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My Sexual Addiction
Miss No Name


"Do you think about sex all the time?" he teased me.

"Isn’t it inconvenient, when you’re working, for example?


I smiled sighed and replied; sometimes I think my sex drive fuels everything I do. 

He was laughing quietly.


"Don’t laugh; I tell him you’re embarrassing me. Anyway, circumstances prevail; I happen to be with a very sexy man." This time he looked sheepishly embarrassed.


We stared at each other across the table; the mutual attraction was making heat and energy that was flowing between us. It charged our bodied with its suggestions, with its unspoken demands. My lips parted, and a hungry sigh slipped out and spoke to him "damn it" I swore under my breath vowing to attend the nearest 12 step program "I have to learn to control myself". His hand slipped down my arm and stroked it firmly possessively every part of my body has begun to respond to him.

"Witch," he murmured his voice a low hiss.


It dawned on me the dance we were doing was not just killing me it was torturing him as well; if that was the case I might as well turn up the heat. While deep in thought I instinctively began rocking my hips forward pressing my sex down into the hardness of the chair. The sexual tension between us is so obvious that it is a almost a dare to surrender to what we feel right there in public.

His eyes fell as he took in the movement of my body, and his hand paused on my arm. He glanced up.


Are you always like this, Kim?" He spoke in a low whisper. No, it’s you. I want you I replied quickly knowing he was going to break and I was tempting the fates."

Our mutual passion was whole, uninhibited. His mouth formed into smile, and his fingers moved back to the thin strap of my dress at my shoulder.


"You’re making me hard."

"You’re making me wet.

"Tell me about it."


I didn’t reply. I was watching the candlelight flicker in his eyes my body took in the movement of his leg against mine under the table. I slowly slipped my foot out of its strappy heel and lifted it until it crept between his legs.


His eyebrows rose when I slunk down in my chair and put my foot over the bulge of his cock in his pants. He moved his hand under the table to close over my ankle. His hand was warm and firm. He stroked my calf muscle, and I felt my eyes start to close as I savored it.


He leaned forward in his chair. Repeating Kimberly “Tell me about it please”

"Inside, I’m creaming for you, Simon."

His eyes narrowed, his passionate mouth growing taut with restraint as he listened.

"When I move . . . I’m sticky with it." I had to shift in the chair. My G-string is clinging to me."

"Open your legs." His expression left me no choice.


My legs dropped apart slowly so he could just watch, and the cool air teased me as it thrilled me. And made me trembled slightly.


"Touch yourself."


Across the table, the force of his will controlled me and I wanted it to. I let my hand dance lightly over my shoulder's arms, down my breast and drop slowly under the white linen tablecloth and pulled my skirts, slipping my fingers under my thong pulling it to the side, I rested my hand over my mons. And began to just roll my fingers in the perfect tempo only I can do so well, one goal in mind, DAMN it was so good and God only knows who was watching maybe that even made it hotter.

His gaze dropped as if he could see through the table, then lift again.


"Do it, make yourself come, now. I want you to."


I curved my foot over the hard bulge of his cock, and pressed my foot over him as I squeezed myself in the same pattern. Dipping my fingers into the damp entrance to my sex, gathering the sticky fluid of my desire onto my fingers, I stroked them up into the tender groove of my aroused flesh. Spreading either side of my clit, I squeezed, my knuckles gently nudging free a spasm of ecstasy until a quiet whimper finally escaped me.


His mouth was braced in a tense smile as he watched his expression wolf like in the extreme.

The air stirred as someone walked by, but I didn’t register more than that, looking only at him. His fascinated expression urged me on, until I was pressing so hard the peak was seconds away and I had to clamp my lips to get me to stop myself from making noise.

"Oh, Kim, you look so beautiful, especially when you are about to come."

He can tell. It pushed me over the edge; a blaze of energy suffused my groin, followed by hot waves of relief pooling over my entire body, my fingers coated in my own juices.


"Let me taste you."


His request made me groan. Simon, I feel so horny that I could climb over the table and straddle you right here and now. I pulled my hand out from under the table and laid it over his. He lifted it to his lips and licked my fingertips. My body shuddered slightly, caught on the brink of a new wave of lust.

"That’s only made me want you even more," I commented.


"You’re going to have to have me, and soon." He gave me a dark smile.


"I want to take you down a dark alley and find the nearest wall to stand up against so I can fuck you."

He gave that slow, wolf smile that I loved so much.


"Let’s do it then." Was it the thought of him leaving for Paris that made me reckless, I wondered fleetingly, or something else? What him, no could it be just him? But I wanted to do it as much as he did. He threw a wad of bills down on the table, gesturing at the waiter as he did so, then stood up, abandoning the drinks. I retrieved my strappy heels and followed his lead, smiling as I reached for his hand… Something in my Gut kept saying do not get attached but for the first time in my life I was not listening…. We walked away from the table and out of the restaurant, almost racing one another into the street, moving quickly along the pavement. As the sounds and music of the restaurant faded behind us, my heart pounded; I felt dizzy with arousal, deviant behavior, barely in check.


