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by Jolie Cain | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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She had walked past the shop every afternoon on her way home from work for the past several weeks. From the moment the workers had begun moving furniture into the vacant building, she had been avid with curiosity over what type of business it would house. Waverly was a fairly large town, but it had a small-town mentality, and any new business always had the inhabitants speculating for weeks about the various possibilities. Some had thought perhaps it would be a new bookstore; others a pharmacy. When the sign was hung above the door, she had become even more intrigued. Delicious it had read, in a very unassuming, delicate script, and she had pondered for days the possible nature of the shop. Perhaps a restaurant? Or a bakery? A candy store? At last, the stock had been put out, and she had found herself blushing in surprise as she had taken in the new window display.

A scantily clad mannequin in a black bustier and garter belt sat posed before a dressing table. Behind her, on the floor, a pair of man’s pants lay discarded and a stubbed out cigar sat on a small table next to two empty champagne glasses. Just the edge of a bed was visible, with a lump beneath the satin covers that looked like a man’s leg. And Annie still wasn’t quite certain why she had been so embarrassed when Pete the mailman had seen her gazing at the exhibit that first day. It’s not like it was a sex shop or anything. Just a very upscale lingerie shop. A shop that carried the kind of undergarments designed solely for a woman to wear for her lover. But that was beside the point. The window was tastefully, even if somewhat provocatively, done.

But she had blushed, a fiery red that had started at her feet and worked its way upward until her face had practically glowed. Pete had just winked at her, taking the sight of the suggestive scene in himself with a shake of his head and a mischievous smile, before moving on about his duties. Annie had rushed on her way, hoping no one else had observed her preoccupied fascination with the display.

And really, what was the point, Annie wondered, of her going in and looking around such an establishment, no matter how tempted? She didn’t have a man in her life at the moment. Hadn’t had one for so long, in fact, that she wasn’t even sure if she could remember exactly how long it was. Nine months? A year? More? Surely not two years? Or was it? Good Lord, it was.

It had been Robert. Robert the uninspiring. Robert the boring. Robert the jerk. Robert, who had left her because she was, in his words, about as exciting as a lump of coal in the bedroom. Robert who had complained about everything from the sheets on her bed to her preferred style of panties. Well, so what if she thought thongs were uncomfortable and preferred her plain white cotton “granny” panties? It’s not as if he were some raging sex machine in the sack himself. Strictly missionary position, lights off, Saturday nights after a sedate dinner at their usual restaurant. A brief cuddle and then off he went to his own apartment.

But Robert, the boring, had left her for Clarice, the red-headed bombshell, who worked in the accounting department at his law firm. Clarice, who, Annie was sure, did not wear cotton granny panties. Clarice who probably blew most of her salary at stores like Delicious.

Even as she thought it, she was drawing abreast of the store again, on her way home from work. She was running later than usual, and she glanced at her watch, noting that it was almost five o’clock, time for Delicious to close. So, even if she had almost talked herself into going in today—finally—it was obviously too late. Maybe tomorrow. She told herself, hating herself at that moment for her timidity…her insecurity about entering a place so obviously sexual in its focus. She had never been a very forceful personality, letting people boss her around and take advantage of her. But she longed to be different. To be bold, and assured, and assertive. To be the kind of woman men looked at with longing and passionate need in their eyes. Instead of meek little Annie Stewart, who men basically ignored unless they needed her for something.

At that moment, a flash of lightning streaked against the darkening sky, reminding Annie of the weather forecaster who had predicted a heavy rainfall this afternoon. She had thought she could beat the storm home, but suddenly knew it was too late. She felt the beginning trickles of raindrops on her upturned face, which quickly escalated into the beginnings of a real downpour.

Quickly darting to the first sheltering overhang, she stood for a moment trying to back up enough to prevent herself from becoming wetter. The wind had kicked up as well and blew droplets into her face. Without thinking, trying to avoid the weather, she pushed the shop door open and went inside. Then she froze.

