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Twisted marriage


Chloe walked the rooms of the large, empty, cold house she called a home. Had it only been seven years since they first moved in. Seven years? That seemed like a lifetime ago. Two young twenty-year-old children ready to take on the world full speed ahead. Now it was usual to go all week without seeing each other. Without more than a word or murmur late at night.


How long had it been since he touched her? Since he held himself over her body demanding she watch him as he took her?

Too long since she couldn't remember.


But it wouldn't be tonight. Tonight, he was locked in his study head bent over papers and contracts. Tonight, like so many others he was only thinking of the next big job, the next challenge. He got fulfillment from his career. Being the best at what he did. One room after another showed his taste. Traditional, modern, and male. Only the office where she created her stories had her special touch. She'd allowed no decorator inside her inner sanitary. That room was totally and completely hers. She wondered to herself as she turned out the downstairs lights if he'd been in there in the past year. She doubted it. The wood railing of the banister was cool on her hand as she touched it. Seemed she couldn't get warm tonight.


Passing her husband's study, the guest rooms, their bedroom she opened the door to her office. The tan walls greeted her with artwork picked by her own hand. Her large mahogany desk sat in front of the three large windows. Sitting at the desk and turning on her computer she felt a shiver of excitement. Would he be on tonight? Would he be there when she needed someone to fill the large hole of loneness in her heart?


He was. Lit up on her instant messenger was his name. Maverick.

Taking a deep breath, she started typing. "Hello there stranger."


Eric heard the low pop of the instant messenger alert. This late at night it would only be one person. How he enjoyed talking to her. He was backed up with work. Two men out with the flu, one man took off to visit his sick fathers, and yet another he suspected went on a drinking binge. Again. He was coming close to falling dangerously behind. But the temptation of the woman on the other side of the monitor was too much. Besides it would be rude not to answer.

With a quick look to make sure the door to his study was closed he opened the blinking message.


YellowRose: Hello there stranger.

Maverick: Hello yourself. How are you this evening?

YellowRose: Better now. And u?

Maverick: Just fine. All alone?

YellowRose: Yes. U?

Maverick: Yes.


Eric looked again at the closed door. His wife was just down the hall. Either she had already gone to bed or was working in her own office. Sometimes when she was on a roll it would be days before she'd leave for food or anything else. He worried about her sometimes but she seemed happy at the process she went through with each new book.


Still sometimes he felt guilty talking to another woman online. It wasn't cheating he always told himself. They had never met. Would never met. It had started out innocently enough. Just two people on the same group board striking up an innocent conversation. In the last 9 months that spoke at least three times a week. He often felt he spoke to this mysterious woman more than his own wife.

They talked about everything to favorite foods to art to simple ranting. That had changed last week. He wasn't sure where to go from here.


Maverick: I missed you.

YellowRose: O I missed u 2.

Maverick: Did you think about last time we talked?

YellowRose: Yes


Eric leaned back in his chair. Yes. Just one word. No further information on how she felt. It had been a mistake. He had come home after 9'oclock from a killer day and his wife had wanted to 'talk.' He hadn't been in the mood. All he wanted was a shower and a brandy. They'd fought. Argued. Then his wife stomped off to her office while he retreated to his. She was online like a bright shining light and he had pounced. In 9 months, they had their first sexually charged conversation. He could still remember how hard he's cummed stroking himself while reading her words.


Chloe watched the screen. No response. Should she say something else? She wasn't sure what the proper protocol was after you'd had cybersex with someone. At least she thought she had. It had started out simply enough. They talked about everything so eventually sex would be brought up.

When he first typed what he would do to her if he was with her she had sat silent reading it over and over before getting the nerve to answer. But she did, everything in her body screaming about being neglected and needing release.


As he told her what he wanted to do she started to first rub her breasts through the cotton of the tank top she wore. But as he continued her hand moved lower and lower until it was inside the waist band of her pants. As he typed she circled her clit with a finger making herself hotter.

Then he asked her if he was touching herself. She thought about lying but what had been the point. She'd never lied about anything else. He didn't know who she was so why would it mattered? She told him yes, she was touching herself.


