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Erotic Sex Story Art Fucking Couple by Samarel Eros

Two Way Street

By Arni Tulane | Erotic image by Samarel


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“Hey Babe!”

It is my high school’s football team’s quarterback that thought every girl in school wanted to go to bed with him, has had four divorces, and apparently not get his hard on to cooperate with his desires.

This is the first time he’s come on to me though. I am a black girl. He is white as the clouds on a spring day. And his cock is reputed to be pretty darned small. Not that I’ve seen it ... yet.

His eyes glued on my chest, he asks me, “Wanna go get a soda or sumthin?”

I look him straight in the eye. “I’ve heard you have a pencil cock, is it true?”

His hostility jumps out of his face. “Who the fuck told you that bullshit?”

“Is it true?” I ask again. Everyone standing within ten feet is listening while pretending not to.

“NO! No, it’s not true. I have a big cock.”

Red faced, he turns and hurries away. Laughter follows him.

He’ll never talk to me again, I hope.

Which would probably be best, at least for me.




“Sweetums!” Huge brilliant white smile surrounded by thick soft lips and a cute dimple in the middle of his chin. Shoulders as wide as doorways. And an enviable bulge in his crotch. “Wanna go sum place and fuck, darlin?”

He was one of those guys totally under the control of his cock. If he saw something that aroused him in the slightest, he went after it.

“How many times can you cum in one session?” I asked.

He blushed bright red. “Well, like maybe five times in an hour I guess.”

I grinned wickedly. “So if you can’t, I can cut your balls off, right?”

“What da fuck? Whut you want so much cum for?”

I chuckled. “I have a strong sex drive and will need a man that can cum five times a day. You’re not the man for me?”


“Yeah, five ... every day. More is fine, but not less. Don’t lie to me, cuz your balls are on the chopping block. Keep that in mind.”

He hurries away, most of everybody staring at me, probably wondering if I was joshing the guy.




I always thought he was a shy guy. Until today.

I was sitting in my café, enjoying my new book, when he asked if he could join me.

I said, “Sure, have a seat.”

He sat down, ordered a soda, then cleared his throat. “I’ve been thinking about your predicament, pardon the pun.”

I put my book down. I have to admit that was a mighty fine pun. Double layered pun, at that!

I grinned at him.

He winked at me then said, “Science says no one man can meet your womanly needs, so I spent a few hours researching your dilemma. Found out some interesting things.”

I was intrigued. “Like what?”

“Well, things like Black Women are far more sexually active than white women.”

“No shit, Sherlock! Any color of woman is more sexually active than American white women. American white women have been taught since birth that sex is simply a means of controlling her husband.”

He grinned. “Caused me two divorces. That’s why I am researching this so heavily. I’ll never marry a white woman again, that’s for sure.”

I could see the pain in his eyes. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”

He shook his head as he waved the thought away. “Ah, I’m over it now. That was ten years ago.”

“The second thing I found out is that women that participate in sports are usually more sexually receptive than those that don’t.”

I nodded again. It was certainly true of me.

“Third, in the ‘olden days’ a lot of women were the head of household, so to speak, and could have more than one husband. So ... if she needed to get laid, she just selected a couple of them to service her needs.”

“Smart!” I said. I couldn’t help myself, I started grinning.

“Fourth, the size of a man’s cock is only relevant if a woman is blessed with a huge vagina. A woman’s clitoris is not her most pleasurable pleasure point.”

“What is?” I asked, even more intrigued.

“Her G-spot.”

I leaned forward and said in a hushed tone, “Want to show me where that is in my tight little black pussy?”

He grinned and winked, “I thought you would never ask, gorgeous!”

“Let’s go in my office and you can teach me.” I took his hand and led him past my customers, winking at them as we walked by.

Their eyes told me that they had an inkling of what might well happen. The women seemed a bit intrigued, even though their eyes told me they disapproved ... but were mad at me for intending to enjoy myself with this handsome white man, and felt a bit jealous of me for not being afraid to enjoy my black sexuality.

The men’s eyes just showed jealousy that I was with him, not them.

I locked the door to my office, then moved my coat from the couch I used to nap on if needed to.

His arms surrounded me from behind, his hands caressing my belly. He softly kissed my neck, then whispered, “Please tell me if I do something you don’t like, beautiful.”

I pulled his hands up to my breasts. “Consider these your toys, sexy man.”

He moaned slightly. He chortled, “I’m the luckiest man in history, then.” He gently cupped my breasts as he pressed his hard cock against my ass.