At last she was inside the store that had tempted and taunted her for weeks: Delicious. Gazing around with awe and trepidation, she could hardly absorb the sight before her eyes. Rack after rack of teddies and silken nightgowns were clustered around the room. A deep red carpet was set off by sheer white walls and yards and yards of chiffon was draped across windows and shelves. Along one wall was nothing but bras, wispy pieces of lace in every color imaginable. Next to them were the panties: thongs, hipsters, everything you could think of. Everything except granny panties in white cotton, Annie thought to herself semi-hysterically.

“Can I help you?” A deep voice startled her from her thoughts. She swung quickly around to find herself staring at one of the most handsome men she had ever laid eyes on. Shoulder-length sable hair brushed against a black silk shirt. Annie gulped convulsively, unable to stop her eyes from traveling down the long, delicious body. He wasn’t too big—not a bodybuilder. But he had that slender runner’s body that she had always so admired. His skin was tanned a deep golden, and his emerald green eyes stood out in sharp contrast.

Annie licked her lips as she noticed how his jeans strained across his hips as he leaned back and propped himself against the counter. “Is there something I can help you with?” Annie’s eyes were jerked back upwards to his face, wondering if she had imagined the suggestive tone his words implied. Surely she had. A man who looked like this one could not be flirting with her. Unless he needed to make a sale? Oh, yes. That surely explained it.

She smiled nervously. “Oh, no.” Finally able to find her voice, she attempted to explain how she had come to be in his store. “No, I’m sorry. I just came in to get out of the rain.” She looked down at her watch and saw that it was now after five. “And I am so sorry. I know it’s past your closing time.”

He darted a casual glance toward the window, where the rain was now falling in heavy sheets. Then he shrugged and his eyes came back to study her closely. “It’s no problem. Let me just turn the closed sign. Why don’t you look around, since you seem to be trapped here anyway?”

He strolled casually toward the front of the store as Annie nervously moved to the nearest rack and haphazardly pushed hangers aside, picking up one nightie and pretending to consider it. When she heard the click of the lock being turned, she jumped and swung around to look at him with wide brown eyes. Again he shrugged. “Just keeping out any other potential latecomers.” He explained and then walked toward her. His eyes were focused on the gown she held in her hand. “I don’t really think this suits you at all. It is much too pale for your skin tone.” He took the nightgown from her and replaced the garment on the rack. Then he placed his hand in the small of her back and guided her to another rack a few yards away. “These are the ones you need. With your pale complexion and dark eyes and hair, you would look lovely in these jewel tones.” He picked up a silky ruby colored nightgown and held it up against her body. “Yes, just lovely. Why don’t you try this one on?”

Annie stammered, “But I told you, I didn’t come in here to…”

“Yes,” he agreed in a voice that rubbed over nerves like sandpaper, sending a sharp little shiver of desire down her spine. “I know. But since you’re here anyway…” She tried to pull away and head toward the door, despite the rain. But somehow he maneuvered her in the opposite direction, towards the back of the store. And before Annie knew quite how it had happened, she was ensconced in a dressing room, separated from the persistent salesman by nothing more than a thin curtain.

She gazed at herself in the mirror. Her hair had come loose from its usual bun, and damp tendrils nestled against her face and the curve of her neck, giving her a waif-like look that she thought was not completely unattractive. But the horrendously ugly white blouse and brown suit had seen better days and did nothing to flatter her figure. But they had been cheap and no one at work seemed to care how she dressed. What would she look like in the ruby nightgown, she wondered? Dare she? She glanced at the curtain and then took a deep breath. Oh, why not?

Hurriedly, before she could talk herself out of it, she stripped her outer garments off. Hesitating, she paused only briefly before dispensing with the bra as well, another serviceable cotton garment like all her others. The silk slid over her skin like a lover, and her nipples peaked at the cool feel of the fabric as it brushed against them. The gown settled lovingly against her, molding every curve. Her panties caused an unsightly line in the material however, and before she could talk herself out of it, she had removed them and folded them aside with her other clothes.

