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Finding what you came for

Part 3 | By Crissy

Ally had a quick moment of panic when Kyle stroked all the way to the back of her throat. It had been months since she'd made love to her husband. Now she had another man's cock in her mouth while being tasted by a woman. If this was a dream she never wanted to wake up but could this really be happening to her? Things like this just didn't happen. Kyle reached down and cupped her cheek. "That's okay baby. Relax concentrate on the pleasure." He soothed as if he could tell of her inner demons.


Ally closed her eyes and relaxed. Kyle felt so good thrusting in and out of her mouth. His flavor teased her senses and she moaned. Taking this as a sign Liza added two fingers inside her pussy. Ally sucked Kyle deep and caused him to moan. Liza sucked and teased her clit and her fingers plunged in and out. Kyle's strokes matched those of Liza's hand. Oh it felt so good. She could feel her body begin to shake and knew it wouldn't be long before she found her release.


She found it as Kyle reached back and pinched her nipple. Her body exploded and she took Kyle deeper into the back of her throat. Orgasm still rocking through her system she felt Kyle release his seed inside her mouth. She swallowed not wanting to waste any of him. When he pulled out of her mouth he kissed her deeply. She kissed him with excitement. Deciding to go with whatever happened this one night. When he moved his mouth away Liza's was there to take its place. She kissed Liza just as deeply. Kyle had moved down to lavish his attention on her breasts.


"He tastes great doesn't he?" Liza purred against her mouth.

"Yes." Ally whispered running her tongue over Liza's neck.

"My turn now. I want you to taste me. I want to feel that hot mouth on my cunt."

Liquid ran down Ally's thighs. "I want that to."

Liza kissed her again. "And I want Kyle inside you. Fucking you as you lick me."

"Oh yes." Ally agreed.


Kyle pulled her up by her arms. Liza moved where Ally had been lying. Kyle led Ally to Liza's glistening pussy. "Make her come. I want her to come before you do."

Watching Liza massaged her breasts Ally licked her lips. "Okay."

Bending her down Kyle positioned Ally on her knees and moved behind her.


Ally swiped her tongue over Liza and felt her shudder. She then licked her clit while running a finger over her quivering lips. She felt Kyle move behind her and pull her hips up. He entered her in one strong deep thrust. He remained there as her body adjusted to the invasion. "Oh God honey you are so tight. So tight and wet."


Ally pushed back into him needing him to move and take care of the ache between her legs.

"Concentrate on Liza." He commanded. So she did. Separating Liza with her fingers she licked and sucked and fucked the other woman with her tongue. Liza began to buck and moan under her as Kyle started moving in long deep thrusts.


It was almost too much. Each time Kyle would thrust into her; her tongue would go deeper into Liza. She matched each thrust of his with her tongue until Liza was crying out under her. With two fingers she fucked Liza as hard as she could reaching to find her perfect spot. Kyle felt so good inside her. Filling her up and stretching her. She wanted to come. Needed to come. With renewed vigor she sucked Liza's clit hard, pounding her finger inside, and reaching up to pinch her nipples.


Liza exploded grabbing her hair holding her face to her convulsing pussy. Ally licked and sucked the juices that flowed. Once Liza let go of her hair she felt stronger hands take over. Kyle pulled her head back with a strong hold on her hair. She cried out as she slammed harder and harder into her. Rocking her entire body as he fucked her like no one ever had.


Liza moved up to her knees in front of Ally. Palming her swaying breasts, she squeezed and kissed her. Ally screamed into the other woman's mouth and her climax hit her so hard that she felt like it would never end. One turned into two and Ally continued to kiss her deeply. Then Kyle slammed into her one last time and emptied into her.


Exhausted she collapsed into Liza's arms with Kyle on her back. They made love throughout the night. Sometimes just two of them sometimes all three. After riding Kyle's cock while Liza sat over him with her dripping pussy over his mouth they finally slept not to wake until late in the morning.


Ally woke to Liza kissing her fully on the mouth. Pulling and pinching her nipples as Kyle entered her from behind. Using her fingers and mouth on her lovely swollen nipples Ally was able to bring Liza to release at the same time Kyle and her found theirs. After petting and kissing for several minutes Ally gave a deep sigh. "I need to get home."


She didn't miss the look passed between Kyle and Liza. She didn't want to go home and it looked like they didn't want her to either.

"Will you come back?" Kyle asked nuzzling her shoulder.



Liza rolled over her body to lay on top of her. "We want you to come back."

Ally loved the feel of this woman's body over her. She reached down and cupped her luscious ass. "I want to come back too."

"Good." Ally leaned down. "But we want you for more than just a night of sweaty sex."

"Outstanding sweaty sex." Kyle added.

"What do you mean?" Ally asked Liza trying to ignore Kyle's mouth on her breast. What did this man take special vitamins or something?


Liza rubbed her body over Ally's. "We've been looking for a third to complete our relationship. We want it to be you." Ally tried to focus as Liza's bare mound rubbed against her shooting tingles through her body. "You want me?"

"To be our third. All the time." Alex said moving behind Liza.

"All the time?"

"Yes. I know you have things to work out at home. But we want you to come back to us. Eventually move in with us. We want you to ourselves."

Ally was shocked and excited. To have this every night? "We don't know each other."

"We work. We know that. Liza knew the moment she met you." He entered Liza causing more pressure on Ally. "Come back to us. We'll start out slow. Date if you want to. The three of us."


He pounded into Liza causing all kinds of exotic feelings into Ally.

"When you're ready live with us."


Ally quite trying to concentrate as she felt her body spasm. "Okay. We'll date see where it goes." Her marriage had been over for years so why not. She thought to herself. Sure, this wasn't usual but it felt right. The three of them. She opened her legs further and wrapped them around the two. "Okay. Just keep doing that."


They came together not long after that. Marking a first of many between the three of them. A bond that was unbreakable.


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