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Oral Sex for Women erotic story illustration

His Magical Tongue

by Ginger | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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As I feel his hands and lips softly, gently moving along my feet and calves I find my mind drifting to the back of my head. I feel as though I were floating. On a cloud perhaps. So rested, so wonderfully relaxing. Each new kiss sending a soft shock up my legs causing them to tingle in delight.

As he moves higher, to my thighs I am not as relaxed... my heart quickens it's pace and my breathing gets more shallow, labored. My mind rushing in thoughts of his moving higher. My pussy "gasping" in anticipation of when, IF that might happen. Laying there, bare, beneath him as his hands and mouth explore my body.

His hands following the curve of my hips. The shivers shooting up my legs reaching my shoulders causing me to shudder slightly.

His hands across my stomach making my back arch to meet his touch. His mouth closer to my mound. Through my panties I feel his hot breath on me. Stirring me, coaxing me on. Pleading for my arousal to become much more than it is at this very moment.

My pussy aches and throbs... the more I feel his breath, each tender press of his lips against my mound. I want to remove my panties for him, help him, hurry him along... but I stop myself, liking how he's tugging on them with his teeth... allowing him to remove them himself. Hardly being able to believe that I am remaining under control enough to allow him to do this to me. Cause me to feel this way. Making myself vulnerable to him.

Feeling my panties slide slowly off my legs... his mouth coming down on my pussy lips... sending a shock through me, aching me to meet his mouth "oh god yes" I find myself saying in my mind. My heart beating faster yet. OHGOD how I want to grab his head and burry his face between my legs.

His licking and sucking becomes more urgent. I can't help but grab hold of his head. Holding him firmly between my legs. Begging him for more, for release... PLEASEEEEEEEE

His tongue darting in and out of my slit like a hot little rod. Sending wave after wave of fire through my body. GOD YES

Bucking against his face, my grasp tightening as I feel myself begin to release. His slurping sounds sending me over the edge as my cum flows around his tongue. He laps at me, I feel myself cum again. Ahhh

His kisses moving along my stomach, up to my chest, kissing under each breast as my body tries to relax. He sucks a nipple into his mouth, gentle twisting it, and then moving to the other. Same treatment being given before he begins nibbling on my neck, my chin... pausing a moment to look deeply into my eyes. Mine gazing back at him in disbelief of what just happened. My pussy still aching.

Before his mouth devours mine he proclaims his desire, his need to make love to me.

Our tongues dance together as though professional partners practicing for a finale. Tasting him in my mouth, tasting myself on his tongue and lips MMMmmmm licking and sucking on him.

I feel his hardness between us. I yearn, ache, need rushes through my being to feel him deep inside me.

He slips the head inside me, my wetness urging him in... the heat calling... he slowly shoves himself deeper into me. I let out small soft gasps as I feel the wonderfulness of his cock consume me, fill me. God I need him.

I wrap my legs around him as his pumping picks up speed. My arms grasped tightly around him as my pussy milks at his cock. YES oh god YES more moreeeeeeee I love your cock so deep inside me. Show me... fill me... complete me...

He bucks faster and faster... my thrusts upward meeting his coming down into me. Hard... fucking me harder... YES baby ohgod

CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG ohgod yes cumming together

I clutch him to me as he fills me with his hot cum.

MMMmmmm how wonderful.

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