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Me and you

By Anonymous

You open the door about a foot, standing there in a towel, trying to dry your hair, looking irritated that you'd been interrupted. Both of us are silent for a moment, staring at each other, taking each other in. Your face lights up and you smile, and I feel my lips curve into an answering smile, my happiness about to make me burst.


There is no need for words, just touch. We hold each other tight, and I pull your body as close to mine as I can, even my bones aching for you. I can feel your heart pounding in your chest, your breasts heaving against mine as you begin breathing harder. I squeeze you tighter, making you gasp for breath, then slowly release you to look at you. You're beautiful to me, and I feel my love for you racing through my veins, roaring through my head. I reach up to caress your face, cupping your face in my hands, running my thumbs over your lips, then I lean forward and kiss your lips softly. I feel your bottom lip quivering, and I am surprised at how deeply this sensual contact makes me

gasp. I place a kiss on your nose, your forehead, your eyelids, your cheeks and then another on your soft lips.


I slide my hands down your shoulders and your arms, letting just my fingertips graze your skin lightly, and I feel goosebumps rising in response. I run my hands back up your arms and across your chest, just above your breasts. Your towel is loosening but neither of us makes a move to fix it. I slide my arms back around your waist and pull you close again, turning my face into your neck and inhaling the clean, sweet smell of your hair. I can't resist and I press my lips against the soft skin of your neck, kissing you tenderly, lovingly.


Your arms come up around my neck and you hold me in place as I kiss you. I flick my tongue out to taste your skin, moving my lips up to behind your ear and taste you there. I feel your body trembling in my arms, and you are breathing harder now. A soft sigh escapes your lips as I move back down to your neck, and then further down to your chest. I trace your pale skin with my tongue, down the top of the towel. I run my hands up your back and around you, filling my hands with your breasts, feeling your nipples rock hard, even through the rough terrycloth. I lift my head and look in your eyes as I rub my thumbs over your nipples.


"I missed you." I whisper, then lean closer and claim your lips firmly with my own.


I feel a moan deep in your throat and your lips part as I force my tongue between them. You respond heatedly, our tongues coming together, just tasting each other and exploring. I still have my hands on your breasts, massaging your nipples. I lift my hand up and pull the corner of the towel, letting it fall between us. Butterflies fill my belly when you don't try to catch the towel, only tighten your arms around my neck. It seems such a short time, and it seems forever that we have been standing this way, kissing and hugging. I feel your hips pressing forward, and I know you are ready.


I break the kiss and stare into your eyes, which are glazed with desire. I run my fingers through your hair then down your back, all the way down to your ass, squeezing it in my hands and pulling our lower halves more firmly together. You seem breathless, and I can feel your racing heartbeat through your whole body. We stand this way for a few minutes, my hands working their way lower, my fingertips caressing your inner thighs, and I feel your wetness coating your pussy lips.


"I love you." You say, your voice hoarse and trembling.


"I love you, too." I answer, grinding my pelvic bone against your mound.


I release you reluctantly, catching your hand as you turn and lead me up the stairs to your bedroom. I watch your ass as you climb the stairs, and I feel a burning deep within me, a need for you, a desperate hunger for your skin. Once in your bedroom I shut the door, turning the lock, and I gently push you toward the bed, on fire as you climb up and your thighs spread, giving me a good view of your lovely pussy. I reach out and hold you in this position for a moment, bending down and placing kisses all over your ass, breathing in the musky, sweet scent of your arousal. I let you go and turn your onto your back, pleased as you immediately spread your thighs for me. I stand against the bed, staring down at you, making love to you with my eyes as I take off my clothes.


Once naked I climb onto the bed, between your thighs, and I kneel there, reaching out and caressing your breasts, gently pinching your nipples, running my hands down your soft belly and over your thighs. I lean over you, brushing my face gently against your breasts. You arch your back, it is an offering, pressing your chest up to my face. I flick your nipples with my tongue, feeling them harden even more between my lips. I can't get enough of you, I want to taste every inch of your skin. I close my teeth over your nipple softly, running my tongue over the tip, pulling as hard as I dare. I watch your face, your eyes closed, your lips slightly parted, your breath coming faster now. You whisper my name, a low moan, and you reach up, your fingers curling in my hair, pulling me more firmly to your full breasts.


I slip my hand down over your belly and between your thighs, sliding my fingertips up and down your slippery lips, watching as your hips jerk up involuntarily when my fingertip runs past your hard clit. I move down slowly, following my hand with my lips, leaving a hot, wet trail of kisses down your belly. I place my hands on your thighs as I explore with my tongue, tracing your labia with the tip of my tongue, then move to the side, tasting the soft flesh of your inner thighs.


I hear a soft sigh, a slight groan, as I position my face between your thighs, gripping your labia firmly with my fingers, and I spread your lips apart. The sweet, exotic scent overwhelms my senses, driving me mad, an aphrodisiac to me. I see a drop of your wetness sliding down and I stick my tongue out to catch it. I feel your whole body shake as my tongue presses against your entrance.


I wiggle my tongue, pressing inside your hot tunnel, a flood of your juices covering my tongue and filling my mouth with sweetness. This is heaven for me. It is heaven to be inside you, to touch you, to taste you. I thrust my tongue in and out, feeling your muscles contracting and your hips moving in time. I hear you gasping for breath as I pull away slightly. I want to hear your voice, I want you to tell me what you want... Would you do that for me?


I pull my tongue out and begin to nibble on your lips, running my tongue up and down your pussy, making only brief contact with your quivering clit. I turn my eyes up and see you looking down at me. I feel a smile taking over my lips as this seems to turn you on more. I reach my fingers up, slowing sinking two fingers as deep inside your pussy as I can. Your gasp urges me on, your hips lifting harder, and I start pumping my fingers in and out slowly. I press my face against your lips, searching out your clit with my tongue. I feel it spasm as I press my tongue flat against it. Your whimper encourages me and I flick feather light strokes against it, pleased as your hips jerk up again, taking my fingers deeper, pressing your clit harder to my lips. I thrust my fingers into you harder and faster, pulling your clit between my lips and sucking gently, rubbing my tongue quickly back and forth over the tip. Your muscles grip tightly as I work another finger in, and I suck harder on your clit, shaking my head back and forth, growling deep in my chest. I feel like an animal, hungry for your taste. I want you to come for me, come in my mouth.


I feel your whole body tighten as I mercilessly devour your pussy, and your hips jerk violently now, crushing your beautiful pussy into my face, my fingers as deep inside as they can get. I slide my other hand under your ass and pull you hard against my face. I look up at you again, our eyes meet, and you go over the edge, giving a startled, strangled yelp, my name tumbling from your lips as orgasm crashes through your body, your pussy gushing its sweet, tangy juices all over my face. I release your swollen clit and move down, catching as much of your juices in my mouth as I can, drinking your essence. Your taste floods my senses. I stay between your thighs for a long time, placing soft, feathery kisses all over your pussy, careful to avoid your sensitive clit, at least for a little while.


When the last aftershocks have finally passed, I lay on top of you, kissing your mouth, holding you tightly. I roll us onto our sides, moving down and sucking your nipples, massaging and kneading the soft flesh of your breasts in my hands. I stare at your face, waiting for you to open your eyes. I wrap my arms around you and I stroke your hair and your face. When you open your eyes they are glazed and far away. I press my lips against yours as you finally focus on me.


"Thank you." I grin.


And I mean it. Thank you.


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"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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