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My own wetness


It was early evening, and my husband and I were heading down the shore to have some dinner with a friend and just hang out. It wasn't until we got there that we became aware it was Irish Weekend!! So, we lug our bags into the house, and figure out where we want to go eat. My husband, Sean, and Doug don't really want to drive anywhere, with the shore being so crowded with a lot of people drinking, so we decide to walk down the street to the Bayshore Restaurant. While dining on crab stuffed lobster for me, and chicken parmigiana for the guys (and at a seafood restaurant…sheesh!), we discuss what we want to do tonight.


"Well, it's probably not a good idea to go out to a bar tonight", I say, "it's not worth it, with so much drinking this weekend." The guys figure I'm right, so we decide to stay in. I know what they're hoping for, but I give Sean that "I'm not in the mood for a threesome" look and watch his leer turn to a pout! So, as we walk back, Doug makes some calls and tells everyone we'll be hanging at his place. We'll see who comes by.


Sean pulls three beers out of the refrigerator, as I fire up the laptop to play music. Sean and I went into the living room to look at something, while Doug was in the kitchen, when Ray and his girlfriend, Grace showed up. We all went into the kitchen, to chat and drink. Since all of the chairs were taken, I hopped up onto the counter, just chilling out and listening to all of the conversations, occasionally putting in my two cents. Grace started talking about her tattoos, and how she wanted more!! She has a beautiful one, sort of a cross, in between her breasts. I couldn't really see it too well, "I'll have to remember to ask Sean", I thought, since he's sitting at the table with her. When she started talking about her piercings, I almost laughed, saying I was afraid to get my belly button pierced, much less my tongue or nipples! Then she told us where her latest piercing was, her clit!! I'm sure my mouth was hanging open in surprise, as she went on to say she'd had it pierced horizontally and wanted to get another, vertically!! Oh how the questions flew with that revelation!! "Did it hurt?" "Does it really make oral better?" "Oh yes!!!," she exclaimed. She said she could come in two minutes now.


Personally, I wasn't impressed by that, I would much rather have at least thirty minutes of oral!

At this point, after a few beers and good music, I started to zone out, lost in my thoughts of this girl. I excused myself to grab something from my bag, which was in the living room. Once there, alone, I realized with some surprise how turned on I was by the thought of a clit piercing. With a deep breath, I think to myself, "Okay, a few minutes alone and I'll push these thoughts aside, and be able to rejoin everyone without staring at Grace, making my thoughts obvious". With a final deep breath, I turn around to head back to the kitchen and found Grace right in front of me! I gasped, startled, I hadn't heard her come in the room! I felt awkward, I didn't know what to say! She, however, had no such troubles.


With a sparkle in her eyes she asked me, "So, wanna see my piercing?" My jaw dropped, I couldn't speak, not even a simple yes or no, though, I think we both knew I wanted to see her piercing as much as she wanted to show it to me! "What about everyone else?" I said, thinking of the kitchen full of guys just two little, open rooms away. "I didn't ask them", she said mischievously. I laughed, knowing she understood exactly what I meant, but appreciated the joke to relax me! My curiosity overriding my embarrassment, I nod, growing excited.


Smiling, she slowly unzipped her jeans, never taking her eyes off of my face. She had on a sheer pink thong, the piercing barely visible through the mesh. I could feel myself becoming thoroughly aroused, eager to see her without the panties in the way. She closed the already short distance between us, taking my hand and guiding it to her pussy. I gasped as I felt her wetness through her panties, a sharp contrast to the hard, steel post of her piercing. I could feel my own wetness, knowing my panties were already soaked through, it was only a matter of time before I'd feel my juices running down my thighs. With a quick glance, I slowly got to my knees and removed her panties. As I caressed her thighs, I couldn't take my eyes off of her glistening folds that just begged for attention. Tentatively, I leaned forward, inhaling the muskiness of her sex. With a sigh, I briefly wondered if I was going too far, but as my breath hit her clit, I heard her moan. At that moment, I knew she wanted this as much as I did.


