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Erotic Story Art 

Stripping for you

By Ginger | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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3 piece canvas making love print for bedroom

Walking up to her slowly, smile on his face, she wonders what he’s thinking as she smiles back. He cups her face in his strong hands and whispers against her mouth “I couldn’t stop thinking of you all day”. Her smile brightens as she asks “why, what were you thinking?” He says “Because you were crying when I left earlier, I shouldn’t have left”. Her heart starts thumping a little harder as she realizes his care for her. “I was tired baby, I needed some sleep is all”, she reassures him. He leans over to kiss her softly and says “I’m glad you are feeling better”. His lips return to her…a tender but deeper kiss last between their lips.

He pulls back and says “I like staring into those beautiful eyes”.

Rubbing his neck a little he looks at her and asks “WoW, my neck is killing me, will you rub it for me?”

Softly she lays her hands on his shoulders and rubs up his neck applying pressure and moving back to his shoulders, squeezing a little harder, rubbing them”.

He lets out a low moan “hmmmmmmmm”

She smiles to herself as she continues.

He looks up and at her and grabs the back of her head pulling her close to kiss her driving his tongue deep inside exploring her mouth…slapping it against hers.

Startled her eyes pop open as she feels driven to explore his mouth tasting him.

Pulling his tongue away he sucks her bottom lip into his mouth as he pulls his head back.

She places her hands on either side of his face cupping him tenderly in her grasp….eyes looking at his hoping that he will open his to see the desire she has for him.

He opens his eyes looking deeply into hers he pulls her back down for another kiss.

Returning his kiss with deep passion and desire…her hands move to his shoulders and tug him forward closer to her.

He reaches his hand up to touch both sides of her face as their kisses deepen more…passion building.

Her hands moving…wondering down his arms and back up to his shoulders as she softly lets her fingers trail along his skin…feeling him…kissing along his chin to his cheek…to his ear…he breaths in deeply wanting his scent to fill her.

Wanting her so bad his heart beats faster and faster.

Her hands grip his shoulders tighter as she pulls him against her…her breasts pressed hard against his chest feeling his heart beat against hers which is racing…breathing in deeply she whispers “oh baby I can’t get enough of you”.

Kissing her harder he pulls her shirt off and looks down at her breasts pressed hard against his chest as he gets harder and harder he whispers “baby please…I want you”.

Stepping back she looks at him…into his eyes…up and down his body…noticing his bulge…her pussy aches…throbbing…she feels herself getting wetter…her legs tremble slightly as she smiles at him…slowly removing her bra…watching his eyes on her…

His eyes following her every move…not being able to wait to have her…he puts his hand inside his pants and starts rubbing his cock as she undresses.

Thinking to herself ‘mygod it turns me on having him watch me’ she lets a strap fall from her shoulder…then the other…reaching behind she undoes the clasp and crosses her arms in front of her…breasts squeezing together…she looks back at him.

He looks over at her waiting to see her breasts…squeezing his cock a bit tighter…watching her he moves his hand up and down the shaft…wanting her…hardly being able to wait to feel himself inside her.

She watches him pump at his hard cock…her pussy floods with her juices…so turned on…letting her bra drop to the floor…her breasts exposed before him…her hand reaching for them as she watches his eyes on her.

He rubs his cock harder and faster…waiting for her to climb on top of him and ride him hard.

Her hands trail down her tummy…biting her bottom lip as she slips one hand down into her pants…throwing her head back slightly she lets out a soft gasp.

“ohhhhh godddddddd” he says wanting to close his eyes but not being able to…watching her…rubbing himself harder…wanting her…moaning…

She takes her hand out and turns slightly to the side…hands grasp the waist of her pants taking hold of the thong under them and slowly beginning to lower them from her body until they rest on the floor…grabbing her ankles she looks up to him and grins slightly…her eyes telling him how much she’s enjoying driving him crazy.

His eyes looking her body up and down he pulls his hand out of his pants and slowly removes them…watching her and taking his cock in hand he starts to squeeze it…then rubbing up and down he feels himself pulsate in his hand…wanting her…needing her…lusting…precum spurting onto his fingers as he rubs harder.

Slowly she lifts one foot out of each pant leg…she begins her upward ascent…hands trailing over her soft milky soft skin…higher and higher…over the front of her thighs…placing one hand over her neatly trimmed pussy as her other hand moves higher to one of her breasts…finding her nipple and tracing it in a circle before gripping it tightly as she watches him looking at her…she watches him pumping his cock…wanting him.

His look tells her that he wants her…letting out a sigh he whispers “come here and ride me baby…oh fuck me please”.

