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Sex art for erotic sex stories by Samarel -

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Man in jeans
Miss No Name


I cannot get that picture out of my head. It’s of a man, in jeans--hard. So hard that I can see his cock running down his leg. Ugh. The tip of him, outlined. Veins showing. His shaft, wanting to explode.


I fantasize of teasing him back again so badly by rubbing my body all over him, feeling his cock throb against my bare skin. Rub against him, wearing the thinnest panties, making his leg wet from my desire. Cupping him through his jeans, stroking him with my fingernail tips, making him cum in his jeans. Remembering in my mind, what he looks like exposed hmmm.... a nice curve to his shaft. How he would feel inside me again. Above all, tasting him. His precum dripping from his tip. That twirl of my tongue.... that first suck down his shaft. The smell of him. His body reaction. His voice. His growls at me. Moans of pleasure. Groans of desire. Then, I think about his hands. Where are they on my body. Our kissing. The want to just have him for one night, at the very least, drives me insane.


But it gets deeper.


Closing my eyes, thinking of him, makes me wet. I imagine everything possible. As I do this, my left hand teases my body, he’s suddenly in bed with me. I spread my legs further apart as I run my hand down my chest, I tease myself with the thoughts of him. His finger lightly running over my bare lips, moving down to my wetness. I’ve cum, but no orgasm yet. Yes, yet. He rubs harder to get deeper into my sweet cum. Yes, yes, it’s sweet. He sucks his finger, then groans. I run the palm of my hand ever so lightly down to my bare mound, dipping deeper into my wetness. I rub that small area between my clit and my sweet opening. Doing this makes my heart race. I rub my clit with my thumb, softly at first, then with more pressure. I moan, biting my bottom lip. Longing to feel him kiss me. Our tongues to touch. For him to ravish me and for me to wantonly take what I so desperately need. I dip into my pussy, feeling my wet cum. The feel of it as I massage up and down, turns me on even more. I rock my hips. I picture him tasting me. Licking, sucking, nibbling, munching on my pussy. This makes my heart pound loudly. I press harder in, rubbing my clit harder and faster, I’m close to cumming in an amazing orgasm. Do I just continue. I could. Or I could picture unzipping his fly, pulling his hard, throbbing cock out of his jeans and riding him. Begging him to fuck me. Straddling him. Lowering ever so slowly down his tip.


Changing my position in bed. On my knees, lowering my face into my soft pillows.... spreading my legs for comfort, best position, best fuck me baby. I position my toy, teasing myself by rubbing my pussy from my clit to my ass...moaning, dipping into me after a few strokes. I guide with my toy gently inside me. The tip of my toy suctioning the entrance of my lips. I moan as I slowly grind down as far as I can. I rub my clit slow but firmly as I start a nice gentle swiveled grind. Oh, he feels so fucking good inside me. My wet juices flowing as I have a mini orgasm just feeling him so deep inside me. I moan into my pillows as I rock up and down slowly on him. I tease myself as I pull almost out, the tip suctioning the walls of me tightly, I feel my ass quiver, so turned on, needing to explode all over his cock. I grind back down on him, I rub my clit and down just under, HARD. I rock faster in thrusts in and out of me. I moan, "Ohhhh yes baby yesss" as I get closer to climaxing. My stomach tightens. My heart races. My body trembles. Hot moaning as I cum down the shaft of him. My clit throbs uncontrollably. I feel exhilarated. My orgasm flushing over me. I stop rocking and just feel that hard grinded cock inside me. The walls of my pussy quaking tightly against the hard, ribbed toy.


After several minutes, I slip off my toy, easing the tip out of me gently. I look at my thick cum over the tip, under the fold and my squirted cum on the shaft. I bring to my lips, pausing to smell. I love my cum in every sense of the word. I lick my taunt tongue to the creamy white wonder. Tasting the delicious crème in my mouth, so sweet. I lick the test under the fold all around. I then run my tongue down the shaft, tasting the difference from my thick to my squirting cum. I lap the rest, all around.

I lay down on my back, spreading my legs, dipping for more of my heavenly wetness. I turn myself on more and rub my toy up and down the full length of my pussy.


I can make myself orgasm even harder by squirting in this very position. I rub firmly in even strokes, harder when touching my clit. My cum moving up and down, I can hear the beautiful sound of my wetness. I dip every other stroke up and down. I rock my hips, thrusting up to feel. My vision goes to him above me. I raise my legs up slightly as I continue rubbing my wet pussy. I lick my lips, leaning down slightly to tease my breasts. I twirl my tongue around my nipple, sucking and licking while doing so. I rub my free hand over and cup them both. I rock my hips to meet him. Beads of sweat forming on my head. I rock harder and faster, squirting cum everywhere. My orgasm intensified. I shudder.


I wish he was here to taste me. To feel me. To make love to me. To fuck me. To make me his.



"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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