum with meeee." You thrust harder, deeper and I do as you ask. As if there were a choice. My body shudders and my pussy squeezes you so tight as I feel you release deep inside me. Shooting your hot cum inside me with each thrust.


I take your mouth with mine into a deep kiss. Tasting you once again, savoring it. When we can breathe, you let my leg down, kiss me lightly and button up your pants. I sit in the chair as I watch you walk away with a big smile on your face, yet I know I will not see you again tonight, I am stunned. I shake my head trying to clear it, still unsure of what just happened. I do so like not being responsible for all the games but I wonder if I like you being better than I at it …it does pose a threat of sorts…and you do think highly of yourself already…what to do…perhaps I shall invest in a chastity gate for your cock Jealousy is ugly don't you think….


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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