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Summer Rain

By Sensual W | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

Fields stretched out before me, the pavement weaving a ribbon of black amongst the green fields, the sky a pale blue as hot summer air caressed my bare skin. With the top down on my car, the wind blew around my legs, ruffling my skirt as my left hand played in the wind as I drove along. Dread and excitement raced up and down my body, coupled with anticipation of the unexpected. Hot air ran like waves up my arms as I drove, the heat of the sun stirring memories of hot summer days running through the fields playing hide and seek with my friends. Sighing, I tried the radio station, hoping that by now something other than country would be on the dial, flipping stations the only music that assailed my ears was of course the proverbial country music, nothing had changed.


Sweat inched its way down my back, the hot summer air barely cooling me off, the road winding through green fields, the dark soil hewn in straight rows for miles and miles.


Suddenly she was there, sprawled out upon the soil of this place, larger than I remembered it, but still had that small town feel. Several kids on bikes rode along side my car, waving and laughing as they peddled hard hoping to beat me to town. Slowing down, I knew the sheriff would be hiding out somewhere, waiting for big city folk as he called it. A smile played along my lips as I remembered the first time he had pulled me over, it did not matter I was the mayors daughter, just another chick driving too fast for what was good for me. Slowing down I pulled into the ice cream parlor parking lot, as blood pounded in my ears, it felt odd to be home after so long.


Sliding out of my seat, the leather stuck to my legs, reminding me that hot sticky summers were not conducive to leather seats and damp skin. Sunglasses, hair pulled back in a pony tail, short sun dress showed off my shapely legs, bare feet slipped into flip flops I casually walked into the small shop. Several high school kids were working the counter, serving up ice cream to the local kids. A few tourists had found solace from the heat in the depths of this old ice cream shop.


The smell of waffle cones, sugar and milk assailed my nostrils, as waves of nostalgic memories coursed through my head. Images of  Gary, his dancing green eyes, blonde hair and sun burned skin pressed up against my body in the back corner of the shop. Frantic fingers and lips as we explored each other in ways my father in particular would not have approved of. Smiling I remembered the first time he penetrated me, his cock so hard, body craving me as I sat on the small table, my legs wrapped around his waist. Surveying the space it had not changed much, in fact I spotted the table in the corner where our teenage hormones had caused common sense to flee, the shop dark the only light from the small street lamp as I cried out his name for the first time.


Can I help you miss; the young girl behind the counter invaded my memories, shaking my head to clear the images of his naked body moving in and out of mine. Sure, I pretended to examine in close detail the selection of ice cream behind the glass. Opening my mouth, I heard a voice behind me say, "Two scoops of Pecan Praline in a bowl and add some milk to it please."  Stunned, I stood stock still, as his voice caused chills of anticipation to travel from the top of my head down my body, awaking nipples and pussy all at the same time. Slowly turning I stared into green eyes, sun browned skin, large hands and broader shoulders, but it was Gary.


"Hi Kim," a huge grin spread across his face as he studied me, taking me in, actually drinking me as a tall glass of cool water. "Gary," I breathed, stunned that he would show up just as I was remembering our late night adventures and explorations of each others bodies. "So what brings you home," he drawled as he handed me my cup of ice cream, made exactly how I loved eating it. I could not think, I just stood there with a blank look on my face. "Kim," he said against my ear, "are you ok?"  His breathe ticked my hair, his body so familiar to me I nearly jumped as his hand slid down my back as he guided me to a table in the corner. "You look like you have seen a ghost" he chuckled, "cat got your tongue," his green eyes dancing with delight. The gold band on his left hand rather woke me up; apologizing profusely, I tried in vane to clear my head.


Sorry, I smiled, "I was just shocked to have you show up as I was well," I looked down "um, and"  "I hesitated, "remembering our nights spent working here." Blushing, I examined my ice cream as I stirred it in circles. His laughter caressed my body, his eyes danced as his voice, husky and full, "ah Kim," he said as he leaned into my space, "those were pretty hot nights."  We sat in silence for a moment, I was sure he was remembering how much fun we had, I was remembering how stupid and young I had been. "You know," he said, "welcome back Kim, its good to see you," standing up, he looked down at me, "stop by and say hello to Sarah and the kids. His big hand rested on my arm and shoulder, "it would be nice to have you out at the house." I felt his energy leave the space, and suddenly a chill worked its way up my arms, as I felt empty with out him.