“Don’t be afraid to play with my nipples, or to take my clothes off me. We need to both get naked so I can scope out your naked body.” I turned to him and started stripping off his shirt.

He raised his arms so that I could slide his shirt up and off.

Then I unbuckled his belt.

“Just so you know, I’m a three year virgin. You don’t have to worry about STDs. I was tested since my last disaster ... with a white woman.”

I giggled. “I’ve been tested to, even though I’ve only had sex with men that had already been tested.”

I unfastened his jeans. Letting them drop.

I fondled the bulge in his underwear. ‘Not bad!’ I thought. ‘Probably about 7 inches and an inch and a half in diameter.’

I bent over and lowered his briefs.

His cock sprang up and bounced off my forehead.

I giggled.

He giggled.

Then he took all my clothes off, including my shoes, kissing me everywhere as he did so. Including both feet and all my toes.

“I love the color of your skin, sweetie,” he murmured.

“I love the color of your skin too. So nice to be able to see whose parts are whose when you fuck me!”

“If it’s black, it’s mine, if it’s white, it’s yours,” I said.

I noticed he had no hair around his genitals. I looked at him with a question in my eyes.

“I pluck my hair while I masturbate,” he explained.

My hand explored the smoothness of him down there.

Then I lay back on the couch, raised my legs and spread them. “Show me what you’ve been reading about, sexy.”

He knelt before me, kissed my pussy lips softly, then opened my private purse.

He licked then suckled my clittie. I was shocked by how well he did it. Best I had ever felt, by far.

He slipped two fingers into my opening.

He moved his fingertips around in me for a bit, both side to side and in and out.

It felt wonderful

Then he touched a spot that literally rang my bell.

His mouth was suckling on my clit, his fingers were stimulating that spot of incredible sensitivity inside me.

“Think I found it!” he gurgled around my clit.

It felt incredible! What had he called it? My G-spot, I remembered.

He was manipulating her in ways I can’t describe.

My mouth was open, my eyes were closed, my pussy was glorying in the indescribable ecstasy of a rapidly approaching orgasm. I had never ever gotten this turned on this fast!

“Oh fuck ... I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

That made him redouble his efforts.

I exploded!




I heard someone crying. I didn’t recognize the voice.

I opened my eyes.

It was the guy that had provided me with such a spectacular orgasm!

He wailed, “Oh god, I’ve killed her! What should I do? Oh, maybe ... maybe mouth to mouth.”

He rushed to me, and started pumping my chest, then he put his mouth on mine and blew in several times before I could push him away.

He looked at me staring back at him. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry if I hurt you in any way,” he explained

I giggled.

He looked confused.

“I passed out from having such a fantastic orgasm is all. Thank you for that!”

“So you’re alright?”

I nodded, staring into his blue yes, patting his cheek consolingly.

“What cha wanna do to me now, sexy man?”

It took a few minutes for him to forgive himself for causing me to lose consciousness.

I explained that it takes some fabulous sensations to get a woman to the point where she actually passes out during an orgasm.

He admitted he had read about it somewhere, but had never experienced it before.

“It’s not in any of the pornos that you watched?”

His white face blushed bright red.

I added, “It’s okay that you watch porn, I do too. Wanna do it together next time?” I giggled, hoping to sound sexy and excited about it.

I put my hand on his crotch. He wasn’t totally soft. “Wanna fuck me again, in some other way. That last one was fantastic, but let’s not stop there, studly. Let’s explore other ways. And don’t be afraid to cum in me, if you want to.”

He grinned. “I have another technique I read about. Wanna try it?”

I nodded. My eyes went to his dick. His dick was growing longer and thicker again.

He put me on my back, then raised my legs, folding them back beside my chest.

He stood next to my butt as he opened me then inserted his penis.

He bent his knees enough that his scrotum caressed my anus.

Then he started to go in and out of me. “I want my dick head to hit that same spot that I was caressing you with my fingers last time. Tell me if I hit it, okay?”

It took a couple of strokes, but suddenly I felt it! “Right there! Right there,” I urged.

He started hitting my hot spot more and more often, his testicles dragging across my asshole each time he thrust into me.

Once he got a feeling for where my pleasure spot was, he kept a steady rhythm going, his penis hitting my G-spot, his testicles dragging across my ass with each stoke.

Then he reached down and started playing with my black nipples.

“Feeling okay, sweetheart?” I think he was still a little worried.

“Feels wonderful, studly! Keep it up, don’t be afraid to fuck me with harder strokes if you want to.”

He kept playing with my nipple on one breast, but moved his other hand to diddle my clittie.

In less than two minutes, I exploded again.




