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The Offer
Artcore Fantasies | 
Erotic sex art by Samarel

It's my day off and I can't help but sit here and think over Vincent's offer. It's a sweet one, where I have the chance to make a lot of money. The only question is am I willing to compromise myself for it and what would Marc think?

So, while I'm sitting in my chair and thinking over this offer, Lacy calls and asks me if I had an answer.

I told her I honestly didn't know yet. She said she has something that just might change my mind and would I meet her and Vincent.

I agree and hop a cab to a building down by the docks. Seeing Lacy, I get out.

"Glad you could make it." she says, grabbing my arm. "I really think this will change your mind."

Vincent walks on the other side of me and holds open the door. I walk down a dimly lit hall into a main room.

There are about five women and six men lolling around. Most are scantily clad (if they're wearing clothes at all).

They look at me and then back to Vincent.

"People, this is Missy, she might be joining us." he looks around the room "So, make her feel welcome.

He leads me over to a chair and says he'll be right back. I sit down and look around at the room. It's a decent size with red walls and gold accents. The furniture is plush and big. Vincent comes back and hands me a drink. I look at it suspiciously.

"It's only a Coke" he said.

I tentatively take a sip. Yep, it's a Coke. I lean my head back and continue drinking. Vincent is talking to me about how I would be an asset to his "company" and with an opening available, I could start right away because he likes an even dozen.

I asked him what happened to the other girl and he said she couldn't handle it anymore, so he let her go. I'm starting to feel a little woozy while talking to him, so I lay my head back and close my eyes.

"It's time." he whispers.

"Time for what?" I ask.
"You'll see, just sit back, enjoy, and do what comes natural." With that statement he gave me a kiss and left.

I continued to keep my eyes closed and just listened to the sounds around me. I feel someone in front of me and try to open my eyes. Someone grabs my wrist and holds it down on the arm of the chair while something is being wrapped around it. Then they do the other wrist. I struggle to get free and get slapped across the face for the effort. I kick out to try to make contact but then my legs are grabbed and tied to the legs of the chair. I am now really frightened. I'm tied up and I can't open my eyes. I have no idea what is going on. All of a sudden, I feel cold metal against my skin. Is that a knife?


I stop fighting and stay perfectly still. I feel the blade against my neck, moving downward. I feel my shirt being pulled away from my body and tugging. I then hear the rip of the material as it gives way to the knife. Once again, it was hot outside, so I didn't wear any bra or panties. I feel the side of the blade run over my breasts, against my nipples. I'm scared to death...but it's also exciting. The blade moves down further while a mouth covers my breast and tugs my nipple into it's mouth. Then, there's a mouth on my other breast! Oh, the sensation.

I can feel myself get wet and start to breathe heavily. My skirt is removed and dropped around my ankles. I feel the cold steel run over my clit and I shiver. Hands are parting my pussy and I feel warm breath on it. The knife blade is pressed against my pussy.

"Do everything we say...or I cut you" a harsh voice said.

"O.k." I replied.

"You may call me Master. Every time I tell you to do something, you will answer "Yes, Master." Do you understand."

I nod my head.

He slaps my face. "Answer me bitch!"

"Yes, Master.' I say in a quiet voice.

"Good, now, open your mouth."

"Yes, Master."

I open my mouth and feel a thick cock slide in.
I automatically close my mouth.

"Suck that cock!"

"Yes, Master."

I start sucking the cock in my mouth, drawing it deeper into my oral cavity. My teeth graze the underside and I feel his cock shudder.

"Oh, she's good." I hear a different voice say.

"Spread your legs."

"Yes, Master."

I spread my legs wide and hands part my pussy again. I feel a tongue flick on my clit and teeth nipping at it. I moan and push my pussy closer to that questing mouth. The mouth covers my whole pussy and the tongue is slipping into my hole. I moan more.

"Her pussy is so sweet." I hear a female voice say.
"Oh, god...oh, I"m cumming!" I feel the cock thrust to the back of my throat as his load explodes in my mouth. I hurriedly swallow it, making sure to get every last drop.

"Lick that cock clean, bitch!"

"Yes, Master." I say. I lick the cock of all his juices.

The mouth at my pussy is moving faster and faster and I can feel myself cumming.

"Are you close, bitch?"

"Yes, Master...."

"Tough! You are not allowed to cum." he whispers in my ear. "If you will be punished."

I try my hardest to keep from cumming but can't do it. I scream, feeling my juice flow out of me, spasms racking my body.

"Oh, you bad little girl. Now you're gonna be punished. Untie her!"
I feel my wrists being released from the ties and my legs unbound.
"Bring her here."

I'm being led over to him and draped across his lap.
"You know you were bad, right?"
"Yes, Master."
"You know you need to be punished, right?"
"Yes, Master."

His hand comes down hard on my ass. I yelp and jump at the pain. He continues to smack me while I try my hardest to keep the tears at bay. Eventually, I am lifted off his lap and taken over to a table. With my face pressed into the wood, I feel someone's cock rubbing against my ass.

I squirm as he spreads my ass cheeks and starts tonguing the rim of my asshole. I feel a mouth tongue fucking my pussy again and I am lifted away from the table to receive a cock in the mouth. I start sucking the cock and feel the other cock push it's way into my ass. I moan and push back against the cock in my ass.

Simultaneously, my mouth and ass if filled with cum. I feel myself cumming and start to ram my pussy on the mouth eating me out.

"Don't you dare cum!"

I'm able to keep from cumming this time and am brought to him again.
"Open your eyes."

"I open my eyes and look at Vincent.

"I am your Master. You will do what I say. You can fuck other people...but you belong to me!"

"Yes, Master."

"Now suck my cock, and then I'm gonna fuck that sweet pussy of yours." I suck his cock into my mouth until he cums. Then he shoves his cock into my wet, hot pussy. It is huge and I feel like he will rip me.

He starts thrusting faster and faster.

"Do you want to cum?"


"Yes, what!"

"Yes, Master!"

"Then beg...beg me to let you cum...come on, beg!"

"Please Master, oh please let me cum....please. ..please. ..please. "
"Very well, you may cum."

I explode and pass out.

Needless to say, I took the offer.

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