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Let me dance for you

Artcore Fantasies Writers | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

I can feel your eyes on me as I cross the room. Smiling softly to myself, adding extra wave to my hips. The beating in my heart drowns out the seduction of the music. I stand before you and slowly start my dance. My sheer dress swirling around my smooth pale thighs. I don't know who you are, I'm just here to dance. I don't even know your name, just that I'm here for you.

My body moves to the rhythm, I close my eyes... Mmmm, I can feel the heat radiating from your body, I'm so close to you. I twist and twirl, my hips moving sensually. Your eyes burn my skin as they trace my every curve. Opening my eyes I get lost in yours, and my breath catches in my throat as I feel fingertips touch my stomach. Then strong hands grasp my hips as you pull me to you. I look down into your eyes, they are filled with hungry lust. You lift the hem of my dress revealing the triangle of my white silk panties.


I lick my lips and whisper, "Let me dance for you." You nod, move forward and place a light kiss upon my pubic bone. A flash of lightning courses through me, then your lips leave me and I back away. Again my dance starts, my breathing ragged, still feeling your lips on me, tingling. Twisting and twirling, again I move my body for you...

Your hands grab my hips again, pulling me to you. Under the hem of my dress, you find what you're looking for. I moan as you caress me, your fingers rubbing the heat between my legs. "Let for you," I gasp.

I watch as you bring your fingers up, smelling the scent of my womanhood. Your eyes hold mine, and I start to dance. My senses aroused to a new height, and wet from your touch. Twisting and twirling, sweat glistening on my hot skin. I dance faster filled with the heat of wanting you, of needing you. Moaning aloud as I spin and turn. I caress my body with my hands, cupping my breasts, my hard nipples poking through the thin material of my dress. I'm so hot, I can't help but to touch myself.


My hands move down, brushing over my most intimate spot. I see your eyes flash and you stand, your hands reach out, taking mine. You lead me over to a chair and sit me down. Kneeling, your big hands spread my thighs apart, and a smile comes to your handsome features. As I watch your face lower between my legs I close my eyes. I jump as I feel your mouth on me, your tongue pressing against the damp material of my panties. I moan again, my head rolling back, I find your head with my hands and entwine my fingers in your hair. Your tongue probes me, licking and pressing, my panties get wetter. You look up, and just as I'm about to speak, to tell you to let me dance for you, your fingers cover my lips. You lean in close and take one of my hands, placing it upon my wet panties.

Again you smile, and whisper, "Dance for me..." My breathing is hard as I watch you back away to your chair, leaving me there touching myself. I can feel how slick my panties are as I slowly caress them. My fingers move around and around, feeling my folds swell to my touch. I shouldn't be doing this, but the heat has me caught in its fire. I want to dance for you... I need to dance for you... I gasp as my fingers find their mark, my clit sticking out and sensitive to the friction of the silk panties.


I slowly, slowly rub it, my eyes closing as I open my legs as wide as they will go. I groan and scoot forward in the seat, so that I can lay back. Mmmm!!  feels so good, and I'm getting hotter and hotter, I can hear you moan as you watch. I rub faster and faster, my legs becoming weak, and shaking.  Ahhhhhh... I can feel my orgasm building up fast, I stop rubbing for a moment. Long enough to stand and slide my soaked panties down off my legs, then return to my chair. Gasping as the cool air hits the heat of my pussy, spreading open my legs, giving you a full view of my arousal. I hear the sound of your voice catching in the back of your throat, and it turns me on. My fingers return to my button, rubbing it slow again at first. It's building so fast that no matter what speed I caress and rub, I am going to cum soon.

My moaning is loud, and becoming high pitched. I open my eyes and stare into yours, my fingers going faster and faster. I slide one finger into my wetness and gasp as my body starts to shake. It's there, and I want it now. I slide another finger in and move them in and out only once. I groan and cry out as my orgasm starts. Rocking my body into spasm as I try to keep my fingers moving. 

"Ahhhh god!" I gasp, licking my lips. I see you stand and move to me, a noticeable bulge in your pants. Mmmm, I want you. I see your hands move to your belt and I shake my head no, no, not yet. I smile seductively. "Let me dance for you," I whisper.