I let my tongue circle her clit, flicking lightly over piercing. I wasn't sure, but was afraid I might hurt her. I let my fingers caress the lips of her pussy, feeling her juices dripping down my hands. Looking up at her, I sucked her sweet cum off each finger, reveling in her taste. She threw her head back, and moaning, grabbed my hair, thrusting her hips towards me. As I licked and sucked all of her into my mouth, my hands ran up and down her legs. I squeezed her ass, pulling her even closer as I fucked her with my tongue. My own desire for release driving me, I became even more forceful, thrusting my tongue deeply into her pussy. I fucked her as fast and hard as possible.


Suddenly, her body tensed and her hands tangled in my hair, pulling it hard enough to make me cry out against her clit. She rammed her hips forward, crying out with the force of her orgasm. I held her firmly, savoring the feeling of her orgasm filling my mouth, licking every last bit of her. She tasted amazing! Like the ocean outside, all salty and sweet. Finally, she pulled herself away, and on trembling legs, fell back onto the sofa. I stare, more shocked at what just happened than I was when she asked me if I wanted to see her piercing, which started all of this!


After a moment, when we were sure her cries hadn't brought any of the guys running (thank God for loud music!), she pulled me over to stand in front of her. She undid my pants roughly, which turned me on even more. She pulled my pants, then my panties off, looking up at me as we both realize I'd gotten so turned on my thighs were sticky with my own wetness. She grinned as her tongue slowly licked up and down my thighs, coming oh so close to my pussy! My clit hardened, and my pussy throbbed with wanting. This felt amazing, so unlike anything I've ever experienced before! I moaned, moving my hips closer to her. Her hands were soft, teasing my stomach to my breasts, pinching my very erect nipples. As her tongue finally flitted over my clit, I cried out as I felt my juices gush!


Greedily, she slapped me up, her tongue running hard, long strokes up and down the folds of my lips. Her teeth gently nibbled at my clit. She thrust her tongue deeply inside me, the sheer pleasure of it making my knees weak, causing me to grab her and entangle my fingers in her hair. The more I moaned, the faster her pace became until I couldn't take it anymore, my own orgasm building. She must have sensed how close I was, because I felt her slip first two, then three fingers inside me as she sucked my clit. I tried opening myself wider for her, so she could give me more. Oh and did she!! I felt her pull her fingers out, now completely soaked with me. I cried in protest, but she just shook her head, the sensations caused by this movement unbearable. Then I felt something I didn't recognize at first. As I realized what was about to happen, I gasped, my eyes rolling back. I thought for a second, I was going to fall down, but she held me steady as her knuckles kneaded my pussy, stretching it a little bit more.


Slowly, she worked herself into me. Moaning, I arched my hips, taking her further, deeper into me as I rocked back and forth on her fist. I continued to get wetter, wetter than I've ever been in my life. It was as if she'd opened the floodgates of my desires. I felt the sticky wetness down my thighs. She pumped furiously, her entire hand fucking me as her tongue worked my clit and everywhere she could reach. My orgasm was not to be denied now. My body tensed, my pussy clenched around hand, trapping her inside me as I convulsed with the most unbelievable, earth shaking orgasm of my life. I screamed, not caring at this point if anyone heard or walked in on us.


As my orgasm finally receded, she gently pulled her hand out, and as she stared at me, licked my girl cum off of her fingers, much like a cat grooming itself. That alone was erotic enough that I went to my knees in front of her, licking her fingers and hand. She looked at me, and I put my hand on the back of her neck, pulling her to me to kiss her deeply. Our sweet cum mixed together in our mouths, tasting so sexy. As we kissed, I realized with surprise, that no one had come running at the noise we had made. I laid my head on her shoulder, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath…


Suddenly, I felt a tapping on my leg. I look up, startled to find myself in the kitchen, still sitting on the counter! Ray and Grace were leaving, as we hug and kiss goodbye, she gives me a look and a wink that says she knows where I've been. But, that's not possible, I thought, feeling a sense of loss that I probably won't have another opportunity to see this beautiful woman again, except in my fantasies.


"There's always hope, though", I think to myself with a smile.


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"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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