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Sex art by Samarel - Girl on Girl oral sex.

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Fitting rooms
A quickie


It was late afternoon when we decided to hop in my car and hit the stores. Well, okay, just one store, but was shopping! And Kim has been wanting dressing room sex for as long as I can remember and I always tell her no. I'm so shy, I think, it's really silly. So, I had decided if I could convince her to come along, I'd make it worth her while. Boy is she in for a surprise!


We get to the store, and since it's close to closing time, it's fairly empty, much to my relief! As we look around, grabbing some things, making fun of others, I tell her I'm ready to head for the fitting room. As we walk in, I head towards the back, where the larger rooms are. We're going to share anyway, we always do and this makes it easier for changing...and other things.


As I start to take my clothes off, I feel her breath on my neck as she starts to lightly caress my hips. I moan, lean back into her and hear her gasp in surprise. She expected me to squirm away, like usual. I turn to her and kiss her deeply, my hands going under her shirt to play with her breasts. She grabs my ass, thrusting her hips against mine. I think since I wanted it this time, it's made her even hornier! I pull her shirt off as she fumbles with her jeans and then panties. We're trying so hard to get each other's clothes off, we almost fall in a tangle to the floor.


As we start laughing hysterically, we hear the salesgirl yell back to us, "Is everything okay? Do you need help?" Kim and I look at each other, and trying to stop our giggles, yell back, "No, we're fine!!!" We try to be quieter, the last thing we want is the sales girl coming back, but we can't help a few more giggles. However, as Kim pushes me down to the bench and spreads my legs wide, my giggles are gone, replaced by moans. She expertly flicks her tongue across my clit while her nails gently caress my inner thighs. I throw my head back and grab my breasts, arching my hips to bring her deeper into me. She obliges, thrusting her tongue deep inside my pussy, fucking me fast and hard as she grabs my ass and holds me to her face. My cries grow more frantic as I ride her tongue, my orgasm only seconds away. Kim, recognizing this, starts flicking her tongue up and down inside me as her hands grab roughly at my hips. This is what drives me over the edge and I explode into her mouth, grinding my pussy on her face as my juices run down her chin. "My turn," she whispers...


She stands in front me, her pussy dripping with anticipation. I run my tongue along her inner thighs, tasting her sweet cum. Now it's my turn to grab her hips as I bury my face between those beautiful thighs. Bringing her clit to my mouth, I start to gently suck it into my mouth. She moans, tangling her fingers in my hair. "Fuck me, please, hurry and fuck me," she tells me. I'm happy to do just that, slipping my fingers inside of her, God she's so wet! My fingers easily move up and down as I fuck her pussy and suck her clit, as she rocks back and forth against me. Her hands tighten in my hair, pulling it, making me cry out against her clit. I feel her tense, so I start to move faster, she's so close. I use my teeth to very gently nibble her clit and that does it - she explodes and I'm right there to lap it all up.


As we both sit there, she looks at me and says, "I can't believe you did that. I never thought you would." I just smile, not saying a word. Then, we hear a voice over the loudspeaker saying the store's closing in 15 minutes. So, we get dressed and start to leave when she says, "Wait, what about these clothes?" I look back, and then look at her and say, "I didn't really come to go shopping," and turn around and walk out, knowing I've made her happy and that she's smiling right now.


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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