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Silk Scarf and Red Rose

by Ginger | Erotic sex art by Samarel


Order this amazing 3 piece erotic wall art print and decorate your bedroom.

3 piece canvas making love print for bedroom

She pushes her key into the lock turning it and opening the door. She stops suddenly and stares, a dozen candles are lit in the room a small table sitting in the middle of the room with a candle on it, two silk scarves and a single red rose! She walks in a few steps, then walks over to the table. Suddenly she hears the door shut and she turns around and there he is standing, with his back to the door looking at the floor. She smiles because all he has on is his robe. She asks, "what's going on here baby?" He raises his eyebrows slightly looking at her, a sly half grin appears on his lips. Her body tingles because she has seen that grin before, she knows what that grin means and she feels herself become very excited suddenly. He stands himself up and she notices the bulge in the front of his robe, the site makes her gasp. He walks toward her, she starts to speak but he places a finger to his lips…


shhhh....placing the same finger on her lips. He whispers to her "close your eyes don't talk just close your eyes" She does just as he says and closes her eyes smiling to herself. Then she feels the soft silk scarf wrap around her head covering her eyes, now she can't help but smile. Then silence…she wonders what is happening. Suddenly she feels his hot breath on the back of her neck. He whispers to her "I know you want me don't you??" She smiles, then she feels his hands pulling the straps of her tank top down. She moans with pleasure as his hands cup her tits feeling them and he undoes her bra and it falls to the floor. His hands running down her tummy as he undoes her jeans and slides them off. Then gently tugging at her panties he slips them off helping her step out of them. Then suddenly…nothing…no touch…no sound…


she waits. Then she feels his hand running down her arm pulling it behind her back gently then the other…then feels the scarf…he ties her hands behind her back. Again nothing…then she feels his hot breath on her neck…then her lips…he whispers "umm baby I got you right where I want you" She then feels something brush across her nipples…she moans as she realizes it is the rose. He pulls the rose across her tits lightly…up her neck…her body stiffens…her pussy begins to get wet. Running the rose across her neck…down her back…to her ass…to the front where he brushes it lightly across the swollen lips of her now wet pussy. She moans loudly feeling the sensation…smelling him all around her. She then feels his large hands on her shoulders…his lips on her neck…kissing her…his hands find her tits…massaging them.


She gasps as he pulls her head back…his lips finding her as his tongue enters her mouth…his hand slides down her tummy finding her swollen clit. She moans loudly as he pushes one finger after another into her wet…hot…pussy…working them in and out while he kisses her neck and shoulders. She shudders at his touch…her body is racked with intense orgasms. He slows his pace as she leans back on him trebling…sighing softly…he lowers her to her knees…still breathing heavily she wonders "my god what now" then she feels his hard…hot…shaft against her cheeks she smiles as he rubs his hard stiff cock on her face brushing it across her lips . She opens her mouth as he slides the head past her eager lips. Sliding his shaft into her mouth…feeling her tongue tease it as goes in. He places both hands on the side of her head guiding it on his hard cock. She sucks on it loudly as he thrusts it in and out of her mouth.


"Yes" he moans as she takes all his long hard cock into her throat. His legs start to tremble as he pulls his cock from her mouth placing it on her lips…he strokes it wildly…he explodes…shooting his cum in spurts on her lips…her face…pushing it back into her mouth as she sucks the cum out of his cock till it softens in her mouth. He collapses to his knees reaching behind her untying her hands…now free she wraps them around his neck as he pulls her blindfold off wiping her face with it…smiling at her he looks into her eyes and with that sly grin he says "welcome home baby I love you!" She smiles…looks at him and says "damn right baby" and falls into his arms. He reaches down picks her up…carries her into the bedroom…placing a knee on the bed he gently lowers her and himself onto the bed. She snuggles into his chest listening to him breathe she knows he is asleep now but she smiles knowing also she would soon taste that hard cock and feel it deep inside her smiling she closes her eyes and drifts to sleep.

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