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The ride

By Artcore Fantasies | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

"Hey baby! Wanna come for a ride?" he shouted to the woman walking down the street. He was cruising along there is his mustang convertible leaning out the window as he spoke.

She was a good-looking woman wearing a cute skirt and matching jacket, the skirt riding just below her upper thighs. She ignored him and turned her head of flaming red hair the other way, making it clear she would never ride with the likes of him.

"How 'bout some candy, little girl?" he suggested with enough charm that she actually considered it. But no, she kept walking. He would have to do better than that.

"Come on baby, I'll take ya for a ride you won't ever forget. A real ride, the kind that'll make your legs weak and that sassy as tingle." He gave her that look, that serious `I can do it and you know it' look.

She sidestepped a little closer to his car. He was wearing her down, just not quite enough yet.

"I'll make ya twitch baby, make ya feel good all over, I'll take ya places you've never been, take you so far there won't be any coming back."

He grinned then – a real bad boy's grin. He had `bad boy' written all over.

"See this babe, know what it's for? He asked pointing down to the neat little step at the side entrance door of his car. It's where you put your knees, babe, while I pump some wild feel good sensations through that fine body of yours."

"Men!" she muttered to herself, her smile widening.

That was her guy cruising beside her, but he'd never done anything like that before. She remembered the last time they had sex and she had complained a little that they never tried anything new. This must be his attempt at putting a little excitement back in their sex life. All right, she would play along. Besides, she was tired of walking.

"All right, handsome," she purred. "Take me for a ride." She doubted it would be all that much fun, but hey, she had nothing else to do.

Nicole got into the car.

"So where we going, Hon?" she asked without a lot of interest.

"To the woods, my dear Nikki. Gonna meet Mr Big Bad Boy," he said with an evil grin.

"Tony, I've had a long day. Where're we going, really?" Her hard day had been shopping and the spa.

"I told ya the woods babe. You said we weren't like, spicy enough. I believe you even used the word `dull', and so… I got you a little surprise. You remember you called me too anal retentive to come up with anything new and exciting? Well baby, were going to find out just who is anal retentive.

"Oh crap," she thought. "He couldn't possibly mean… that…" she bit her lip.

"Tony," she said aloud, "Just take us home, I'm tired. I'm not in the mood to fool around."

"Don't worry baby, we're just going to the woods. I didn't say you'd have to walk anywhere." He gave her his most charming smile. "In fact all you gotta do is point that fine ass my way and I'll take care of the rest."

Nikki felt a small wave of excitement run through her. This wasn't like him at all. She looked at him with a smattering of disbelief, was he really going to take her to the woods?

"Jeez Nikki," she told herself, "You're in trouble now. You got him all riled up telling him he couldn't come up with anything new. Now what… what are ya gonna to do if he decides to get kinky? You asked for it. You've been asking for it for a long time."

She knew it was true. She had been asking for more. It was those dang books she read – those books that told her what she was missing in life. Oh no! What if he'd read some of those books too!

"Umm…" she hesitated. "Just what do you have planned?" she asked, a little worried.

"Baby, like I said. Just going to take you for a ride. There is a little surprise in the trunk for ya."

"What do mean the trunk? What's in the trunk?"

He was upping the stakes now. He had her curious, and like he promised, her body did tingle. She was worried about her ass now and she wasn't sure just how much tingling she wanted there.

"Patience babe, patience. There won't be any peeking till we get there." He was enjoying the worried look spreading over her face.

Nikki was quiet, her mind racing at what he might have planned. Damn, if he had read some of that tripe in those books, she was in for a lot more than she might ever have imagined.

Tony pulled into a secluded spot in the local conservation area, stopped the car and told her stay right there and wait for him. He got out and went round the back of the car, and he knew Nikki could hear him rummaging in the trunk. He pulled out a nice new back pack.

Nikki sat in the car, worry clearly written on her face. What could he possibly be up too?


How far would he actually go? She wasn't afraid he'd hurt her in anyway. He was her husband after all. But those books had suggested that pain and pleasure were very close indeed. Her worried frown changed to excited apprehension. She started to feel like a woman in one of those books, and she was getting all hot and bothered. A little moisture escaped, dampening her panties.

"Okay babe, step outside here," he said. Seriousness framed his face. He opened the back seat door – the one with the wide step at the bottom – that same step he'd told her was for kneeling on. Nikki got out and stood, waiting for the next command. She decided it was kinda fun and would do whatever he told her, as long as it didn't involve anything too twisted.

"Give me your hands babe," he said pulling her hands in front of her waist. Tony reached down into the backpack and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"Tony you can't do that! What if there are people around?"

"Don't worry. I checked it out babe. No one's anywhere near," he said and was so quick with the cuffs, she didn't have a chance to protest any further. Her hands were neatly bound in front of her.

"Now the fun stuff baby," he said with an overly satisfied grin.

He was getting hot too; his woman in a short skirt with her hands trussed had his cock rising at an alarming rate. She'd just been to the spa and smelled great too. He had plans, was going to make her cum over and over. He was certain by the time he was done with her that she'd never complain again. A guy had to preserve his image. If she wanted more than he had given in the past, she was in for a big surprise now.

Tony pushed her over, headfirst into the back seat of the car.

"Tony! Someone will see! Let me up!" She squirmed around, trying to get her balance back so she could stand up.

His hand grabbed her ass, under the skirt.

"Relax babe. There's nobody around," he whispered into her ear.