The reflection that gazed back at her in the mirror was a revelation. The deep color of the gown made her skin look like porcelain and set her slender figure off to perfection. Her lips parted as she took in the change. The neckline plunged low to reveal the mounds of her breasts that tightened and seemed to swell with each breath. Slits in both sides parted to reveal slim thighs when she moved. She turned around, studying the way the back dipped low, almost to her ass, before turning around to face the front again. Mirrors surrounded her on three sides and each motion she made was repeated over and over in countless reflections.

Suddenly a movement in the mirror caught her eye, and the curtain parted behind her and he stepped into the dressing room. As her stunned eyes met his, she shook her head. “No, you mustn’t come in here…” Her hands rose instinctively in a futile attempt to conceal what the skimpy garment not only revealed but emphasized. But he gave that wicked little grin of his.

Putting his finger to his lips he gestured for her to stay quiet. “Shh, little one.” Annie could see the admiration in his, and it held her frozen. No one had ever looked at her like that before. With such desire. For meek little Annie. But no. She wasn’t that girl at this moment. Right now, in this spot, she was someone else. Someone sexy and attractive. Someone irresistible. “You look beautiful, angel. But then I knew you would.” He moved closer, reaching out a hand to lightly draw it down the upper curve of her back.

But this wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be here with her. Should he? She didn’t even know him. Opening her mouth to tell him to get out, she hesitated. His eyes held hers as his fingers traced a delicate path along the garment’s edge, lower and lower. Mesmerized, she found it impossible to make him leave, to make him stop his delicate explorations.

He didn’t speak again, and she didn’t either. For long moments they just stood like that, with his eyes roving at will over ever inch of her that was revealed to him by the skimpy garment and his hand tracing a random patter across her quivering flesh. He reached up and tugged at the pins holding her hair in place, and as it began to spill down her back, he moved closer, gathering it up and in his hands to lift it up to his face, inhaling deeply. His eyes didn’t release hers as he moved even closer, molding himself against her. Annie was stunned but unwillingly aroused. How could this be happening? Why was she letting him see her like this, touch her like this? She didn’t want to think about it. About how wrong it must be. She just wanted to feel. This was what she had been yearning for.

She leaned back, letting her skin brush against his chest, and his hands came up to clasp her shoulders. Then they traveled down, molding over her breasts and tweaking the nipples through the fabric. He surprised her with a hard pinch, and she felt her own response in a welling of moistness trickling down her inner thigh. His eyes held hers captive as his hands moved lower, over her stomach and down between her legs to cup her gently between the apex of her thighs, pressing firmly until she moaned. He began bunching the material in his hand, pulling it up her thighs and revealing her nude body inch by inch. Over her mons with its neatly trimmed bush of dark curls, up her belly, until he tugged it up and over her head, dropping it carelessly to one side. Dragging a over a chair which had stood in the corner, he bent her forward until her hands rested on its low seat.

In the mirror, she could see him studying her. He looked down, breaking eye contact finally, and rubbed his hands slowly down the length of her spine, then bending to let his mouth and tongue follow the same path. She couldn’t stop the shivers that shuddered through her at his erotic touch moving over her sensitive skin. She kept her eyes glued to the mirror, watching his head travel lower and lower until she felt his teeth nip sharply at the rounded globe of her ass. She cried out softly, and he looked up at her and grinned.

His fingers moved lower still, testing the treasure he discovered between her legs. Her pussy, dripping with moisture, clenched against his finger as he eased it up into her. Then another followed. He bent to taste her, and she felt his tongue swipe through the folds of her pussy. She pushed back against him, needing him to stop his teasing. She ached to feel his tongue on her clit, wanted him to push his fingers further inside her, anything. Oh, God, anything. He just laughed.

“What is it, little one?” He inquired, even as he added another digit to the first two, pushing in and then pulling out, fucking her slowly with his fingers. “Did you want something?”