"Damn,"  I swore, as I slid into my car. I had not expected this at all, I had heard from my mother, who kept up with everyone else's business that he had married Sarah, the plain girl who everyone made fun of while we were growing up. I had been shocked when I received the news that they were getting married, and even more surprised when he asked me to stand up for him at their wedding. Out of morbid curiosity, I had said yes, if only to spite her, again stupid and young. I had ended it after all, my going away to college and pretty much put an end to our relationship, not really understanding how much he had loved me. All I could think about at that time had been to get out of this small town and see the world. After I was accepted to one of the top universities, out of state, I had shared my acceptance letter with him while we sat under the huge oak tree in his parents' back yard. Naïve to his feelings all I had done was talk about what I was going to do, while he sat silent and hurting under the full moon light.


Now, I knew how much I had hurt him, the chill had been his constant hiding his feelings for fear of what I did not know. I just knew that suddenly things had changed when I brought up that evening spent making love in the ice cream parlor.


Pulling out of the dirt parking lot, I hit the gas and sped out of town towards my parents' house. Fuming and kicking myself, I felt tears stream down my cheeks as the hot summer air-dried them against my skin as soon as they fell. Trees and brush flew by as I sailed down the road, as pain and anger tore at my heart. Bang, suddenly a dark cloud appeared out of nowhere as lightning flashed across the sky. "Fuck," I swore, hitting the gas I sped towards home, hoping to beat the storm and get my top back up on the car before the torrential summer rains hit. Flying at over sixty miles an hour, I scanned for the sheriff, hoping that he was busy somewhere else as I fled for home. Spinning my tires into the driveway, I made a beeline for the huge garage that was closer than the house. Pulling into the open doors I made it just as water fell in torrents outside. Heaving a sigh of relief, I hit the button for the roof, as I stood at the door of the garage and watched the rain.


Huge drops fell, a solid wall of water as the gutters over flowed and lighting and thunder danced across the sky. I was going to get wet, there was not choice in the matter, so I might as well make a dash for it. Grabbing my purse and keys, I dashed out into the rain. I was instantly wet, my white dress almost transparent, showing my skin as my nipples hardened under the cool fabric. Today was not the day to go braless I realized, but oh well, dark pink nipples against white cotton had always been a turn on, the coolness of water and the heat of my own skin. I ran as water splashed up against my legs, as my hair dripped in my eyes as the warm air and cold rain sent sensations through out my body, pussy and nipples buzzing and letting me know that things were happening in places that needed someone's touch.


Dashing across the lawn, I turned and headed for the back door, wet dress and hair flying as I rounded the corner and ran smack into a very firm chest. Oomph, air escaped my lungs as I hit him full bore, he took my momentum and weight his arms wrapping around me on instinct. "Oh, sorry" I gasped as I nearly fell over our collision almost painful, the air nearly knocked out of me, supporting me as we tried to disentangle ourselves. Looking up into pristine blue eyes, dark brown hair, dark tanned skin and a big smile I nearly lost my breath again. He was gorgeous, as my brain tried to understand whom I had just run into. Rain continued to pour down, drenching us both, my nipples letting everyone know they were there standing at full attention. "Sorry," he stepped back letting me go, trying to be serious and polite yet I knew he was trying very hard not to stare.


Grabbing my hand, we ran to the back of the house, up the stairs and into the back sun porch. Pulling the door open he let me pass him, my hot pink thong showing through the wet white of my dress, I might have as well been naked, but for some reason I did not care. "Oh," he spoke, the timber of his voice sending chills up my very wet back. "I am John, your parents' neighbor, they asked me to wait for you, and beings they are in Atlanta and will not be back until late tonight. They said they tried to reach you but cell service is spotty so they asked me to hang out here so you would not worry about them." "Oh," I said as puddles of water gathered around my bare feet, my body so alive and wanting this man. I did not know what it was, but I stepped into him and kissed him, tasted his wet lips against my own. I could tell he was startled, hesitant at first but I persisted as I sucked his lower lip, pulling it into my mouth as I swirled my tongue across his lips seeking his tongue. Pulling me close, his large arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me into his large frame, caressing my back with his fingers. 