As I drifted back, I heard him humming softly. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw that he was texting on his phone.

When he realized I was awake again, he smiled at me. “You are incredible, girl!”

I felt my smile broaden, even though I could not yet talk out loud.

Wow what an O! In fact, every one of the orgasms I had had with this guy were fantastic.

His phone dinged as somebody got back to him.

He looked up and smiled at me. “I just had an idea, so I texted a group of friends. They all agreed with me.”

I arched my eyebrows to encourage him to share his idea with me.

“Are you having trouble talking?” he asked, anxiety again showing in his expression.

I managed a bit of a nod.

“Okay, well, do you want me to tell you about it now or wait till you’re more recovered?”

I mouthed, ‘Now.’

He chuckled. “You are incredible! Okay, I texted a group of buddies that enjoy the same sort of sex stories and pornos that I do. I told them I have had an incredible time with you and asked them if they were open to meeting with you and talk about my idea.”

I raised my eyebrow in question.

“I told them about how you like to have sex five times a day.”

I held his eye,

“And I told them how fantastic your cute little black pussy feels when I am enjoying it.”

He blushed from being so blunt.

“And I asked them if they were open to being fuck dolls for you so that you can get the sex you want every day.”

He placed his hand on my left breast. “Have I jumped the gun, here, babe?”

I managed to shake my head slightly.

“Whew! Okay, good, I was excited about finding a way to help you meet your sexual needs. Clearly no single man is ever going to be able to single handedly provide you enough sex. So maybe if we get a gang of men that want to fuck you daily, we could get there. Know what I mean?”

His eyes were staring at my naked cunt.

“So, would you like to go with me to meet these guys, and discuss how we could, as a group, meet your needs?”

I was able to nod.

“Before we go, can I fuck you again? You are a fantastic fuck!”

I nodded.

He climbed on top of me and stuck his cock in, then started pumping.

I was delighted to feel my sheath squeezing his cock with every withdrawal. It was like I was finally doing it without having to think about it. And it did feel good to have his glans drag across my G-spot with every stoke.

He fucked me for about ten minutes, every thrust a veritable delight.

“Gawd you’re so wet and tight!” He grunted a couple of times.

Then he slammed his pecker home and left it deep inside me as he came again.

Even though it had felt wonderful, I didn’t cum this time.

He left his cock in me to soak, sometimes pushing against my opening a little bit.

Then he chuckled. “Gawd what a cunt you have, gorgeous lady! Fantastic tits, perfect ass, and a cunt to die for. Incredible! The way your sexy black cunt squeezes my cock every time is to die for. WOW!!!!”

He carefully rolled off of me. His cock “popped” when it pulled out of me.

We both giggled.

He helped me dress. I helped him dress, even stuffing his cock into his underwear for him.

We took his car. We met his buddies at a little restaurant that I had never been to. We had a private dining room, thank goodness.

Every eye was scoping me out when we walked in. He must have told them what they wanted to hear.

He formally introduced me, then lifted my dress to show everyone my cunt opening, as we had agreed on the ride over. “This is her incredible fuck hole. Best fuck ever!” He inserted his middle finger to everyone’s applause, fucking it in and out of me noisily.

He told them how I clench on his cock every time he withdraws while he is fucking me.

The guys started getting hard. They couldn’t take their eyes off of me.

Someone said, “Show us her tits too.”

I raised my top so that everyone could see the treats that they would have access to. Most of the guys murmured “Damn!” as they starred at my hooters. I tweaked my nipples and then shook my titties as their eyes stared at their jiggles.

“Anyone want to finger fuck me?” I asked, looking from face to face.

Clearly the guys were not used to a female being this ‘Open and available’ to them.

I reiterated that I want to be able to have sex at least five times a day, such as: when I wake up, at noon, after work, when I go to bed, and then around 2 or 3 in the morning when I always wake up to pee.

There were seventeen guys that committed to fucking me every day. They split their duties up so that three would stop by every morning at about 6 o’clock, then three would stop by my work at noon, so I could make good use on my noon-hour break. Then three agreed to meet me at my apartment at 6 each evening. Three more promised to show up every night at around ten in the evening. And then, anyone of them that could stay over would be my fucks when I woke up to pee.

I was in seventeenth heaven.

And these guys have all lived up to their word. Every day. Every night.

Sometimes they show up more than once during the day too.

There is not a second of the day that my vagina is not swimming in spermies.

I have never been so happy in my whole life.

And the guy that put all of this together for me ... he is living with me now, and fucks me whenever he wants to. And knows I will never say no to his cock. NEVER!

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