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The proposal

by Liez and Arny | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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We were both still breathing hard, after a wonderful evening of sex, when he, out of the blue, said, “Will you marry me?”

I have to be honest, I’d been thinking about that for a while.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful guy!





And about a hundred other equally positive adjectives.

I guess I used my giggle, and being out of breath, to delay my answer.

I put my hand on his little, finger-sized dingus and began to stroke him again.

This was the third time in about three hours. I faked breathing harder than I really needed to as I turned over on my side and kissed him on his cheek. “Wanna fuck again?”

He was still young enough (I was 18, he was 22) that it turned him on. He started to harden.

I admit it, I am one horny little she-devil. I honestly think I could fuck fifty guys and be ready for more.

Don’t get me wrong, I never have fucked fifty guys. Although I have fantasized about it a number of times. You know, a whole room full of guys with hard cocks and full balls that are constantly touching my titties and my butt as they take turn after turn fucking me full of their cummies . . . .

Yeah, I fantasize about that sort of thing all the time.

But Daryl is sort of a one-woman kind-of-guy. At least I thought so until this series of events transpired.

I am not a one-man kind-of-girl. I just love sex. LOTS of sex.

Last time I went to the doctor (a woman, thank god) I told her in strictest confidence that I was oversexed.

She asked me what that meant.

I told her about how much I loved fucking (I used the term sexing) more than anything else in my life. I asked her if that was normal, if I should be doing something to be more like everyone else?

She grinned and winked at me. “Young lady, you are both lucky and cursed by this proclivity. Lucky because sex is a highly rewarding pastime. But cursed because as you age, you will most likely want more and more sex, even though the men around you will be able to provide you with less and less sex. It’s a normal part of aging.

“Also, most American white women hate sex, so their husbands are always horny. American white women have been taught from birth that any good girl doesn’t want, nor do they enjoy, sex. It gets in the way of being happily married. So sad .....

“There are two subjects which couples fight about more than anything else.

“Sex, and money.”

She looked at me with compassionate eyes.

I sat there, feeling like a fool, like a weirdo ... like an unworthy outcast.

She put her hand on my arm. “Don’t get me wrong, young lady,” she continued. “Black women and Latino women and in almost every other country in the world, even the white women, like sex. It’s just here in America that white women teach their little girls that sex is a bad thing. It is NOT a bad thing. In fact, it is a wonderful thing. Without sex, a couple has very little chance of a happy marriage.”

I had tears in my eyes.

“So, my advice is that you carefully pick a partner, husband, or lover, that accepts you for what you are, a woman that LOVES sex. And they must be able to love you regardless of your sexuality. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I sat quietly for a while, my eyes out of focus, as I contemplated her wisdom.

Then I nodded. “Thank you.”

I put my free hand on Daryl’s cheek as I turned his face to look into my eyes, “Yes, I will, Darling, BUT ....”





I mounted his hips, guiding his pencil-dick into my needy little opening. I moved up and down, knowing he was running on a spent libido. From past experience, I knew that he could not cum again. But I also knew that he bragged to his buddies about how much I loved sex. His buddy’s girlfriends had told me that. Their knowing, curious stares, even their side-eyed glances as they glanced at my body, made me feel embarrassed.

My body is sort of middle of the road sexy. My butt is slightly bubbled. My boobs are fairly large, and my nipples respond well to another human’s touch.

And my cunnie LOVES being penetrated and filled with sperm.

I tend to fantasize about being sexed by men with thick penises, that slam themselves into me over and over until they fill me with their sperm. And my fantasy almost always involves more than one man. Sometimes a lot of men.

Daryl is shamed by his tiny little pencil dick. But he really is a great man in every other way.

So when my cumming slowed down, I decided to put my demand to the test.My whole body seemed captured in the thrills running up inside my tummy. My mind couldn’t quite get to the point where I could talk yet. I tend to turn mute when I get turned on to fever pitch. Mostly just moans and groans as I rise to another orgasm.

As usual I started visualizing a bunch of guys fucking me. No one man in particular. But lots of strangers were very much enjoying my naked body. As I’ve said, my fav fantasies is when strangers cum inside my fertile vagina.

After a shorter than usual ramp up time, I came again, then collapsed onto his chest.

His little pencil dick was still inside me, though no longer hard.

I waited until I caught my breath, then kissed him, then said, “Hon, I will marry you with one condition. The condition is that I can have sex with any man I choose to, at any time, as often as I want to. I must be free to participate in any sex act of my choosing without having to ask your permission. Can you live with that?”

I grinned when, against all odds, I felt his spent, over used pencil sized penis begin to surge to hardness within me.