Standing on tiptoes, we melded into each other, mouths, lips and tongues dancing, swaying and swirling in the dance of lust. Things heated up pretty quickly, as he pushed me against the wall next to the door. His mouth making trails of heat down my neck, over m collarbones, his hands kneading my breasts through the fabric of my dress. Urging him on, I pulled him into me, my hands grabbing his ass, his erection evident through the bulge in his jeans. Nipping and biting we ravaged each other, I was hungry and at this moment he would do. Biting his neck, I sucked on his ear lobe gently blowing against his wet skin, as his hands wandered and explored my very wet body. Pushing my skirt up to my waist, he looked into my eyes as he caressed my inner thigh. "You ok with this", he whispered as his fingers caressed the soft fabric that covered my hungry and famished pussy. "Yes," I hissed, pushing my hips into his hand, my eyes smoldering, my desire evident upon my face.


Slowly he slid a finger under the edge of my thong, as anticipation slid up my body, a serpent full of incredible desire and passion. Curving around my waist the energy moved its way up as his fingers explored my soft center, my garden of feminine desire and craving. "Oh," he sighed against my neck as he explored me, "your so wet and soft" he moaned as I grabbed his erection, pressing firmly against him. Falling to his knees,  he pushed my dress up so that I could grab the fabric, giving him access to my wetness, smell me and taste me. "Oh babe,"  he whispered against my inner thigh, his lips leaving trails of flames against my wet and cold skin. Pulling my thong down his throaty command for me to spread my legs, I immediately obeyed. Lifting my leg, I spread myself wide for a perfect stranger on my parents back porch. Thunder and lightning buzzed and banged around us as sheets of rain pounded down on the tin roofs.


Natures fury seemed to fuel ours, his tongue dancing across my clit, light than hard, soft than firm he tormented me with his lips, and tongue. Placing my leg over his shoulder, he pressed me into the wall until both legs were over his shoulder, his mouth buried in my pussy, fingers grasping my ass he played with me until I was screaming his name. Back arched, cunt pulsating against his lips, my fingers pulling and caressing my nipples my dress some how no longer on. I was naked, exposed and vulnerable to him, his pleasure at my reactions to his ministrations and touch fueled the fire. "Cum baby," he whispered as he came up for breath, my body shaking as he took most of my weight on his shoulders. "I am," I cried, as thunder banged and lightning lit up the sky.


My orgasm hit just as lightning and thunder roared around my ears, my cries drowned out by the noise of nature. Screaming, my body convulsed repeatedly as he drank me, and rain poured down the roof. Shaking, I could not control my body, as all anxiety, stress and pain seemed to flee my frame. Crying, moaning and weeping gushed from my soul, a dam of emotion that I had held for so long released with my orgasm. He could not hear me, other than to know I was in heaven. The noise of the storm overhead pretty much drowned any noise, a blessing in disguise. Slowly he let me down onto the deck, my wet dress under me as we sat facing each other. Staring into his blue eyes, I whispered as I touched his lips, "take me to bed."


 I lost track of time, I did not care if my parents came home and walked in on us. Curled up in the small double bed that had been my room for so many years, I stared into his blue eyes once again. Fingers exploring and caressing we talked quietly into the night, until reluctantly he whispered that he needed to go. He wasn't too sure my parents would appreciate finding him in my bed. Chuckling he smirked that his sleeping with me had not been in the "job" description. Promising to call me in the morning, he quietly slipped out of the house, leaving me alone once more.  Falling into an exhausted sleep, I woke to hear my mother banging around in the kitchen, the radio on as the heavenly smell of waffles, hashed browns and eggs wafted in my room, mixed with the strong pungent smell of coffee, brewed the old-fashioned way. Smiling I stretched out,  I was still naked from last night and smelling like sex a shower was in order.


Refreshed, in shorts and tank top, the morning was hot and muggy already. The remnants of rain were almost gone, the pungent smell of earth and summer air stirred memories of so many summers just like this one.  "Morning darling" my mother gushed as I kissed her on the cheek, greeting her than my father as I kissed him on the top of his bald head. It was as if I had never left, time had stood still for them, and they had waited for me to come home, back to my roots. Now that I was here, life was all right again, I was home and who know what was in store for me, but I had a very good reason to stick around and see what else was possible. "So," my dad asked from behind his newspaper, "did you meet the new sheriff in town, his name is John." 

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