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pussy eating

The Drive

By Wicked Wench | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

Our date is tonight and I have taken special care getting ready. I have anticipated our meeting all day and can barely contain the excitement that has spread through my body. After bathing in lavender scented water, I dry off and dress. I slip on a pair of purple and black satin thong panties and a beautiful black satin bra from Frederick's. I shimmy into a black miniskirt and a black lace V-necked top, which accentuates my breasts quite nicely. I contemplate nylons but it has been so hot lately that I decide to go without. I complete my outfit with black leather mules and some lip-gloss.


On the way to our prearranged meeting spot, I think of you. It seems I have waited so long to see you today and I am so wound up, fantasizing about our evening together. It is dusk, difficult for other cars to see inside my window, and I decide to wind myself tighter. Just the thought of you during my drive has made me so wet. I slip my hand down my chest, pausing to circle around my nipple, feeling it rise, rigid, against my bra. I pull on it, pinch it, arch slightly in my seat, and then continue my downward progression. My hand skims over my stomach, over the top of my thigh, then just underneath the hem of my skirt. It is difficult for me to pay attention to the drive but I can't help it. My hand slides slowly up the inside of my thigh. I picture you doing this to me as I slide one finger over my wetness. I begin to stroke myself, sliding my finger between my lips, rubbing and pressing on my clit, circling it and driving myself to distraction. I stroke myself faster, sliding one finger deep inside myself, so close to fulfillment, but then I see my exit.


You are there, waiting for me, so handsome, so elegant, so damned sexy. I pull in next to you and exit the car, and walk over to where you are standing. You lean over to press a kiss on my cheek and I turn so that our lips meet. I kiss you passionately and you respond, your tongue sliding over my lips, passing between them, your teeth tugging on my lower lip. Realizing that we are a little too public, you suggest we go on our way. I slide into my seat, my skirt rising just a bit, revealing a little thigh, and I see you watching my skirt as if willing it to rise. You tell me how wonderful it is to see me, how you have also been thinking about this moment all day, and we take off. As you are talking, I watch you, watch your strong hands on the steering wheel, your lips during conversation, the swell of your shoulders as you breathe, your thigh as it flexes when you accelerate. My hand steals across the console and rests on your thigh.


As you talk to me as I begin to caress your thigh, my fingers tracing up and down, feeling your muscles clench beneath my fingers. I see your erection, straining against your pants and I slide my hands lovingly over it, pausing to squeeze. I hear your breath catch as I slide the zipper down and release you. Your beautiful cock springs forward, into my waiting hand. My fingers close around it, squeezing you so firmly. Then I begin to stroke you. My hand slides up and down your shaft, applying then releasing pressure, my palm brushing over your head then teasing back down the length of your shaft. I lean over and flick my tongue over your head, teasingly, back and forth, before taking you fully into my mouth.


Realizing that we cannot continue to drive safely, you pull off into a secluded area and turn off the car. You grip my head and guide me up and down your cock. Your breath racing, you feel my tongue curl around you. I grip you with my hand and slide it up and down your cock, as it slides in and out of my waiting mouth. You moan my name and arch in the seat as I take you deeper and deeper. You tell me how damned good it is to have your cock so deep in my mouth but that you aren't ready for completion. You withdraw and order me from the car.


I obey, getting out of the car as you come around. You tell me to turn against the trunk and push me so my thighs are flush with it, my stomach pressed against the panel. You press yourself against me, crushing me, letting me feel your erection against the small of my back. My shirt rides up slightly, and my tattoo peeks out from beneath the hem--two butterflies in the wild, free, and a fairy crouched enticingly -- just as I am wild, free, and enticed with you. Your hands start beneath my head and slide down the sides of my throat, your lips following the same path. Your teeth nip lightly against the nape of my neck, then with more pressure, eliciting a moan of pleasure deep in my throat. Your hands slide over my shoulders and down my sides, resting on my hips, then traveling back up to cup both breasts. The lace shirt proves no barrier as your hand slides into the v, cupping my breasts and kneading them and your mouth bites my shoulder. I arch against you, laying my head on your shoulder, begging you to enter me, bite me harder, but you only laugh softly and continue to torment me, sliding your hands into the cup of my bra, pinching my nipples and pulling them so forcefully. I cry out in denial as your hands leave me, but I feel you slide down the back of my body, leaving you crouched at my feet.


Your hands are at my ankles and I feel them run up my legs, caressing my calves, teasing my inner thighs. You bend me against the car and I feel your tongue tracing my legs and teasing over my ass. You push my skirt higher until it is about my waist and you slide the thong over, allowing you full access to the most intimate part of me, wet and glistening beneath your gaze. You penetrate me with your fingers and then close your mouth over my clit, sucking fiercely.

Your tongue flicks across me and teases me as your fingers fuck me. I feel your tongue and your fingers tangle and I cry out with the sheer passion of this moment. Your tongue and hands are relentless and I moan your name as I orgasm, feeling the warmth spread across my thighs and throughout my body.


I feel you rise and press once more against me. You then slide your cock between my legs and penetrate me to the hilt. I gasp as you enter me and begin to moan as you withdraw then join me again. You keep a steady rhythm but you are tired of toying with me. You thrust into me, harder, faster, more demanding, telling me how you have waited to be wrapped inside of me all day. I can barely concentrate on your words, but the tone of your voice excites me, makes me strain against you in attempt to take you deeper and deeper. You laugh softly and run your hands up my back, entwine them in my hair and pull me against you, my back arched as you lean over and once again bite my shoulder. You urge me on, your breath in my ear as you continue to fuck me. One hand stays in my hair as the other travels the curve of my back and hip, and then spanks me. My skin tingles and the pain is sharp, but oh, so desired! You thrust into me and spank me again, harder, faster. I can feel myself cresting again, ready to cum as you pump in and out of me. I cannot contain myself anymore and scream as I cum all over your cock, clenching about you, feeling you strain and tighten inside of me. You thrust into me forcefully one last time as you achieve fulfillment and you collapse against me, teeth lightly skimming my neck.


You rise, pulling my skirt back into its proper place and turn me. Our lips meet and tangle, our tongues clashing against each other. You leave me breathless, as always. You pull back slightly, smile beneath my gaze and ask, "Now where was it that we were going again?"

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