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Modern Kamasutra - Sama Sutra 2024 Art Calendar

Challenge your spouse with a new sexual position every month

12 months of sex positions art calendar created by erotic artist Samarel

The perfect gift for lovers
for Christmas and beyond

"Thank you Samarel for the beautiful and charming 'Sama Sutra' eBook that you sent me. Every time I am having sex the book inspires me. First of all the colors in the book are very beautiful, very high-quality images.
🧡 The way you draw the desire of two people for sex, is very beautiful and stimulating.
I really liked it.... I hope I will perform all these poses. Every position I will think of you😉

I loved the book and I'm sure I will enjoy the calendar - thank you!"
(Sigal, Israel)

Transform your sex life by hanging this inspiring calendar in your bedroom.

Size: 11"x14.5" | Spiral calendar | 170 gm glossy paper
Price: $65

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Hot July - lay her on the bed, spread her legs over your shoulders and...

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