When he asked for her to describe to him how she had been even more aroused. So, as she continued to bring herself close to climax she explained what she was doing. Deep down she knew he was stroking his cock as they typed, even before he told her.


YellowRose: Still here?

Maverick: Yes. Thinking.

YellowRose: About last time?

Maverick: Yes. I shouldn't have. But it was good.

YellowRose: me either and yes it was.

Maverick: I needed the release.

YellowRose: me 2

Maverick: And tonight?

YellowRose: Yes.


Relieved Eric smiled. He hadn't scared her off. Hell, he'd almost scared himself off. This was the closest he'd ever come to having an affair. No other woman had ever held a candle to his wife. He still loved his wife with all his heart. That just didn't seem to be connecting right now. But they would get it back. Once this project was over he would take here away. Make love to her every day and night until they were spent.


Maverick: I want you naked. No clothing on your body. Just sitting in your chair exposed.

YellowRose: I need to lock my office door.

Maverick: Do it.

Eric rose and locked his own as he stripped out of his own clothing.

Maverick: What kind of chair do you have?

YellowRose: leather

Just like his. He would picture his own chair the same his wife had in her office. Thinking about Chloe brought up another wave of guilt. He stood staring at his screen for several minutes before he pushed it aside. Then sitting in his own chair, he brought his wireless keyboard closer to be comfortable.

Maverick: Did you already start without me?

YellowRose: Yes.

Maverick: Tell me what you are doing

YellowRose: Pinching my nipple, massaging hard both breasts.

Maverick: More.

Typing one handed wasn't easy and she had to take her time. Chloe touched herself and hen told him.

YellowRose: My legs are spread on the arms of the chair. I am wide open. I'm wet o so wet. I want my fingers inside.

Maverick: yes

YellowRose: I circle my clit. Ooooooooooooo it feels so good. Rub up and down. Hard. Need the pressure.

Maverick: More

YellowRose: yes I run my finger over my pussy. So wet so wet.

Chloe moaned and then looked quickly to the door.

Maverick: inside, put it inside

YellowRose: I can feel myself clamp around my own finger, like my body never wants to let it go but I need more, I need another finger.

Maverick: Yes.

YellowRose: yes 2 fingers now. Spread out open. Fucking myself. Good so good.

Maverick: Harder. Faster.

Chloe did as he instructed. Fucking herself with her own hand. Her hips bucking to meet her hand.

Maverick: Don't cum yet

YellowRose: k but close

Eric stroked himself. His hand moving with the rhythm he imagined matched hers. Squeezing, stroking faster, hand moving up and down. His precum coating giving him lube. He imagined her spread out in front of him fucking herself. He was close.

Maverick: cum now

YellowRose: Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Chloe came hard. Hips bucking, body releasing, biting her lip but the moan still coming through.

YellowRose: Yes, cum for me baby. Cum.

Looking at the words Eric exploded. He worked his cock until he was completely dry.

Maverick: Good.

YellowRose: So good.

Maverick: Sleep now talk to you soon.

YellowRose: k u 2


Chloe's legs were shaking but she turned off her computer and headed for her bedroom. She paused at her husband's door but didn't knock. What would she say? With a terrible feeling of betrayal, she rushed to her room where the master bath was located. Washing her hands and face she studied herself in the mirror. She didn't know what would happen now. But she did know that it hadn't been enough. She needed to be taken good and proper. She needed more in her than her own fingers. She didn't know how much longer she could wait for her husband to miss her. Because it was her husband's face when she thought about maverick. It was her husband she pictured she was typing too.


Chloe settled in their bed only minutes before him. Like her he headed to the bathroom and she heard the water running.


Eric stood next the bed watching the rise and fall of Chloe's chest. Sleeping peacefully. No idea of the betrayal her husband was capable with an online woman. Would it ruin their marriage? Would he be able to stop talking to YellowRose?


Climbing in next to her he wrapped one arm around her. His tired body started to wake. God how long had it been since he held her. Leaning down he kissed the side of her head. He missed her. Missed how they used to be together. And he was afraid they'd never get it back. Even though when he thought about the woman who pleased herself as well as him on the computer he always saw his wife's face.


He falls asleep holding her close with a very troubled heart missing the tears that had dried on hers.​


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