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The Craving

By Jolie Cain | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

As the darkest hour of the night approached, the old house creaked and groaned under the weight of its ancient timbers. A dense fog crept across the ground, and in the depths of the woods the lonesome howl of some wild beast echoed into the emptiness. On silent wings, the night’s predators peered through the fog-shrouded gloom in search of unwitting prey while the dim light of the moon struggled to pierce the gathering blackness.

Slow, stealthy footsteps climbed the rickety staircase and moved carefully across the balcony to pause at the closed French doors. Inside the room, a flickering light cast shadows onto a slender figure that lay tossing and turning in a restless slumber. Suddenly the figure sat up, as if sensing the presence of the intruder.

Was it a sudden noise or something else that had awakened her? Lara wasn’t sure. But something had. Her eyes were drawn to the closed doors, and she could see him standing there, his body a shadowy outline through the sheer curtains.

“Open the door and invite me in, Lara.” The familiar cadence of his command came to her easily through the door, almost as if there were no barrier between them at all. A shiver slid down her spine at the yearning she heard in his voice.

She shook her head in denial, trying to resist his persuasive voice. “No...” Her voice barely a whisper. “No, Michael. I shouldn’t...”

He raised his hand and beckoned to her through the shadows. “Yes, my love. Open the door and ask me to come inside. You know you want to. Do it.” His voice commanded, and she found herself helpless to resist the persuasive demand.

As if mesmerized, Lara pushed aside the covers and stood. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and past her hips, swaying as she walked slowly, step by step, toward the door. Reaching out a trembling hand, she paused. Was it some instinct of self-preservation? She shouldn’t. Somehow, she knew she should not let him in. She must stop this. Stop it and return to the safety of her bed before it was too late. The thought had barely whispered across her mind when he spoke again.

“Lara.” His voice drew her eyes to his, and the penetrating glare of his gaze bore into her. Any instinct of self-preservation, of refusal, disappeared under that compelling stare. “Open the door.”

Her hand moved, almost as if by itself, and released the latch, pulling the door wide for his entry. She took a step back, her heart thundering in her chest. What had she done?

He smiled his approval and again she was trapped in his hypnotic spell. “Good girl. Now, invite me inside, my beautiful Lara, my darling girl.”

His voice stroked across her skin like rough velvet, and she trembled, feeling her unwilling response to him in the depths of her body. She licked her lips and then, as if in a dream, she heard herself whisper, “Come in, Michael. Please, come to me.”

A gleam of savage satisfaction gleamed in his eyes, and he stepped just inside the threshold and before halting. His eyes swept over her, their dark gaze penetrating. Though the room was dimly lit, he appeared to have no trouble seeing her, and he took his time, studying her face feature by feature, seemingly enraptured, and it was all she could do not to turn away from the intense desire she sensed in him.

Nervously she stirred under his scrutiny as his eyes left her face and traveled down her trembling figure. She was covered by nothing more than a thin white cotton nightgown, and she could see the approval and need blazing in the blackness of his eyes, as he studied the dark rings of her nipples that were visible as they pressed against the thin bodice of her gown. His pants bulged as his cock hardened when he took in the sight before him. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, smiling as he seemed to absorb her very essence.

“You smell so good, so delicious. And you are so very beautiful, Lara. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

She thrilled at his approval, and her cheeks flushed with her own arousal. When she nervously licked her lips again, his eyes zoomed in on the movement, and she could see his chest rising as his breathing quickened.

“What do you want from me, Michael?” The words whispered from her of their own accord.

He took a few more steps toward her. She wanted to back up, to escape the dark desire she saw glowing from his almost inhuman stare, but found herself paralyzed with trepidation and unwilling desire. At last he stood directly before her, the heat from his body penetrating the thin fabric of her gown.

“You know what it is that I want, my love.” He reached out to trace a gentle stroke across her cheek and down to linger against her parted lips. He bent and kissed the side of her neck, his tongue stroking in delicious sensuality against the rapid beat of her pulse. Then he reached down to pick her up and carry her towards the bed. “I am here to make you mine, Lara. Mine forever.”

“Yours?” The whole unreality of the situation held her immobile. Was this a dream? Surely this was a dream. In the morning she would awaken, and everything would be back to normal. Wouldn’t it? Or would she find herself bound to this man in way she couldn’t even begin to imagine? Somehow, she couldn’t summon the will to resist him regardless of what the morning’s light might bring.

