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My first time outdoors
Artcore Fantasies


Marion is my recent girl friend in real life. Marion learned to love the little stories I sometimes like to write and she also was turned on quite a lot by the two true stories about us I posted in the web. So we know have developed the game that each time I write a new story, Marion likes it that I read it to her, when we are both in bed…..and she gets very turned on by that.

Now today Marion asked me to write down something very special that we experienced just today.

Marion and I spent this hot summer weekend at some lovely place at the mountains. We found some small valley with a small river and even a place where that small, very refreshing and crystal clear river had dug itself a bit deeper, so that you could swim in kind of natural basin between some beautiful rocks. A great place and we had it just for us, even though a cycle-bath was very near.

For those of you who don't know Marion yet: Marion is 32 and so eight years older than me. She is quite tall with a height of almost 1,80m (about 10 centimeters higher than I am) and is a very sportive woman, feminine with some very good curves at her arse and her breasts, which are a lot bigger than mine. While I have 85B (near to C) cupped breasts, Marion is a 90C (almost D). We both have dazzling black, long hair. We are a pair now for about have a year and I really love her. She is a strong woman and the more dominating and of course more experienced part of us.

We found that place as we were doing a mountain-bike tour along that path I mentioned and spotted that place, that even had kind of small beach of tiny stones. It was very hot and so we climbed down to the small beach. The water was looking very inviting and refreshing. It was crystal clear and shimmering in a beautiful green between the rocks and surrounded by a beautiful green wood.

We both were sweaty. We had not brought any bikinis as we hadn't planned to go for a swim. But as the place was completely deserted we quickly stripped of our cloth. I always love it to see Marion's naked body, with her strong and sportive figure and her feminine curves. She recognized that I once again had my eyes fixed on her, when we undressed.

"You are always so naughty, Carmen!" she giggled and gently slapped my naked arse with her hands. "Don't be a voyeur and have some good refreshment instead. God it looks so refreshing," she exclaimed and took my hand.

We stepped into the wonderful water of the small river. It really was refreshing. We both let out some sighs, but after some seconds we got more used to the chilly but refreshing water and we finally got completely into the water. It was great. We swam around a bit and played around a bit, ducking each other under water; really enjoying ourselves.

Marion finally was the first who got out of the water. She sat down on a small rock to dry herself in the warm sun. Her legs were slightly spread. I couldn't take off my eyes from her well-trained long legs and her dark bush of pubic hair; I even could see part of her wonderful pussy lips when I walked out of the river myself. "Wow, Carmen. Hmmm. You give a great picture. I think I have never seen your nipples so hard. God that's sexy!" Marion suddenly exclaimed. I smiled at that compliments. I loved it always when she complimented about my body, when she told me that she found me sexy.

I looked down on my body to see it myself. The cold water really had made my nipples rock hard. It really looked good. I looked at Marion and her nipples were just the same. Without thinking my own hands wandered to my breasts and my fingers gently touched my own hard nipples. It felt good, so good.

"Now you are a naughty voyeur!" I teased and smiled.

Marion rose and slowly walked to me.

"What do you have in your dirty mind?" I teased further.

Marion smiled back and started walking faster. Playfully I stepped back. Marion started running and I ran back into the water. Marion chased me for a while till I was cornered at a rock in the middle of the river. The chilly water reached up to my navel. My back was at the rock and Marion had both her hands left and right of my head. Her body was very close to mine.

I looked down to her great, still firm breasts with her long and now rock hard nipples. They were only inches away from my own nipples. She moved even closer now. Out breasts touched and our hard nipples rubbed each other. God, it felt unbelievable erotic and arousing. The cold water had made our nipples incredibly sensitive.

Her lips found my lips and Marion kissed me. She is a great, wonderful and experienced kisser. Her lips played with mine and her kiss grew in it's intensity each second. Her tongue came in and teased my lips, my mouth opened and her tongue slipped in, circled my tongue and we melt into a long and hot, passionate kiss. The kiss made us completely forget about the cool water.

Marion moved her chest in small circles hard against my chest, so that our breasts rubbed each other and even more our sensitive nipples touched.

My hands had grabbed her curvy, firm arse now. I massaged both her cheeks. I love her firm arse.

For only a short moment I thought about the fact that this erotic game of lust was not in our private room, but at this small river beach, near the cycle-bath so that there was a chance that somebody might see us. But maybe that even made the whole situation hotter.

Marion had a great rhythm now with her breasts; caressing my breasts with her breasts and arousing my nipples with her nipples. This definitely was the best and most erotic breast: breast and nipple: nipple play I had ever had. I felt I could cum by just being aroused by Marion's breast and nipples. I sighed into her mouth. We were still kissing.

Then I felt Marion's hand slide between our bodies and find it's way directly to my pussy and my hard clit, that was also extremely sensitive due to the cool water. Her finger slid along my slit and up to my clit. I was near to cum at this touch only. In this sexual excitement I also slid my hands between us too and found Marion's Pussy. We both inserted one finger in each others pussy and used our thumb to rub the others clit.

Marion's breasts were pressed hard onto my breasts. We had broke our kiss, our mouth pressed into each others neck or shoulder. Moaning loud we both came to an incredible climax.

For a few seconds we just stood their. My legs were like rubber. Marion kissed me.

This was the first outdoor-sex experience I had ever had and it was incredible. For both of us this was a great day and I know a great night will follow.

Marion is already waiting in bed for me and I will read this writing-down of our experience. I will lay down on my stomach and read, while Marion will gently caress my back and my arse….

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"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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