After a few moments he slowed and turned into a small alleyway. "Come on," he said, taking my hand. It was perfect. When we reached the middle, he glanced around. We were between two tall buildings in a narrow street passage that was lit at each end but dark at the center point. I pulled on his hand, drawing him to a halt. "here’s good," he insisted, pointing to a narrow ledge of brick jutting from the wall, hungrily grabbing at me for a kiss, I returned his passion making the heat boil over suddenly I was backed up against the wall. He ran his hand over the fabric covering my breasts, his breath coming thick and fast. Simon balanced my hips on the narrow ledge and I clutched at him, one leg climbing against him, inviting him in. I knew what I wanted fast, clandestine sex, and I wanted it now. "I want you really badly Simon." He lifted the skirts of my dress, shimming them up around my thighs and hips, tearing my wet G-string down the length of my legs. I grabbed at his hair clutched at him, he held me on the ledge with one arm and wrapped one leg against him. His hand slipped into the warm, damp groove of my pussy.


"I wouldn’t have missed that show in there for the world."


Crazy laughter bubbled up inside me, alongside the desire that carried me. I understood I was high on his presence, every moment sending me farther into orbit.


"I must taste you. I want to lick you clean." He kissed me hard, his tongue thrashing with mine, and then he pulled away and squatted in front of me, moving between my thighs. His mouth sank over my mons, kissing me deeply, while his hands spread me open. "Exquisite," he whispered, then ran his tongue up and down from my hole to my clit. I trembled, my hips pressing forward to take his caresses.His stubble ground against my, electrifying my skin, while his tongue thrust inside my sex, seeking out and devouring me as he kissed and caressed my, inside and out.


I whimpered, thrashed and contracted fully when the tension began to climb back up through my pelvis, his mouth bringing me quickly back to climax again. He knows me so well hips moved instinctively, tracing the innate movements of carnal pleasure without the need for thought while he led me back to that special place again.


I was still catching my breath when I heard his zipper. I’d grown accustomed to the dark; I could see him holding the thick, hard shaft of his cock in his hand while I reached my arms around his neck and put one leg up against his flank, inviting him in. "I could eat you forever," he whispered against my mouth.


He lifted my other leg around his hip and pushed my body up the wall, easily strong enough to hold me. I just moaned approval, urging him on. His cock nudged inside. He eased the head a little further, and then lunged deep. For a moment I was still, holding my breath, completely taken with the feeling of being filled suddenly, my sex sensitized to the max by what had gone on just before.

Then I breathed out. He pulled back and then drove himself inside, thoroughly. Groaning with pleasure, head thrown back by the force I think this moment was the most blissful I ever known. Above them clouds scudded away from the moon, flooding them in its eerie glow. My legs locked around him, and I twined my hands around his neck and then across his hack, grasping at him with feeble hands. It felt like dirty, illicit sex—and it felt so, so good.


His thrusts became deep and fast, his body driving me up against the wall. The straps of my dress slid down and he placed fevered kisses all over my breast. I ground my hips against his to pull him in to the hilt, my back riding up against the rough brickwork of the wall, I could feel my bare skin getting scraped but it never hurt it just brought him deeper. When I rotated my hips, he would warn me to stop it would be over. I gave a breathy laugh, my hips arched. My body was burning up with the feeling of being stretched to capacity and that oh-so- delicious nudge up against the very core when he landed against it, sending a roar of heat through my groin and releasing a flurry of sensation in the pit of my stomach each and every time.


I heard a sound, and saw two figures pass the end of the alley. Their voices faded away, and they obviously hadn’t seen anything, but I couldn’t help picturing how they might look to a passerby, indulging in a furtive, surreptitious encounter up against the wall, clothes asunder, and the image only sewed to throw fuel on my fire.


"I’m coming."


"I know. You’re on fire," he groaned. His face contorted when I came, my body clutching at his cock.

"It’s you, your cock, it feels so damn good." He moaned quietly and thrust faster, ", woman, you know how to drive a man insane," He groaned deeply, and I felt his cock grow harder still, wedged against my cervix, then the heat and pulse as he came. I wriggled and flexed, His hand stayed locked over me until I slowed my movements and finally stilled. Shuddering in release, his mouth kissing, sucking, and biting my neck hungrily.


"I want more, more than this," he whispered against my throat. "I want to fuck you all night long."

"Good," I replied. "Because, I’m not the least bit done with you yet."


We kissed hungrily, shared promises captured in their embrace, staying in the dark alley for a long while, their bodies pressed close against each other. I only turned away from him when voices rose up, and a crowd of people passed the end of the alleyway. He bent to straighten my skirts.


"What a gentleman you are." "I do my best." He stood up.


"I thought someone might see us." "You sound disappointed."


"It turns me on, I have to confess." He growled, "Tell me more.


" Oh no Simon, that is how this began… we have many more of these escapades to go so; … take me home now and fuck me all night long.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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