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Fuck me

By Sensual W | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

Sensations ran as wild flames over her flesh, her mind feasting on the thought of his reactions when she saw him next. Two days with out his touch had nearly driven her mad with desire, a longing that simmered within her soul, a pot about to boil over in its sexual frenzy. She took her time dressing for this night, a nigh pregnant with unknowns, an opening to infinite possibilities depending on his reactions to her dressed this way.


Slipping her toned legs into a black satin thong, the dark color contrasting against her olive colored skin, highlighting her ass and pussy just the way she wanted it.  Her red and black lace bra cupped her breasts, her nipples poking through the lace, causing the buds to harden up her desire for him obvious in how her body reacted to her own touch. Garters, next as the silky fabric of fishnet stockings slowly slid up her legs, attaching the lace tops into the fasteners of her garters. Heels complimented the outfit, lending her another couple of inches of height, creating the illusion of longer legs, and tight ass.


Pulling her silk robe around her shoulders she took one more long glance in the mirror, her auburn hair cascading around her shoulders, light makeup highlighting her big eyes and high cheek bones.


Her heart pounded within her rib cage, anticipation careening up her arms, down her body into her legs and pussy. She was wet, the scent of a woman in heat longing for the man she loved to caress her with his eyes, hands, mouth and body. She was ready for him, she hoped he was ready for her. She had text messaged him, hinting at the evening that lie ahead, her desire for him, what she would do to him the moment he walked in the door. His responding text had caused her body to buzz and tingle, his reactions to her words only heightening her senses. Everything seemed to be alive, the scent of flowers in the hallway, or the evening breezes that filtered through the French doors. Letting him know that he should walk in, that the door would be unlocked an effective tease that kept sexy text messages going the rest of the afternoon.


Now he was on his way, and she was ready for him, body, soul and mind focused with intensity on him and how she wanted him. A soft purr of the door on oiled hinges, her heart nearly fell out of her chest. She could see from her vantage point the top of his head, light brown hair, so soft to the touch. How she loved to run her fingers through his hair as he rode her, plunging his shaft into the depths of her womanhood. Closing the door behind him, he softly called her name, his eyes scanning the room, his energy filling this space with intense longing and desire. Stepping to the top of the stairs she stood there, waiting for him to sense her, for his eyes to look up into her beauty and longing for him. Slowly he raised his head, his senses keen as he lifted his green eyes to face squarely her stunning beauty. Slowly, she undid the belt on her robe, allowing the silk to slowly slide down her shoulder, the fabric slick it fell to the floor around her feet. Lifting a stiletto heel she slowly, made her way down the stairs, posing as she went. Soft and subtle movements, hips swaying as he watched. Transfixed he stood there, drinking her in, the stairs seemed so long, yet he could not move, only stare in abject awe and amazement. Her hair shimmered in the light, her lips slightly parted, wet with the dew of her saliva, lips he longed to kiss, a mouth he could literally devour for hours. Her red manicured nails slightly caressed the rail, her balance perfect, as he knew many years of dancing had given her perfect poise and balance even in 4-inch heels. She smiled, pouty and sexy, alluring in her vivid desire to surrender to him. She made her way towards him, her hazel eyes locked on his green ones. Reaching the bottom of the stairs they seemed to meld into each other, her body pressed against his, hearts pounding, breathe gasping, as he tasted her lips, sucking the flesh in between his teeth his hands splayed across her back and ass.


Turn around, he whispered, his voice deep and throaty, his eyes a brilliant green an indicator that he was turned on by what he saw. Slowly she turned around, stepping away from him and leaning slightly forward so he could have the view he wanted so badly. Her ass, round and beautiful framed by garters with a black lace thong up the middle. Reaching, he caressed her ass cheek; softly his fingers grazed her skin, while falling to his knees, hands clutching her hips as he spread her wide and inhaled her. He could smell her, musky and sweet, a damp spot in her panty indicating how much her body craved him. Sliding a finger along the edge of her thong, she moaned, his name, arching her back even more, wanting him to touch her, there. Her lips barely covered by the fabric he played with her, caressing her skin all around where she wanted it, lapping at her ass cheeks, the inside of her thigh or blowing warm air against the dampness of her silk undies. "Damn it," she hissed as he once more avoided her clit and pussy, while pushing her cute butt into his face she begged him to touch her. "Shush darling," his words only driving her more insane with need, while his fingers touched and explored the outer edges of her lips. Moaning, her clit vibrated with intense longing, already hard she wanted him, to feel his soft wet tongue against her most intimate places.


With one swift move, he pulled her thong aside and slid his tongue into her; slipping into her cunt his tongue sought her heat. Ah, she cried, as suddenly he was there, where she wanted him, caressing her wetness with his tongue and mouth. Slow than fast, his tongue worked its magic, light flicks than hard thrusts he took her faster and faster towards the brink of release. Her legs were shaking, as she clung to the rail, her pussy wet and pouring into his waiting mouth. He shook his head back and forth the vibrations sent her higher, her cries and moans echoing off the 12-foot ceilings, as she begged him to fuck her. She could feel it, that wave of sensation that builds upon itself until it can no longer hold its height and plunges into the depths of the ocean below. Careening into orgasmic bliss, he slipped a finger into her, searching for that swollen flesh that would seal the deal. Tongue upon her clit, and fingers with in her soft woman hood he could feel her vibrating, her body bucking against his face and hand as he took her there. Slowing down, ever so slightly he eased her to that point of no return and devoured her as she screamed his name, her body mad with intense orgasm her pussy walls contracting down around his fingers, as her clit and body came. Hot liquid poured from her, sweet and wet into his waiting mouth, he drank her still moving his fingers he kept her flying high.


Softly he let her collapse into his arms at the bottom of the stairs, her body curled into his they laid there. She was lost, completely out of her mind with what her body was feeling. Desire continued to lap against her flesh, as ocean waves never cease to caress the shore. Huddling into his chest and body, she floated in an ocean of love, longing and desire for this man. How he touched her, seared upon her his desire into her nerve endings she only knew that she was his, there was never any doubt that she would surrender repeatedly to his body, their wants and desires. Smiling, she purred, against his neck her lips caressing the soft tender spot behind his ear, "Darling, please fuck me."

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