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My tongue, your clit
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We lay in bed, our legs entwined. My left hand lightly stroking the soft skin of her back. I bent my head forward and softly kissed her forehead as she calmly slept. I could feel the soft velvet skin of our breasts pressed deliciously together and the slick wet folds of her pussy resting on my upper thigh. I listened to the rhythmic sighs of her breathing and felt her warm breath as it caressed my cheeks. A smile of bliss spread across my face as my right hand ran lovingly through her silky auburn hair. My left hand danced slowly down her back and then ran up the gentle flair of her full round hips. My lips moved forward to kiss her pert little nose and then the full softness of her upper lip. Her lips parted as she slept and I pressed mine to her in a soft wet kiss. Outside a cold February wind roared past the window as we lay under a heavy down comforter wrapped in sweet bliss.

Never before had I felt so alive, so complete, and so at one with myself. I wanted to caress her entire body, to run my hands over her tantalizingly soft skin, but instead I lay there in her sweet embrace. I wanted to kiss and suckle her big beautiful breast and to drink from the fountain of her soft folds, but instead I lay next to my sleeping beauty and enjoyed the serenity of the moment.

I had been lying here since the early hours of the morning drifting in and out of a semiconscious state unable attain a deep sleep because of the flood of emotions running through my body. I had made love to a woman for the very first time and it was the single most satisfying moment of my 28 years.

We had met at work, where I was the employee and she the wealthy customer. My boss's instructions were to keep her happy because her accounts meant a lot to the company. Everyday she came into the bank to take care of her finances, and everyday she waited for my window to clear. She was always so friendly and her warm smile sent chills through my body. I had never experienced a conscious attraction to another woman but I found myself drawn to her. She would compliment me on my hair or my clothes and I would thank her while looking into her deep green eyes. She would tell me I look beautiful and I would think that the only true beauty in the entire room was her. She was in her early forties with short hair and a full curvaceous body that made me drool with envy and desire. Her friendly disposition hid her enormous wealth and the stature she had in the community.

At night while I lay in bed with my husband my mind was filled with thoughts of her. I was intrigued and confused by my desire for her and I tried to brush it off as curiosity. It was probably due to the decline in my marital happiness, or was it the cause of it. My husband and I now rarely made love and I didn't miss it. Instead I longed to make love to Cynthia the intoxicating woman at work. I would dress for work and wonder what she would think of this outfit or that. I bought new sexy clothes hoping to draw a compliment from the woman I desired, and she would always respond.

I cut my blonde hair short and stylish at her suggestion and her response set me afire. She reached across the counter and touched my cheek causing a rush of warmth to spread through my body. She told me the short hair showed off my beautiful face as her hand lightly stroked my soft hair. Then she asked if I would like to go to dinner with her. I told her I would love to as a familiar tingle danced between my thighs. My nipples stiffened at the gentle caress of her hand as it accidentally brushed my breast on it's way across the counter. The rest of work was a blur as my mind spun a web of sensual thoughts and desires.

I rushed home after work to change my clothes and freshen up before our date. Is that what it was? Was I really going to Cynthia's house for a date? A date with a beautiful woman I had lusted after for months. I felt like a young school girl getting ready for a dance. Not this outfit, too dressy. Not that outfit, to casual. I finally settled on a blue sleeveless dress that reached just above my knee with a short white jacket. I spread the outfit on the bed and ran a hot bath as I picked out a dark blue matching bra and panty set to wear. I called and left a message for my husband who was in Chicago on business telling him I would be out late with a friend from work and then I called and asked my mother to watch Jessica my two year old daughter for the night.

I soaked in the hot tub for an hour trying to relax and settle the butterflies in my stomach. I carefully shaved my legs and trimmed my panty line. I climbed from the tub and toweled myself off while I imagined her gently caressing me. I freshened my sex with a cinnamon scent and picked out my favorite perfume before slipping the lingerie onto my smooth soft body. I dried and styled my hair trying for perfection for the woman of my dreams.