Nodding, he lowered her unresisting body to the bed and bent to turn on the dim lamp that sat on a nearby table. Then he sat beside her. He raised his hand to delicately cup her cheek, his thumb rubbing caressingly against her jaw line. “You will belong to me before this night ends, in every way.” His eyes bore into hers. “Does that frighten you, my love?”

She nodded. “Yes. A little.”

“You have no need to fear. I will not hurt you—ever. I love you. You are part of me. You have always been mine. And you will always be mine.” His thumbed stroked across her bottom lip, and his eyes darkened even more, if possible, as he observed her lips parting under the pressure. He lowered his head.

Because he had been so gentle with her so far, Lara had expected a delicate, testing kiss, but when Michael’s lips closed over hers, they immediately took command, his tongue pushing past the barrier of her teeth and sweeping through her mouth, blazing a heated trail of arousal. She tried to pull back, almost jolted out of the dream-like haze, but his hands came up to clasp around her head, holding her still for his plundering kiss. Moment by moment, she sank even deeper under his mesmerizing spell, losing all desire to escape.

Lara had never felt such exquisite arousal before, such deep, blazing heat. Michael’s dominating passion swept her up, and she was helpless to resist his demand. A weak moan emerged from her throat and was caught in his mouth as one hand slid from her head to cup her breast, and she arched into the touch, craving more.

Plumping the mound, he rasped his thumb across the nipple until it pressed into his palm, eagerly begging for more attention. Michael pressed her down, and she moved back to recline on the bed. Leaning over her, he trailed his mouth down her neck and finally reached the breast he had aroused so expertly. He took the tip into his mouth, his teeth tugging on the erect point through her gown, wetting it. When he pulled back, Lara looked down and could see the pink nipple beaded in arousal against the thin fabric. Michael’s murmur of approval was muffled as he turned his attention to her other breast and soon, it too, hardened into pained arousal. He rose to gaze down at the results of his attentions and his teeth flashed in a quick smile of satisfaction.

Next, his hands rose to undo the buttons that reached nearly to her waist. As he released them one by one, Lara could feel his stare taking in the pale flesh that was being revealed to him inch by inch. She sucked in her breath as at last he reached the final button. He pushed the material aside, and she whimpered. At the sudden sound, he looked up.

She knew what he saw in her eyes. Her need. Her craving. It was the same craving she saw reflected in his. Her hands reached up to clasp around his head, pulling him back against her. Following her silent plea, he used his tongue to trace a sensuous pattern around and around her tender flesh until Lara’s hips were arching toward him and little whimpers of need sounded through the room. Her nipple gleamed from the wetness of his mouth. His own groan of arousal erupted from his throat as he lightly took the nipple between his teeth, carefully pulling it into his mouth to suckle.

As Michael drew strongly on the tip, Lara felt her senses spinning completely out of control. Moisture trickled from her cunt, and she pressed upward, aching to have his body covering hers, his firmness parting her, filling her. Before too long she was pleading and begging him for more, her nearly incoherent mutterings filling the room. She hardly recognized her own voice, sobbing out her need. “Please, please, Michael. Don’t stop.” In response, his hands trailed down to the hem of her nightgown, where they slid beneath the fabric to caress her slim ankles and calves. “Please, more.”

“Yes, my love. So much more.” He smiled at her with possessive approval.

Michael’s hands pushed the gown higher, skimming his fingers up over her knees and thighs, until he drew back and lifted her up, stripping the gown from her body and tossing it to the floor. He stood briefly to remove his own clothing, and her eyes gazed in admiration at the sleek muscles and the light dusting of hair that trailed down his body. Her eyes followed that path to the jutting cock that stood proudly erect. The plump head was an angry purple that revealed his intense need. A drop of pre-cum beaded the tip and Lara unconsciously licked her lips, wanting to taste that evidence of his desire. He just shook his head. “Not this time, little one. I have different plans for us tonight.”

When his hands gently nudged her thighs, she parted her legs eagerly. Dropping to his knees, he tugged her towards him until her legs draped across the edge of the bed. He moved closer, his shoulders forcing her legs to part wider and revealing the swollen inner lips of her labia and the erect little clit begging for attention. He kissed her inner thigh and she moaned. Sucking the skin into his mouth, he drew on it and bit down lightly. His mouth moved up higher and higher, dropping stinging little kisses and licks upon her trembling legs until he reached the treasure he sought between her thighs. His gaze lifted to hers before turning his attention to the soft, pink treasure before him, the golden curls already damp with her desire.

Using his fingers he pulled the dainty folds of her cunt apart, and his tongue licked delicately over the tender flesh, a single stroke. “No, don’t…” Her hands grasped his hair and pulled, trying to stop him from continuing the forbidden caress.

