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Pull your skirt up

By Tangled up in me

Exhausted from a day of travel, I found an empty seat at the back of the train car and sat down just in time for the train to lurch forward. Relieved that the train was pulling away from the station and the bench across from me was still empty. I was in no mood for mindless small talk after such a long day. I looked around the car, only a few passengers were aboard. I straightened my skirt, adjusted my stockings, crossed my legs, and reached into my bag for something to read. After what I thought to be only a few minutes, I looked up from my book, and was startled to see a couple sitting directly across from me. Even more bothersome was the fact that he was blatantly staring at me. I shot him a look for his rudeness and went back to my reading. I peered over the top of the pages to find him still staring.


Nervously I looked away, my eyes stopping on the woman that sat next to him. She seemed completely unaware or my presence. She was attractive, and had a dark exotic look about her. I couldn't take my eyes off her unobservant eyes staring out the window at the passing scenery, her dark hair loosely pulled back, her wet pouty lips tilted in a slight, disinterested smile as my eyes moved down to her breasts. She was simply dressed, in a short dress and sandals, and obviously, no bra, as her nipples pressed against the fabric. Her dress was short enough that I could see her long, shapely legs well up to her thighs. I found myself wondering what it would be like between those thighs, if she wore panties, or if she was shaven, and felt my face, flush as I averted my eyes back to the man and noticed him smiling, as if he knew exactly what I had been thinking.


"No, and yes," he said.


"Excuse me?" I asked impatiently.


"What you were wondering, no and yes."


What was he talking about? He could not possibly know what I had been thinking. Flustered, I forced my eyes back to my book, but could not concentrate. I could feel his dark eyes on me, never leaving. That was it; I had had enough of his rudeness. "Can I help you with something?" I curtly asked.


"As a matter of fact you can. Spread your legs" he replied.


I could not believe this total stranger, with a woman sitting next to him had the nerve to say that to me. I opened my mouth to tell him what I thought, but felt my legs parting instead. Why was I doing this?


"Pull your skirt up, just a bit."


His voice was firm, but quiet and in no way threatening. My hands moved to the hem of my skirt, lifting the fabric just above the top of my stockings. My legs spread; he had a clear view of my pussy. I felt completely powerless.


"Very nice....” He commented.


"What do you think?” He asked his companion.


"Yes, very nice.” She replied, almost in a whisper.


He reaches across, pulling my skirt up even higher before sliding his hands slowly down my leg, stopping at my heel as he grasped it and pulled my foot up to rest beside his leg.


"Much better"


I was speechless. I tried to protest, but could not move my mouth to say a word. It was as if I had no control. Even more horrifying, I was getting wet. He reached over, his eyes never leaving mine, to lift the woman's skirt, completely exposing a perfectly shaven pussy. She moaned softly as her legs parted and he slid a finger inside. Her hips thrust forward, but he quickly removed his finger and without a word, bent toward me, placing it on my lips. I could not help myself; I parted my lips, letting my tongue slide across his finger, getting my first taste of a woman.


"You can have that.” He whispered, inches from my face.


I pulled his finger into my mouth and sucked her juices from him.


He settled back to his seat as the woman moved to her knees between my legs.


Again, I tried to protest, but no words came as her face moved toward me, stopping just inches from my cunt. I could feel her warm breath against me. Oh God, I thought. What the fuck am I doing? In addition, why can't I stop myself? I lifted my hips, pushing my pussy against her soft lips. I cried out as her tongue slid slowly up my slit, parting my lips until she pushed against my clit, making me push forward even more. My fingers dug deeply into the fabric of my seat as her tongue moved quickly against my clit. I could hardly take my eyes off her, but pulled them away to see the man pulling his cock from his pants. Hard and smooth, his hand slid lightly up and down, watching my face as he squeezed his cock, pushing the head up through his tight fist. My thighs tightening around the woman's head as she began licking even more furiously. My entire body tensed as I pushed frantically against her tongue, wanting more of her mouth. Releasing his cock, he reached down to grab her ass, pulling her to her feet, her mouth never leaving my hungry cunt. He slid his pants down, rose to his knees on the seat and pushing his swollen cock into her pussy. She moaned loudly, her lips vibrating against my clit as the force of his cock pushed her face into me. Rotating my hips wildly, unable to get enough of her mouth while she was being fucked. I opened my eyes to see his eyes fixed on mine.


Grabbing her hair, I pushed against her face, my body shaking violently as I moaned loudly, Cumming on her soft lips as I heard his cock slide from her pussy to shoot his cum all over her round ass. I fell back against my seat, suddenly realizing where I was and what I had done. She pulled her mouth away from my pussy, her lips grazing the nylon of my stockings as she stood and went back to her seat. I looked across the aisle. To my horror, there was a man sitting quietly, watching intently. My eyes moved down to see him rubbing his stiff cock through his pants. I felt a blush come over my face as I let my hand slide between my legs finding my still swollen clit and smiled at him…


I simply love the fact I have come into my own sexuality…


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