As I drove up the long private road to Cynthia's house a thousand butterflies battled in my stomach. This was the point of no return I though as I rang the bell. Cynthia opened the large oak door wearing an elegant long black dress with a low neckline and slits up each leg. she invited me in with a soft kiss on my cheek and I felt my face flush as she took my hand in hers and led me through the large foyer into the sitting room. She told me she had given the servants the night off and it was only the two of us. I felt a flow of moisture seep into my sex at the thought of being there alone with Cynthia. She asked if I would like anything to drink and I wondered if it would help ease the nervousness I was feeling. I told her I would love a glass of wine, a merlot if she had it. I watched her hips sway gently under the sleek black dress as she walked into the kitchen.

When she returned she placed the glass of wine of the table and sat beside me. Our thighs lightly touched as she took my hand in hers. I looked at her full red lips and longed to kiss them. She sensed my desire and moved her face to mine. Our lips slowly pressed together and I could taste the sweetness of her lipstick. My eyes closed and my lips parted begging her tongue to enter. Her hands gently held my face as we kissed softly, our passion building. Her tongue licked my lips and teeth before slipping through and dancing with mine. We kissed furiously like two teenagers as passion took over our bodies. Her hands slipped beneath my jacket and softly rubbed my bare skin. My nipples hardened at her gentle touch and my own hands began to roam over her soft curves. I touched her bare back and then caressed her soft hair while we kissed passionately on the couch.

The soft chime of a dinner bell interrupted us and let us know that the food was ready. We reluctantly broke our kiss and Cynthia led me by the hand into the dining room. She served our dinner on fine china and we drank our wine from Waterford crystal as I gazed across the table into her beautiful eyes. Her foot slowly slid up my calf as we ate in blissful silence. I reached across the table and touched her hand softly causing her to smile brightly at me.

When we finished our meal Cynthia walked around the table to me and helped me to my feet. She pulled me close and kissed me softly. Our bodies pressed tightly together and the soft flesh of our breasts squeezed tight. My arms went around her waist and I pulled her tighter wanting to become one. She kissed me hard our lips parting and our tongues entwined. She pulled her lips away and whispered softly in my ear "I want to make love to you. I have wanted this moment since I first saw your beautiful face and soft brown eyes. Let me take you upstairs and we can experience a night of passion and bliss."

I responded by kissing her forehead and I whispered "I want to be with you. I have never been with a woman before, but I have thought about this moment. I have dreamt about touching you and feeling your body on mine. Please take me upstairs. Make love to me. Let me feel the passion and the warmth of you next to me. Yes, please."

We entered the bedroom and Cynthia turned to face me. Our lips met again in a passionate kiss while her hands slid my jacket from my arms. She slipped my dress off my shoulders and it dropped to the floor while we continued to kiss. I stepped out of the dress and began to undress the beautiful woman before me. I slid her dress from her soft round shoulders, and past the gentle flair of her hips until she stood before me in just a pair of black lace panties. I kissed her neck and ears while my hands explored her soft feminine curves. She led me to the bed and pressed me down before her as she knelt between my thighs. She lowered herself onto me and I felt her warm soft skin pressed against me. She began to kiss my face and then my neck. I let out a soft moan as her lips brushed the nape of my neck and then trailed down my body. She released my small firm breasts and began to suckle and nibble on my hard aching nipples.


I moaned louder as she took the hard nub between her teeth and bit gently. My hands roamed over her back and rubbed her silken skin and she lovingly kissed one breast while her fingers moved lightly over the other. She paid loving attention to my breasts until she sensed my desire for more. She slowly kissed my belly and tongued my navel before settling between my thighs. She pulled my wet blue panties down over my hips and past my feet before holding them to her face. She inhaled my scent and the lewd act sent shivers through my body. She looking lovingly into my eyes as she lowered her beautiful face to my swollen moans. Her lips touched mine and I melted with passion. Her fingers spread my lips and her tongue slid deliciously along the outermost folds of my wet peach.


My fingers ran through her soft hair as her mouth brought me to dizzying new heights. She ignored my clit for a long time, just licking deep into my hole and all around while she savored juices. My back arched and my hips bucked trying desperately to rub my aching clit. She knew I was ready now and her tongue attacked my clit like a thirsty kitten drinking milk. I let out a soft yelp at her first contact then settled into the wave of tingling sensations. She brought me to the edge of bliss before backing off causing me to go crazy with desire.


