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Supermarket Seduction
Artcore Fantasies | 
Erotic sex art by Samarel

I hate shopping for food, and usually I wander around the store making up little games like, how to be as annoying to the other people as possible, and other pointless childish games like that. But my favorite game is following a real hot girl around trying to work out if she is single and whether she would be on for a quick fuck in the car park.

This particular visit was boring, and there was no old people to annoy, and there didn't appear to be any girls to watch, until I turned into the toiletries aisle. Half way down was a gorgeous redhead with the cutest, horniest, tightest ass I had seen in a while. I was in love. Actually, a total lie. I was totally in lust. I could feel my cock tightening in my jeans as I approached. I did have a reason to be in that aisle as I needed shampoo. As I got closer I noticed that she was looking at condoms. Damn, I thought, she has got a friend. I bent over to get my shampoo and noticed out of the corner of my eye that she was looking at me. I stood up and smiled.

"I'm sorry to bother you" she said. "This is a bit embarrassing....but I really don't know which condoms I should be buying."

I just about fell over. I wasn't sure if I should run away, or I should just laugh. Trying to look as serious as I could manage I looked at the packet that she had in her hand.

"Are you really sure you want chocolate flavored ones?" I asked. I was aware that my cock was about as hard as it could get, and was twitching a little. She was standing a foot or so away from me, and the smell of her was intoxicating.

"Ooooppppps. Not really what I was looking for." She put them back on the shelf.

"Ok, I know it's maybe a bit personal, but can I ask what you want them for? I know the general, but is there something specific?" I couldn't believe I had just asked that. She looked a little embarrassed, but smiled.
"I want them to feel interesting inside me. Both front and back."

"You mean in your ass?" I was getting bolder by the second. She smiled, and I felt my cock twitch in my jeans, and was aware of a huge load of pre-cum that had just leaked out. I could swear that I could smell my cock from where I was standing, and was sure that she could.

"Yes" She smiled, and couldn't have missed my eyes quickly sliding to check out that tight ass of hers.

I reached up onto the shelf and took down a few packets.

"You can't really use the same ones for your pussy and your ass." The word pussy hung in the air as if I had just shouted at the top of my voice. We both stood there for a second, totally embarrassed.

"Ok" I tried to break the silence, uncomfortable by that and the tension that was in the air. "You need to work out what size you want, and get one packet of these and these" and I handed her two packets.

"Well, I need them to fit this size" and she ran a finger up the front of my jeans, right up the shaft of my cock.

I nearly came there and then, and she saw me close my eyes as I tried to stop myself shooting my load.

"You shouldn't hold it in" she said and grabbed my cock through my jeans, and quickly pumped her hand up and down. I groaned loudly, but stopped her before I came.

"Please don't. I don't wanna be left with a load of cum in my jeans" I couldn't believe myself. Being jerked off in a supermarket by this gorgeous redhead, and I was saying no! What was I thinking?

She smiled at me and said thanks for the advice, and went off. I stood there for a second or two watching this beautiful woman walk away, and then realised that I hadn't actually taken a breath in all that time!

By the time I got to the checkout I had calmed somewhat, and was trying, not very sucessfully to focus my mind on getting home. It was dark outside and I hadn't taken the car. It wasn't a long walk, but it had looked like rain. I hadn't seen the redhead again, and thought that she was probably avoiding me, either having left already, or hiding until I had gone. I didn't blame her.

I was aware that the person behind me was a bit close to me, and before I could turn round to say anything a voice whispered "Well, how about shooting all that cum of yours in my tight ass?" I turned and the redhead was there. She ran her hand up the front of my jeans again, and my cock was instantly hard.

Out in the car park I was expecting her to want to go to her apartment, or even mine, but she pulled me off toward the dumpsters in the darkest corner of the car park. When we got the I felt her hands pulling at my jeans, and the next thing I knew was her warm mouth beginning to suck my cock. I was as hard as I had ever been, and it was twitching so much. She sucked at me, pulling her hands up and down my shaft, jerking me into her warm mouth. I could feel the cum beginning to rise, and was about to give myself over to my orgasm when she stopped and let my cock go.

"I said I wanted you to cum in my ass, and I really do."

She dropped her jeans and I saw her bare ass for the first time. I had been living life on a knife edge for the last hour, every moment potentially causing me to shoot my load, and now the sight of her tight ass was causing my cock to twitch so hard. I dropped down and began to lick her pussy from behind, tasting her wetness. And then I slid my tongue up to her ass hole and began to lick it and get it all moist and ready for my cock.

"Fuck me. Fuck me now" she said.

I stood up and stood behind her. She pulled her cheeks apart and I pushed the head of my cock into her.

"Slowly for the second" she panted, so I gingerly pushed my cock up her ass. With every little push she moaned a little. I got my cock all the way into her and stopped there for a second.

"Fuck me now.......fuck me hard" she ordered.

I pulled my cock almost totally out of her ass, and then pushed hard to slide it back in.

"Oh god.....fuck me" she moaned.

I started to pump her as hard as I could, my cock sliding in and out of her ass. I felt her hand beneath me, feeling my cock as it went in and out, and at the same time rubbing her wet clit, getting her closer and closer to orgasm.

And then suddenly she was cumming. She started to moan a bit louder.

"Fuck me.......fuck me as hard as you can. I'm cumming........."

I felt her ass tighten around my cock, squeezing me, and then the wave of orgasm hit her and she shoved her ass hard back against my cock, at the same time as her ass squeezed my cock so hard. I could hold it no longer and felt my cum rising. And then suddenly I was pumping my cum deep into her tight ass, filling her up with my creamy cum and feeling it overflowing out the side.

I pulled my cock out of her ass and still breathless, stood back. She squatted down and began to push my cum out of her ass, at the same time as she sucked the cum off of my cock.

She dressed, and she smiled at me again, and left. I stood there, still with my cock in the wind, still hard, wondering what happened.

I got dressed and went home. I never saw her again, but there are many times in the shower that I remember her, especially when I am using the shampoo.

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