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Home is where your TONGUE is

By Lisa | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

The evening sun has long since set, I know that he’ll be there,

You ask me how I know for sure, I feel it in the air.

It started like it did before, the ringing of the phone,

No voice there he’s just checking me, to see if I’m alone.


At first I thought it was a dream, a wild and lurid one,

A taste at first within my mouth, salty upon my tongue.

It was a taste that I had known, from being with a man,

When he put his cock inside my mouth, because he knows he can.


It was a dark and stormy night, the power had shut down,

It would be out a long, long time, it darkened the whole town.

I lit a lamp and waited long, for the power to return,

I watched the gentle lamplight glow, I watched the oil burn.


A quiet night it was so dark, I felt so all alone.

"I’ll go to sleep," I told myself, and then I heard the phone.

"Hello," I said as I picked it up, and waited for a sound,

But there was none, no one was there, I put the receiver down.


I quenched the lamp and stumbled, into the night so black,

I was so tired the day was long, it was time to hit the sack.

I felt a chill upon my bones as I got dressed for bed

I slid beneath the covers, the pillow beneath my head.


My thoughts soon turned to slumber, as the thunder did subside,

I dreamed it was the springtime, the window open wide.

The cool breeze blew upon my skin, a cold and blustery air,

And then alarm as I realized, someone was standing there!


He lays His hands upon me, my body chills straight to the bone

For now He has made me His slave, I shall never be alone

His guidance and love, Is all I seek at night

This Master has opened this woman's eyes, I have seen the light


I kneel down before Him, In His mercy I beg for more

I not only wants to be His baby, I long to be His whore

I have a voice yet do not speak, I am silent when He is near

My thoughts are not my own, yet I think very clear


I surrender everything I have, He takes it in His hands

I obey His every whim, Jump at His demand

For this Master is my only one, The true one that I serve

For I am strong, this slave, I know what I deserve


I simply smile up at Him, as to thank Him with my sighs

I don't have to say a word, He can see it in my eyes

My head falls to the floor, in this position I shall stay

In my heart and soul I know, I am meant to be that way

He takes me, everything I have, everything I have known

I shiver with pride because I know, He has finally called "me" home.


Wake me up

Wake me up with your tongue

Show me that we just begun

Squeeze me tease me look inside

Hold me closer don't deny my pride


Touch me where my juices flow

Spread my lips and watch me glow

Use your tongue and your fingers

Taste my scent while it lingers


Make me sweat make me wet

Make me cry with pleasure

When you're deep inside me

Exploring my treasure


With passion and lust

Let me feel each thrust

Fuck me long and hard

As I know you must


Tell me the things

You want me to hear

Whisper them softly

When you touch me there


Open my heart

Suck on my lips

Circle your tongue

Around my clit


You're the one I adore

I will beg you for more

While you fill my body

You're the one I cum for

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