Her tongue began to lick my clit again while she slowly inserted her fingers into my warm wet hole. Her tongue brought me closer and closer to climax. My body quivered as I approached the abyss and then as I reached the apex she slipped a finger in my rectum causing a flood of new feelings. My body went stiff then loose, and then stiff again. Wave upon wave of glorious climax shook through my body as I experienced the most fantastic orgasm of my entire life. She pumped her fingers into my two needy holes and ignored my hypersensitive clitoris bringing about another series of small tremors. My back arched, and my legs went rigid before the final ripple rolled past my toes.

Cynthia kissed her way up my exhausted body and pressed her delicious curves on top of me. I kissed her lips tasting the familiar sweetness of my juices. I kissed her furiously as our tongues danced a passionate tango. Inspired by her kiss I rolled on top of her and began to explore her sensual body with my mouth and tongue. I lost myself in desire as I caressed and kissed her big beautiful breasts. They were full and soft and the nipples hardened with my touch. Her nipples were long and fat and I sucked on them like a baby. My mouth moved from one marvelous breast to the other nibbling on her swollen nipples while my hands caressed the rest of her fantastic body. She moaned my name and loving words of encouragement as I learned the art of pleasing her. My fingers roamed over her body while her hands ran sensually through my short blonde hair.


I kissed my way down her luscious curves. She lifted her bottom so I could slid her panties past her full hips and down her firm tan thighs. I lay between her legs and inhaled her sweet scent. I looked at a woman's folds up close for the first time. Her lips were smooth and shaved and a small mat of fur rested just above her swollen clit. My fingers touched the soft wet flesh as I studied her beauty. I parted her lips with my fingers and lowered my tongue to taste her juices. They were sweet and tangy on my tongue like a combination of honey and a 9 volt battery. My tongue began to move around searching for more juices. Licking her outer lips and then around the outside of her warm swollen lips before sliding deep inside her juicy hole. I lost myself in the warm comfort of her sex as my lips attached themselves to her soft moans.


My tongue started to stroke her hard little clit causing her to purr softly. I slipped a finger inside her while my tongue worked softly on her clit. Her fingers held my head steady while her hips moved slowly up and down in time with my tongue. Her breathing became labored as she approached climax. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her warm thighs against my cheeks as I lovingly kissed and sucked on her wanton pussy. She was getting close and began to moan my name and gentle word of encouragement. I was only a beginner but the feelings were so intense that it was as though I had been there a thousand times before. My tongue slid over her clit as my fingers rhythmically moved in and out of her wet warm hole. She began to shiver and quake before her body tensed. Cynthia yelled out my name and let me know that she was cumming.


I was rewarded with a flow of her tangy sweet juices as she experienced the sweet contractions of ecstasy. I continued to lick around her sensitive area but avoided her clit while searching for the final drops of her nectar. Then I slithered up her gorgeous body and lay beside her. I nuzzled her neck and listened to the pounding of her heart slowly return to normal. I kissed her face and lips and thanked her for the most incredible experience.

"The fun has only begun my dear," she said as she kissed my eyelids tenderly.

"You mean there is more?" "Oh yes, so much more and we have the whole night to play." She said as her fingers began to roam over my body. She lightly touched my body and for over an hour we lay there just cuddling and caressing each other.

I felt the tingling in between my legs again as her lips met mine and we began to passionately kiss again. Her lips trailed down to my breasts again causing me to moan softly. She played with my nipples and squeezed my small round breasts while my eyes closed and I enjoyed the sensations. Her hands moved down to my soaking wet sex and she inserted a single finger. A flood of my juices released and ran down my thigh while her thumb stroked my still sensitive clit. She climbed between my legs and lowered her mouth to my slick folds as she slid a vibrator deep inside me. The tingling between my legs increased while her mouth worked on my clit.


I began to climax quickly and repeatedly when her tongue touched my anus. I bucked hard against her face and screamed out in pleasure as her fingers penetrated my tight ass. Her tongue licked me while her vibrator and fingers put me past the point of sanity. The intensity of my climax caused me to black out for a brief moment and when I came to Cynthia was kissing my face and lightly stroking my neck with her fingers. I reached up and kissed her lips my tongue forcing it's way past her teeth. Our tongues danced and played while our hands explored. Our legs entwined and I could feel my pussy rubbing against her thigh. We ground together while we kissed like teenagers until we both climaxed again and then we drifted off to sleep. My sleep was brief because I could not believe what I was feeling, so I just lay in her arms and smiled.

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"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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