“Please,” she whispered, barely able to breathe let alone speak, the feelings he was evoking so exquisite.

He continued his stroking, adding his thumb to rub against her clitoris, and she cried out again. “Oh, please…”

“Please what, baby? I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you want. You’ll have to tell me.”

She didn’t know if she could actually say what she needed, the words were so dirty, so forbidden. So she shook her head, pushing back against his fingers and trying to force him to pick up the pace, to ease the coil that had been tightening inside her since she had first walked into the store. But he resisted, keeping the pace slow and giving her no relief.

She knew what he wanted. Looking into his eyes in the mirror’s reflection, noting the wicked glint that was there, she quit knew what she had to say. “Please…” she stuttered… “please f-fuck me.”

He smiled and withdrew his fingers from her swollen pussy. “Well, of course, sweetheart. All you had to do was ask.” He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Now, baby, where do you want me to fuck you? In your pussy or in your sweet mouth? Hmm?”

Closing her eyes, she whimpered. “In my…in my pussy.”

Her eyes flickered open when he chuckled. “Well, you have to ask nicely, angel.”

“What…” Dazed she didn’t understand. So he prompted…

“Say please, sweetheart. Ask me to please fuck your pussy, like the naughty girl you are.”

“Oh, God.” She didn’t even recognize herself in the creature that she saw gazing back from the glass. “Please…please f-fuck my pussy.”

“That’s my good girl.” He drew her upright, pushing the chair aside and moved her closer to the mirror. He grasped her hands in his and placed them against the glass, so that she was leaning forward, her hips and back arched back towards him. She heard the rasp as his zipper was unfastened and the crinkle of foil as he rolled on the condom. “Look to your left, baby,” he ordered in a gruff tone. She did and saw their reflection in the side mirror. As she watched, he pressed himself against her cunt and began to slide his cock into her hungry pussy. Slowly, inch by inch, he eased it up into her tight channel. Then he pulled back out, almost all the way and she saw how his cock glistened with her moisture. “Oh, my God,” she moaned, as again, he pressed forward, filling her completely, stretching the walls of her pussy. Gradually he increased the pace of his thrusts, and he grabbed her hips to pull her against him harder and harder with each movement.

Groaning, she leaned her head back and he grasped a handful of hair, pulling her back until her body was arched into a tense bow. His thrusts were powerful now, pounding against her pussy and driving her higher and higher towards that apex she strained for. The sight of his cock ramming into her over and over was adding to the arousal she already felt and she couldn’t tear her gaze away. He bent to her ear. “You like that, don’t you, baby? Like what you see?”

“Yes,” she sobbed as he repeated the question. “I like it. I like watching.”

“Ummmm…me, too, sweetheart. Me, too.”

His hand released her hair and he grasped her hips again, ramming himself into her over and over harder and harder until she cried out. Then he said, “Cum, angel,” and she exploded, her cunt contracting like a tightening fist around his cock. Her orgasm triggered his own, and he flooded her pussy with his cum.

Annie arrived back at her apartment several hours later, relaxed and more satisfied than she could ever remember. As she let herself into the darkened apartment she kicked off her shoes and crossed to set down the bag emblazoned with the name Delicious across the front. Reaching in, she pulled out the red silk nightgown that had been the trigger for the evening of pleasure she had just experienced. When she held it up, a piece of paper fluttered to the floor. She bent to pick it up and studied it carefully. It read Richard Ames, CEO Delicious Lingerie, Inc., Offices in Miami, Atlanta, Memphis. On the back was a handwritten note: Angel, I’ll call you next time I am in town to check on this branch of Delicious. You were quite wonderful, and I can’t wait to see you again. xoxo Richard.

Annie smiled a secret little smile. Oh, yes. She had a feeling this sexy little nightie would be just the first of many. Turning she made her way into the bedroom, ready to slide into sleep and dream of her new lover. After all, he was absolutely delicious!

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