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Are you tired of doing pinterest marketing? Are you having high views but low clicks on your pins? Do you want people to SEE your pins? Do you NEED a Pinterest VA?

Pinterest virtual assistant services


Why you should let me design your pins and be your pinterest virtual assistant.

Gallery of Pin designs by Samarel


Your time is limited....quote by Steve Jobs, designed by Samarel.


To improve is to change....quote by Winston Churchill, designed by Samarel.


Do something today....motivational quote designed by Samarel.


There is no elevator to success....motivational quote designed by Samarel.

So you finally decided to try this "Pinterest thing". After all, people are talking about it as the best site for driving traffic to your business, so why not give it a chance?

And you opened an account, created some boards with your best pins, sent your message to the world...

but nothing really happens.

You get some views but no one is saving or repinning your pins and there are no clicks on the pins which means - no traffic to your website. You upload pins every day, new pins and repining others pins to your boards. You are doing everything Pinterest wants you to do but - - 

Still, No Traffic.

Why is this happening?

Keywords! You forgot to put keywords on your pin title, pin description and board description. Back to your account and updating this missing and valuable information. You see, Pinterest is more like a visual search engine and is based on keywords. The right keywords.

How to find those keywords

Start right where you are, on Pinterest search bar. Simply type in your search words and see how Pinterest completes you giving you options. Now you are doing better.

Still, no traffic to your website. Why?

Pin size and quality? 

Did you know that Pinterest recommend TALL pins size 600x900 pixels? Now you do. Did you know that Pinterest favourites high quality pins? Yes they do.

Look at your pins now, do you have low quality images? Are your pins well designed with your brand message?

I know. You are not a designer and you don't have too much time and money to invest in high quality designed clickable pins that will get clicks and shares.

So You are trying Canva and Picmonkey templates and your pins look professional and unique....just like all other pins.

Look at your Pinterest home page, or followers page and look for pins from your niche: working from home, blogging, social media, seo tips, digital marketing etc.

So many people are using the templates of Canva or Picmonkey

How can you expect YOUR pin to stand out?


When so many are using the same templates, (almost) all pins look the same.

I can help you

Let me be your pinterest virtual assistant

and create UNIQUE original pins, without using any template everybody else is using. 

Let me use my mind and creativity to create pins with your images and texts, or my copywriting skills if needed. 

I can also manage your whole account and be your Pinterest manager, if you wish.

What am I offering

Pin designs package:

  • Up to 5 original new pins every week, for existing content or new content. (Client decides how many pins to design monthly).

  • Pin Designs by a professional graphic designer.

  • Designing unique pins without using any template.

  • Creating engaging pins that gets shares and clicks.

  • Uploading pins with SEO titles and descriptions.

  • Adding the right keywords and hashtags.

  • Scheduling pins via Tailwind.

  • (Tailwind subscription required by client).


Pricing: $25 per pin 
(including design and uploading)

Monthly management package:

  • ​Scheduling up to 500 pins per month via Tailwind.

  • Pins provided by client.

  • Tailwind subscription required.

  • Daily scheduling of your and others niche-related pins.

  • Updating profile and boards descriptions with niche keywords.

  • Creating up to 2 new boards with minimum 10 pins per board. (Pins provided by client).

  • Joining group boards and Tailwind tribes.

  • Creating up to 5 new pins per month for new or existing content.

  • Designing boards covers


Pricing: $380/month

(or 3 months for only $985)


My expertise

My name is Samarel. I am managing my own Pinterest account and increasing monthly views every day, creating pins on a daily basis and posting to several group boards on Pinterest.

Also using Tailwind social media scheduling tool which is a must for every serious business posting on Pinterest.

A professional graphic designer, digital artist and blogger. I write and edit my posts and design my images.


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and let your traffic grow
let it blossom, let it flow...

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