“Yes, I must. Don‘t stop me, my love. I have a need to taste you this night. Taste you in so many ways you could not begin to understand.” His command rumbled from deep in his chest, and she ceased her protests.

He returned his attention again to her aching pussy. His tongue stroked across her wetness again, and she cried out, pushing herself up to him. Offering everything to him. As his explorations grew more demanding, she parted her legs wider. He moved closer, and pulled her legs across his shoulders. His tongue stiffened and stabbed up into her. She heard her own groans echoing in the room as her hand tunneled through his dark hair to hold him there. Over and over, he stroked and licked, using his mouth and tongue to arouse her to a fever pitch.

“You have the sweetest little pussy I have ever tasted. I want you to cum against my mouth. I want to swallow your delicious honey, my love.” Michael’s deep voice barely penetrated her scattered thoughts. He latched onto her clit, stroking and sucking until Lara was half out of her mind with desire. She felt him pressing his fingers against her opening and sliding inside, the dampness of her arousal coating his hand and trickling down her thighs. He pumped in and out of her, his fingers keeping time with his tongue’s dance over her stiff clit. Suddenly he sucked hard and a piercingly sweet pain throbbed in her pussy, sending Lara spiraling, spinning into orgasm, and she cried out his name over and over.

As the pulses of her orgasm faded, he stroked her thigh. Then he pulled himself above her, and his mouth covered hers in another achingly delicious kiss. His tongue dueled with hers, drawing on it as he had on her clit a short time before. Lara could taste her own arousal on his mouth even as she felt his cock beginning to press into her. The tip breached her tunnel, and she could feel Michael’s muscles tense and strain with the effort it took to take her gently. Then with one hard push, he thrust inside and was completely embedded in her hot pulsing warmth.

“God, you’re so tight and so wet, my darling girl,” Michael whispered into her ear. He lay there for a long moment, letting her body adjust to the invasion of his hard cock. His hands stroked her hair back from her face, and he kissed her passionately, sucking her tongue and biting on her lip. She returned his kiss with eagerness. Then he eased back before sliding in again ever so slowly. Lara raised herself into his thrust, trying to quicken his pace, but he ignored the silent plea. Again, he eased himself back, leaving only the head of his cock inside her. Her pussy got wetter and wetter, and she began begging, “Please, Michael. Oh, God, please, fuck me harder.


”But he ignored her pleas, continuing his slow, steady rhythm which was driving her insane with need.

Finally, in desperation, she locked her legs around his waist and her hands frantically clawed at his back, leaving a raking trail across his shoulders. Michael reached up to grasp her hands, forcing them down on either side of her head.

He withdrew his cock once more before he tunneled in again, a bit harder this time. She cried out, “Yes, oh, again, Michael. Again. Oh, please, please.”

Raising his head he commanded. “Look at me, Lara. Look into my eyes. I want to see you when I make you mine completely.”

She met his gaze unflinchingly. Once more he withdrew. He hesitated a long moment, his eyes holding hers, a question in their dark depths.

She whispered, “Yes.”

And he thrust….hard. Again. And again. “Oh, yes,” she moaned again louder. Setting up a steady rhythm then, he drove into her again. And then again. Picking up the pace, hotter and harder with each stroke. He moved her hands so that both of hers were clasped in one of his. Then he used his free hand to hook her leg over his arm, allowing for an even deeper penetration, his eyes never leaving hers. Lara had never felt so filled. His pumping hips began a relentless pounding against her aching pussy. His need and demand setting her own ablaze.

Unbelievably, she could feel another climax rapidly approaching. Taut as a wire, the sweet agony twisted inside her, tighter and tighter.

It seemed to go on and on, the wet slapping noise of their bodies pushing them higher and higher. Finally Lara felt the pressure inside her snap. Her eyes closed, and she cried out his name on a long, moaning sob as the pulsing throbs of her orgasm wracked her body.

Michael’s mouth dropped and he kissed her throat, pausing to suck the skin above her pounding pulse. Just as her climax began to fade, she felt another sweet pain piercing her neck and she screamed out again as another orgasm hit. As her cunt clasped his cock, he grunted, and she felt the wet gush as his cum filled her pussy.

He dropped to the side and scooped her to cuddle against the solid warmth of his body. Lara nestled comfortably into Michael‘s sheltering arms. As she drifted to sleep heard him murmur, “I must leave before dawn, my sweet Lara. But I will return to you. We belong together now. Forever.”

In the morning when she awoke, she was alone. A single red rose on her pillow the only sign that he had ever been there.

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