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Was it a vibrator?
33Wet Girl


My name is Kathy and I'm a new pledge at Lambda Lambda Lambda sorority. It's a very old influential sorority that is over a hundred years old. All of the Lambda's marry very prominent men and are prized for their culture, beauty and sophistication. Joining this sorority means that I can completely change my life. My single mother alone raised me with my grandmother and I worked very hard all through school in order to get us out of poverty. Through hard work and a stroke of luck I got a four-year scholarship to an Ivy League university. This has been the headiest experience of my life. I love this university with its old Victorian gothic architecture.

I am 5'7" honey blond with green eyes and an hourglass figure.


I'm about a 36C but actually I think my bust is still growing because it always feels like it is straining against my bra and about to break out. The Lambda house is an old Frank Lloyd Wright structure on fraternity row. I can't wait to move in from the dormitory. Marion has been my guide to the sorority during the pledge period. She's a beautiful sophisticated redhead with shoulder length hair and a fashion model's body. She told me that during this time we have to do anything the upper-class women say.

So if a Lambda sister asks me to type her paper, paint her toenails, or give a massage I have to do it. So far I've given about ten massages to the sisters. I think I've become very good at it but my arms are getting tired. It's definitely an interesting way to get to know them. All types of different hair colors and such beautiful bodies. Most of the women in the sorority play on university teams or are dancers or cheerleaders so their bodies are perfect. It's interesting though. All the women in the sorority have pierced nipples. It must be a fashion thing.

In order to become a sorority member we have to go through an initiation. Marion brought be into the basement for the initiation. We had to take all of our clothes off. Marion put on black stockings, a garter belt, a black corset and black spike heels. She then tied my hands behind my back. She brought me into a large room and all of the sorority sisters were dressed like Marion. Marion put a blindfold around my eyes. "You have to crawl from this side of the room to the other and when you encounter a sorority member do whatever they want until you reach the other side. I got down on the floor. Without my arms to help me I had to slide along the floor like a snake.

Before I moved a foot or two I felt soft hands on me and then felt my pussy lips pulled apart. I was shocked to feel lips darting in and out of my vagina. I was a virgin and nobody had ever touched me like that before so it was a unique feeling sending shockwaves of pleasure up my spine and out my arms and legs. I felt a mouth on my left breast and another on my right breast and then a pair of thighs straddled my face and her pussy hair rubbed against my lips and I knew that I was expected to lick her twat.

I tentatively started exploring the pussy beneath the triangle of soft hair and started licking her syrupy wet lips. Moving my head up and down my nose was nestled in her cunt and suddenly my tongue found this firm spot, like a little pinky finger and as my tongue circled it her thighs quivered and she moaned. "Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, yes, lick my clit" and she ground her pussy in my face. I didn't know whose pussy it was. I didn't know whose mouths were on my tits or in my vagina. Suddenly I felt a couple of fingers fingering my ass and then one started probing inside and then I had one, two maybe three fingers inside me. Then I heard a buzzing but it was hard to concentrate on what I heard with at least five women playing with me.

Then this, what was it, it was vibrating, was it a vibrator? A vibrator was going up my ass? I never felt anything like that and it was strange and exciting. I had lost control to this coven of women controlling my body. The woman on my face clenched her thighs tight around my head and suddenly started shaking violently and my face became wet and sticky. Then I felt the wetness on my face being licked off and another woman's pussy was on my face. I knew it was another woman because this pussy was shaved. It had a different, sweeter taste and a more succulent smell and as I explored the dimensions of her pussy I found her clit and this clit was more like a hard-little bullet than the other clit. I suddenly realized that like snowflakes every clit was unique.


I now felt tongues licking my feet and tongues licking my legs and I no longer knew how many women were upon me and it was just a mass of legs and breasts and vaginas and lips and I was continually unable to tell where one began and another ended and who was who. I felt like I was floating off the floor and suspended in air. Then my legs were spread and I was mounted and I felt what must have been a penis but women don't have penises. A hard cock was entering my vagina and I felt it pushing against my hymen as I held my breath. It pierced it and I felt my bloody warm wetness drain between and very gently she was fucking my vagina and easing me into my lost virginity.

The women were everywhere and finally I felt warm delicious sweet pleasure exploding like fireworks over and over again and I was coming. I was having my first orgasm and I kept coming over and over again five, six seven, eight times. I came eight times. My arms were untied and my blindfold was taken off. I saw that I was on the other side of the room. All the women were standing up and applauding me. Marian came up wearing a strap on dildo, kissed me, and said "Congratulations, you're now a sister of Lambda, Lambda, Lambda." She took an alcohol swab, cleaned both of my nipples, and pierced them with two diamond studs." So that was the fashion statement. I'm proud to be part of a century old tradition.


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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