I start moving my fingers in and out of me, knowing it will not take long for me to cum again. Still hot, and lust blurring my mind as I finger fuck myself for you. You kneel, your eyes glued to my hand as I move for you, my hips bucking. Mmm, I need you so bad... I watch as you begin to caress your hard member through your pants. You want me just as bad. Seeing your eyes flutter as you stroke yourself through your pants, I groan and move my fingers faster. My other hand moves to my erect clit and rubs it hard. I groan again, "I'm going to cum..."

You unbuckle your pants and stand letting them fall, as you remove your clothes from the waist down. Your hard cock stands out, purple and throbbing, your hand returns to stroking it in front of me. So hot and so turned on, my hips bucking against my hands, my eyes fluttering shut, the image of you stroking your hard cock burned into memory as I fuck myself harder.

"Mmmm, god..." I gasp over and over, feeling the orgasm building higher and higher. I open my eyes and see you stroking faster, with both hands. Your cock growing with each stroke, pre cum dripping down the side. "Oh...I'm gonna cum now." I gasp, rubbing faster, you drop to your knees and force my hands away. Your warm mouth covers my clit, and then your tongue plunges into my hole.

I cry out as I cum to the feeling of your licks, "Oh god...." You lick my juices up as I explode over your face, your lips sucking on my clit. My hands grab your head, pulling you closer to me as I ride your face. Coming down, then building up again the more and more you taste me. I whimper as you pull away and lean up to kiss me. I can taste my juices on your lips and I groan, licking it off, loving the way I taste. My hand finds my pussy, and I start to fuck myself again as I kiss you. My other hand moves to your hard cock, feeling the hot stretched skin as I start to stroke you.


You moan in my mouth as you kiss me, I can feel how hard you are, and how much harder you're getting. Sliding my hand up and down your shaft, then massaging your balls. Again you groan and pull away from me, you grab me by my waist and lift me up then lay me on the floor. Your big fingers find my hole and you move them rapidly. I cry out, at the feelings racing through my body, as you bend to suck on my clit again. Your fingers pumping me, your tongue licking me...mmmm I need you so bad....

You're kneeling between my legs, sitting up, you scoot my pelvis onto your lap, and you finger me quickly. Your other hand reaches down to cup my ass, massaging my cheeks. I groan, lifting my ass up, meeting each stroke of your fingers.

You're driving me crazy, my juices flooding out past your fingers and down the crack of my ass. You can feel my wetness on your bare thighs. Smiling, you lean forward and whisper," Let me dance for you..." All of a sudden I feel the head of your dick pressing into me, I'm so wet you slide right in. You immediately follow suite with pressing a finger into the rim of my asshole, causing me to jerk up and cry out from pleasure. Then you start to dance, pumping into me with force. Your hunger and lust driving you closer and closer each time I cry out. My hips rise and fall with you, matching your speed, needing to feel you fill me with the fullness of your length.

Your hard cock stretches me, it is slick from my juices as you fuck me. Your finger is knuckle deep in my ass, fucking me, too. Groaning loudly, needing you, I force myself on you harder and harder, crying out as my body jerks when we meet. I can feel you growing in me and I know you're close. I am body spasms with each thrust deep in me. "Mmmm feel soo good! Fuck me..." I cry out gasping, "Fuck me..." Your thrusts become faster, not good enough. "Fuck me harder!" I cry out, as you slam into me, "Oh yes!" I breathe, my hips bucking uncontrollable.

The heat is building, and I feel it all flooding to one spot, I cry out, "I'm gonna cum, baby!" "Cum for me..." You say breathless, pumping harder into me. You're groaning and crying out with each thrust as you fuck me, and it brings me even closer listening to you.

"Ohhhhh" I groan, my hips meeting yours, my ass smacking against your balls, "Oh god yes!" I breathe as you thrust into me and I feel the heat start to explode in me. "I'm cummming!" I scream out, and at the same time I feel you explode into me with a grunt. Your hot cum floods my pussy, mixing with my juices, and pulsing as you continue to pump me until we are drained. My hips slow to a stop and I can feel tears in the corner of my eyes, from the intensity of my orgasm.

You lie beside me and kiss me softly, caressing the side of my face. I smile and try to calm my breathing, and close my eyes. I feel your warm breathe on my neck and hear you whisper," Thank you...for the dance. 

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