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Fucking brat boys


"Works for me, headed that way in a minute" she texted back as she took another drink from her Southern Comfort bottle. She was mad and hurt, and in the mood to get crazy. She had stopped at the liquor store after work for a fifth of Southern Comfort and started texting and James shortly before she pulled in at home. He was an old friend, not someone she talked to everyday but they did keep in touch pretty regularly. They had screwed around a few times in the past, when they were both single and just looking for a little fun.


She had given enough hints in their half hour conversation (via text of course) that he had to know that's what she was looking for tonight. He was currently living in his fraternity house with four or five other 'brothers'. He had told her she was welcome to come hang out and drink but that a few of the brothers were hanging around doing the same. She didn't care. The more the merrier in her opinion. So she changed out of her work clothes into a cute skirt and low cut top. She took her whiskey with her, her bottle half gone by the time she pulled into his drive.


He met her at the door and introduced her to the guys that were lounging around the living room. There were five of them total, including James. Two of them she'd met a few times before and knew them by name but the other two were complete strangers. They were all in their mid-twenties, white, average build and looks. They could've all been trolls for all she cared. Tonight, she was looking to be reckless and out of control. She was already well on her way to getting drunk as fuck and eagerly drank everything the guys put in front of them. They all hung out and talked, laughing and joking around and openly flirting. She got up at one point to go to the bathroom. When she returned she headed toward the couch but instead of reclaiming her previous spot between two of the guys she boldly straddled James' lap. She leaned forward to kiss him, cutting him off midsentence.


"I'm horny" she purred into his ear, purposely loud enough for the others to hear. She turned a little in his lap so that she was facing sideways and was able to look at the other guys. Grabbing another drink from the table she started telling the guys what she wanted. She wasn't just looking for a normal one on one fuck. She wanted to get wild and wanted to know if they were all interested. One of the guys had a semiserious girlfriend but after a few minutes of convincing from his brothers he decided to stay and join as long as everyone agreed what happened tonight never left the six of them. As they continued to talk about what was going to happen she slid her hand down to stroke James' cock through his jeans. At one point she asked if someone had a video camera to record their little event. James said he had one and got up to retrieve it from his room.


Turning the camera on as he walked, James returned to see her on her knees in front of one of the guys. She had already stripped out of her shirt and had her skirt flipped up off her ass so that everyone could see her lack of panties. She was already stroking the guys hard cock, and turned to James to give him some instructions. She wanted everything on film and with five sets of hands there shouldn't be any problem having at least one person available to work the camera at all times. Mike, the guy with a girlfriend, readily volunteered to play camera man for now. She encouraged the guys to be creative, get a little rough, and talk nastily to her. She was half drunk and horny as hell and could already feel her pussy juices running down her thighs. She turned her attention to the cock throbbing in her hand and slowly started licking and sucking the tip.


As she sucked the cock in front of her another guy got behind her on the floor and started fingering her cunt. She thrusted her hips back against his hand, wanting more. After just a few minutes she was cumming on his fingers, soaking his hand. He pulled his fingers from her and quickly stripped out of his pants. Kneeling between her legs, he lined his cock up to her pussy and slammed in hard. She moaned and fucked back hard and fast, occasionally removing her mouth from the cock she was sucking to yell out encouragement to the one fucking her. The other guys had stripped and were stroking themselves as they watched and all of them were constantly calling her all sorts of filthy names.


The cock in her mouth exploded, coating her tongue with is cum. She swallowed quickly and pulled back, jacking him with both hands and aiming the last few spurts of his cum at her chest. The guy behind her pulled back and she turned to face him, pushing him back onto the floor. She straddled his lap and started riding him hard. She looked up to James and practically begged him to come fuck her ass. She leaned forward onto the guy under her and held her hips still while James got behind her. He didn't have any lube but she had already cum twice so the inside of her thighs and her ass were wet from her juices. He slid in slow, probably not wanting to hurt her but she quickly pushed back against him. She encouraged him to fuck her hard and to spank her ass as she began moving between the two guys.


Mike had apparently handed the camera off to someone else and was now standing in front of her. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up hard, his cock smacking her in the face. She opened her mouth and took him in, sucking greedily on his cock as she started cumming yet again. The guys kept calling her names like cum slut, whore, and fuck doll as they used her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was ashamed of herself but in that moment she didn't care. This was what she had come here for and she wasn't going to stop it now. Over the next few hours she sucked and fucked them all. They spanked her ass and her breasts, and seemed to enjoy biting, pulling and pinching her nipples. At one point one of the guys grabbed an empty beer bottle while she lay on the floor stretched out on her back. He knelt between her wide spread legs and started rubbing it up and down the lips of her pussy waiting to see if she'd reject. When she didn't he pushed in it and started fucking her with it, pushing nearly the entire bottle into her with every thrust.


By the time they had finished they were all exhausted and she was a mess. Her hair was in tangles and she was covered in sweat and cum. A couple of the guys left, and the one that lived there in the house headed to his room to crash. James stayed with her while she laid there recovering. After a while he helped her up and to the bathroom for a hot shower. He got in with her, gently soaping up her body while she rinsed the cum from her hair. When they were done he got out first and grabbed a towel to dry her off. They sat in his room for a while and talked and she told him of her day and why she had wanted to do this. He understood. He gave her the micro cassette from the video recorder so no one else would happen to find it. He loaned her a t shirt and some flannel pajama pants and tried to talk her into crashing there for the night. When she refused he grabbed his keys and insisted on following her in his car to make sure she made it home. Once inside she crawled into bed and relived the day in her head before crying herself to sleep.


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