She felt her skirt being pulled up and his fingers touching her thighs. His hands felt like fire, searing though the flimsy material of her panties. His soft kisses, hot and whispery ran down her neck. With his two hands on her ass now, she thought she might melt. He was pulling her panties down real slow, and as they rode down to her knees, cool air hit her ass and she was fully exposed.

"Get them knees up there on the step," he commanded, giving her ass a little slap. The bulge in his pants threatened to escape.

Oh damn she couldn't refuse now. The thrill was immediate. That little slap helped wet her pussy, and now she didn't care who might be watching them. He held her ass to steady her while she kneeled on the step. Just like he planned, she was in exactly the right position.

Nikki felt his hot tongue as it licked her and toured its way around her inside lips, up into her soaked pussy. The effect on her was unreal – cool air from outside and his hot mouth circling her ass and pussy stirred up the senses unlike she had ever experienced before. Being exposed to the outside world had a certain thrill.

His penis ached, throbbed with wanting her. He released his appendage from the confines of his jeans and pushed against her ass, making her gasp with the intent.

"Ready baby, ready for the first part? He whispered, pressing now against her pussy.

The first part? Oh damn ya, she was ready. She pushed her ass a little higher, making it easier for him to take her.

Tony slapped her ass again, a little harder.

"You like that baby?" His fingers slid along her clit, feeling the slick moisture. He slowly pushed his penis in, a little teasing at her entrance.

"Tony babe, jeez just do it. I can't stand it, just do me Tony!"

Tony didn't need any more encouragement. He took her slow and easy at first, building momentum, until he was slamming her good. She screamed a couple times, not caring if anyone heard. Bright hot flashes of ecstasy were hers and she came with a rush as he, too, increased his speed until he shot into her, filling her with his seed.

"Oh jeez I hope no one saw that," she whispered, standing back up, a smile on her face.

"That's just the start babe, if any one is around, they might take a liking to what I'm gonna do next."

"Next? What do mean next, I thought you couldn't get it up a second time so soon?" she grinned hoping he could.

"Don't' worry Nikki babe. What I'm gonna do next doesn't require my dick, just yet." He was getting turned on thick and heavy, with the image of her ass up over his lap in the back seat of the car.

"Give me your hands again babe," he said, reaching around in front and undoing the cuffs. "Put your hands behind your back."

"Tony!" she cried, as he grabbed her hands, not waiting for her to comply. Having her hands once again bound, but this time behind her, caused a hot little wave of excitement to tear through her. Tony grabbed the backpack and tossed it onto the floor of the car. He got in first, arranging himself in the middle of the seat. She was left standing there next to the car, not quite comprehending what he had in mind.

"Okay babe. Come on. Right here over my lap," he said. With her panties still around her knees and her hands behind her back, she looked so turned on that he thought he might come just seeing her all worked up, not knowing what to expect next.

"Come on. You can't stand out there with your panties down. Someone might come by," he said wickedly.

"Oh you snake! You sure know how to make a girl blush," she said, turning red, thinking someone might indeed be looking.

She had no choice but to do as he asked. With a bit of trouble because her hands were tied, she managed, with his help, to lie over his lap. A whole new set of thrills tormented her body. She'd never been over his lap before, with her ass so exposed right out there in the open.

"You ready baby? Ready for the second part?" His penis was growing already, and he hadn't even touched her yet.

"You better not do anything weird Tony. I mean it," she said, getting concerned.

Tony didn't say a word. He just enjoyed the view a few minutes, then he pulled her panties down further before starting to caress her ass and pussy. She was squirming some when his fingers worked her clit.

The bulge in his pants got a little harder with her wiggling around over his dick. Tony! Jeez, what if someone sees! Close the door," she said getting even hotter.

"Relax babe. There's nobody out there. Besides, like I said – if there is, they got a great view of your fine ass." He gave her another little slap.

Tony resumed fondling her, working her up until her body was having little twitches of pleasure.

He reached down for the little bag of tricks and set it right behind her ass, resting it against her legs. There wasn't much room, but he wasn't worried. Tony gave her another little slap, then another, still working her clit with his other hand. She was good and wet then and raised her ass a little higher over his lap. He reached into the bag and pulled out a small, wicked little vibe he bought that day. Turning it up to its max setting, he aimed for her pussy.

The effect was immediate, and she bounced around on top of him, making his penis almost hurt with expectation. His hand found her ass again and he warmed it well with sharp slaps from his hands, giving it a nice red glow. Nikki didn't care who might be watching then. She was ready to cum, her ass was hot, and her pussy tingled in most delightful way. The little vibe was insanely wicked as he ran it up and down her slit and around her rear hole.

"Ya like that don't ya babe? Now I got one more little surprise for ya baby," he said reaching for some lube and a nice set of anal beads.

Nikki felt the lube at her rear hole, his fingers working some in. "No! Tony not there!" she cried out, not really wanting him to stop.

The little vibe pushed at her pussy while the beads slid up her rear passage one by one. He set a nice slow rhythm, pushing both toys in and out of her entrances till she screamed and squirted, soaking them both.

"Ya got one more round coming baby," he smiled, undoing her cuffs and putting the toys back in the pack, his penis ready to explode.

With a little struggle they changed positions with him on top facing her. She was ready for that, and his penis filled her hot and hard. His throbbing dick pumped her at a startling rate. They both climaxed, and bright and brilliant waves of ecstasy were theirs.

They lay spent and happy, entangled together for some time in the back seat of his car.

"Well baby was it worth the ride?" he asked closing the car door.

"Oh you know it was," she purred looking forward to their next car ride. She would never say their lovemaking was dull ever again.

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