Turning to face him she raises her other hand to her breast…each in her hands as she traces the nipples and pinches them…shivers shoot through her body as the heat intensifies…her nipples so hard…she licks her lips to moisten them…watching him…her eyes getting narrow issuing a warning.

His cock throbbing for her pussy as he reaches out a hand and pulls her to him telling her “I won’t bite unless you want me too”.

Pushing him back slightly she places her hands back on her breasts grinning at him…wanting him to wait…to drive him so crazy that he can’t take it no longer…she lifts her hands to her chest…to her neck…lifting her hair…she leans her head back and lets out a sigh knowing that his eyes are on her…her body aches…wanting to feel him against her…she lowers one hand down her chest…tummy…to her lower belly…hand finding her pussy…cupping it in her hand…taking a finger and parting the lips…lifting her head to look at him again.

He takes a hand and grabs his balls watching her play with her pussy…rubbing his balls as he strokes his cock with his other hand…licking his lips…moaning slightly…”I need you baby…ohhhhhhhhhh…god…please…fuck me please…ohgodddddd I want to feel my cock deep inside you”…precum on his fingers…spreading his legs…wanting her.

She takes hold of his hand lifting it to her mouth as she sucks on each one…tasting him.

She comes closer to him and he reaches out to rub her clit between two fingers…she kneels down between his legs and bends to kiss the tip of his cock…slowly circling it with her tongue…licking it softly…lowering her mouth…feeling his cock slide along her tongue to the back of her mouth…she sucks hard before letting him out of her mouth…she looks at him and grins.

Looking down at her smiling…wanting her to go down on him again…cock throbbing in her hand…he throws his head back and grips the sheets wanting her…”oh godddddd”.

Her hand tightens around his cock as she leans down and licks the tip again…full…slow…lick…then kissing and licking down the shaft to his balls she takes them into her mouth one at a time…letting her tongue rub on them before letting them out of her mouth…she licks back up the shaft to the head…kissing it…letting out a soft moan…quickly shoving it into her mouth…holding him there as she sucks harder…pulling him out of her mouth she looks at him…grin indicating how much she’s enjoying doing this to him…leaning back down she replaces his cock into her mouth…to the very back…sucking him…lifting…her hand pumping him as she licks the tip and puts him back into her mouth sucking harder.

Wanting her sweet pussy he begs “please baby I want to be inside your pussyyyyyyyy ohhhhhhh godddddddd…fuck me baby”.

Pulling him out of her mouth she straddles his legs…kneeling above his cock…holding him tightly in her hand…placing him at her waiting, aching entrance…she looks at him and grins again.

Pulling her down to him he kisses her..wanting her to guide him into her sweet pussy.

She rubs the head of his cock against her clit and lets out a soft sigh “ohhhhh goddddddd”…trailing the head of his cock back to her waiting wet entrance…slowly she lowers herself onto his cock…ohgodddd…slowly…wanting to feel every inch penetrate her tight pussy.

He lets out a moan as it pierces her pussy…feeling her warmth…he grabs her ass and squeezes…guiding her all the way down onto his cock.

Feeling him slide into her wet hot pussy…godddddddddddd she’s so turned on…feeling him go deeper…every inch…until he is all the way in and she pressed down and grinds against him

Thrusting his hips up and driving into her all the way then letting it out slowly as he sucks on her firm tits.

Placing her hands on his chest she begins to bob up and down on his cock…riding him…feeling him slide in and out of her pussy “ohhhhhhhhhgoddddddddd yesssssssssss”

“yessssssss” he screams “that’s it….ohhhhhh…god…yesssssss…oh god baby…….fuckkkkkkkkkkkk…ohhhhhhhhh god”.

Up and down…stopping to grind down against him…picking up pace…”ohmygoddddddddd”…fucking him…his hard cock feeling so good deep inside her.

He begins to slam her ass down with his hands feeling her deeper…harder.

Reaching down with one hand…she takes two fingers…placing them on either side of his cock to feel him diving in and out of her pussy…ohgod it’s so wet.

His cock throbbing as it moves smoothly in and out of her sweet pussy “ohhhhhh goddddddd” like it belongs there…like it has always wanted her.

“ohmygodddddddddd yesssssssssss baby…feel it”… as she takes one of his hands and places it between them “ohgoddddddddddd I’m going to cum…baby cum with me”.

He can feel it rushing up his cock…holding back…waiting for her to tell him when to cum…wanting to feel her cum with him.




Yesssssssssssssss ohgodddddddd yesssssssssssss



“WoW WoW oh god WoW” he says over and over…”my god that was awesome”

She grins weakly at him…they kiss…breathing settling…hearts racing…they hold each other…planting little kisses on each others face…tongues licking each other…tasting…as they ready to have wild sex again.

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