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Sexy dance

By Artcore Fantasies | Erotic sex art by Samarel

I went home after my shift and once again, mystery guy was in the elevator. He looks over at me and I wink. I winked? I can see an arch of eyebrow behind those shades. He turns away as the elevator stops. Once again, I watch that fine ass walking down the hall. Before he goes into his apt he turns around and says "Sweet dreams."

I just walk by and go into my apartment. The next day I go into work an hour early and David is already at the bar. "Hi, Lacy said she's running late so just sit and have a drink. What's your pleasure."

"Um, you choose. Just remember I have to work tonight still." He mixes up a drink and hands it to me. I tentatively sip it and love it. I can taste the alcohol on my tongue but it's still sweet. "What is this."

"It's called a Slow Screw." he says looking directly at me. I drink the rest and lick my lips. David has gone over to a box and suddenly music turns on. It's playing some upbeat song I don't know. While the music is playing David and I are making small talk. Then the tempo changes to something slower.

"Oooo, November Rain, one of my favs." I say and start to move to the music.

"Why don't you go dance." He says indicating the floor. I move to the middle of the dance floor, hardly any lights are on so it's kinda dark. I feel secure in the dark and start to move to the music. Now one thing I do really good is dance. So, I start to move more sensuously to the music. I vaguely hear the phone ring and David talking. I'm more into the music than ever. I hear David come up behind me and put his hands on my waist. He starts to move with me. I feel his cock grow hard in his jeans, pressing against my ass. His hands move from my waist to the edge of my skirt. He slowly starts pulling it up, his knuckles rubbing against my legs. I wrap my arms around his neck and spread my legs further. He moves my hair out of the way with his head and runs his tongue over the arch of my neck. His tongue follows my pulse and his mouth covers it.

His hands have raised my skirt to my stomach and are caressing me through my panties. I Press myself against his hand and moan. The silk fabric rubbing against me is making me hotter and hotter. He pulls my panties to the side and slips a finger in. I am slick and wet and he moans.

"Let's see how many you can take." he says as he slips another finger in.
"Umm...more. " I moan. He slips another finger in. I spread my legs even further and he starts a frantic rhythm. Our bodies are still moving to the music and I moan and buck as I cum.
"Yes, oh god, yes!!!!"
"I want you." he says.
"We gotta open soon." I weakly protest.
"Lacy called. She's got some trouble at home and wants to close down for a couple days. So, we got all night."
" " I don't know what to say.
What should I do? I mean I work with him. What if he spreads it around? Would I lose my job?
"You're thinking too much. Just go with your instinct."
"Aw, what the hell." I say as I turn around and kiss him fully on the mouth.

He takes the initiative and forces his tongue in my mouth. It does a slow sweep and then starts to tango with mine. Damn, he's a fine kisser I think. Wonder what else that tongue can do. I reach down and grab his cock through his jeans.

"Take 'em off." he whispers running kisses over my neck. I reach for the snap and release it. Then I slowly pull the zipper down. The rasp of it is loud in the quiet as the music has stopped. I slide my hands on either side of his hips into his jeans. Oooo. We got a commando here. Lowering myself as I pull them off, I am staring at his engorged cock. It's swollen and the skin is tight. I take it into my hands and run my nails over it. I see a pearl of moisture on the head and lick it. I then take his head into my mouth, sucking as I do. He moans and thrusts forward. My hands are holding his hips captive as my mouth moves back and forth drawing more of him into me. His hands wrap in my hair and he shoves my mouth all the way down his dick as he cums in it. I suck it down.

Trailing my tongue along his cock as I remove my mouth, I feel him give a little shudder. He picks me up and walks over to a table. Placing me on it, He lays me down with my legs hanging over the side. He spreads them wide and moves his head between my thighs. His hands open me and He licks my pussy. I moan and he pulls me closer. His mouth starts working my pussy. Up and down and swirling around. His teeth nip every now and then. His tongue goes into my hole moving in and out.

"Faster, faster." I moan.
He moves his mouth faster, I look down and all I can see is his head bobbing. I explode and while I'm still feeling the aftershocks he slides his cock in.
"How do you want it baby?" he asks while grunting.
"Fast and hard!" I exclaim.
He then proceeds to thrust into me. I pant, moan, and scream as I feel his cock rub against my walls.
"I'm cumming." he says as he explodes into me.

My pussy walls wrap around his cock and milk out of him the last of his cum. He stays inside of me while he pulls me to sit up. Unbuttoning my blouse and releasing my bra, he lets them fall to the floor while he is running his mouth over my breasts. He takes a nipple into his mouth with his teeth. Scraping my breast with his teeth, he sucks it. I can feel my body tautening with response. He then moves to the other breast and does the same thing. I can feel him growing inside of me. Slowly, he starts to move. While still sucking my breast, his pace picks up till I'm wrapping my legs around him and thrusting with him. I match him thrust for thrust. My legs wrap around him and my nails scratch his back. His mouth is moving up to my neck again. He starts nipping and sucking my neck. He explodes into me again and I follow soon after screaming at the top of my lungs. Afterwards, we look at each other, get dressed, lock up and go our separate ways.

Once in the elevator, I notice mystery guy looking at me strange.
"Oh, nothing. Did you have fun?" he says with a chuckle as he gets
off the elevator.

I follow him, wondering what he meant by that. I go into my apartment, look in the mirror and there it is......a hicky.

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