At my bachelorette party, I had seven men join me in a nearby resort room. We had been explicit in their invitations, explaining that I wanted them to save up their sperm for at least a week, preferably two weeks, so they could make a huge deposit in my little sperm piggy bank. I told them to arrive ready to teach me what they liked best when they were having sex with a woman.

They were all single guys.

The anticipation of waiting for the party drove me stark raving mad.

I told Daryl his job was to be at the party to make sure that I was safe, and to video the party so we could watch it together on our anniversaries.

I told him he had to watch a bunch of porn so he could learn what made a good porn video.

I think he appreciated me being up front with him about watching porn. He stopped locking the door to his office when he went in there.

My roommate, Lindi, caught him whacking on his little pencil-dick once. Her eyes looked at me, full of pity.

I told her about the conditions of our pending marriage.

She got excited. “No kidding, you can have sex with whoever you want to? That’s incredible! Whether he’s there or not? Whether he is horny or not? Incredible!”

She and I have known each other since grade school. We have seen each other naked, gone skinny dipping together, even diddled each other a bunch of times. She knows how much I like sex. How much I enjoy sex. She was even there the first time I had sex with a man.

We had been homeless on the streets for quite a while together before our darling Deni spotted us one evening, late, and asked us if we wanted to ride with her to her house, where we could sleep in her guest bedroom.

That night we both took long luxurious showers, then crawled into two huge beds in Deni’s guest room. We felt like queens.

We’ve never slept anywhere other than at Deni’s house since that time. Except of vacations. Well, not until we met Rev.

But that’s a whole delightful story in itself.




Daryl asked me if it was okay with me if he invited his buddies over for the bachelorette party. I looked at him. His erection was rising, so there was something about this that got him going.

Just to make sure I understood, I asked “Are you saying they will be allowed to fuck me?”

He nodded, blushing and grinning.

“And If I don’t want to Fuck one of them, I get to say no?”

He nodded.

“And if I want to fuck all of them, that’s okay too?”

He nodded, eagerly.

I shrugged, “Okay then babe, as long it’s all up to me, then your buds can come over and join in the fun.”

I thought for a moment or two. “How many guys will you invite to come over?”

He blushed. “Everyone. Word got around, so it may be over twenty guys.”

I felt the wetness build inside me. Twenty different men. All there to do sexy things with me. I started to wonder if I should even invite any women to my party.

I started thinking about the guys he hung out with. Some of them were black guys.

“How many of them are black guys?” I asked, feeling my undies grow wet.

He shrugged. “Most of them, I guess.”

“Are they all about your size?”

“Do you mean their penis or their body?”

I snorked. This was getting interesting. “Dick.”

He blushed bright red. “Mine is the smallest of the whole group, babe. Sorry.”

I glanced down at his crotch. He was hard.

“This is going to work out great!” I thought.

Little did I know .............





The whole day of my bachelorette party I was trembling with excitement. My fantasies and growing sexual needs were driving me nuts. I kept visualizing myself on my back, legs spread wide, and man after man pleasuring himself inside me. By the time for the start of my party, I was at fever pitch.

I had already changed my soaked panties three times and my juicy jeans twice. It was everything I could do not to diddle myself. The heat of my excitement radiated through my trousers.

Daryl got home early so he could do final prep for the party.

I had not let him make love to me for a whole week.

I did let him watch me masturbate a couple of times. I squirted across the room once, hitting him square in the chest. He giggled and chuckled and laughed as he dried himself off.

His buddies started showing up about five minutes early.

No one was late.

Every man that came through the door was black. Many of them very dark black. None of them were fat. Every one of them stared at my body as they high-fived each other.

I couldn’t stand it, I started to unbutton my blouse.Four guys strode over, onemumbled, “Let us help you with that, ma’dear.”

I lowered my hands and drew back my shoulders, grinning, so excited I could barely stand up.

In 30 seconds, I was naked in a room filled with black men, and me and Daryl, of course.

Without asking, their dark, experienced hands started exploring my body.

I started moaning as they fingered me down there, groped my boobs, caressed my little white cunt, and my asshole.

One of them picked me up and carried me to the kitchen table, laying me down, then spread my legs wide apart.

“Here she is guys! Let’s fulfill her deepest fantasies for her.”

Every man in the room stripped naked so fast it sounded like thunder from their clothes hitting the floor.

I kept staring at their oversized cocks, each one rising to fertility as they again gathered around me, their hands busy touching me wherever they wanted to.

My nipples got harder than I ever remembered them becoming.

Fingers were exploring me deeply, spreading me wide open as other hands plucked at my nipples.

“Who’s going to breed me first?”I shouted.

I heard exciting mumblings about ‘breed her’.

Then a penis tried to enter my bunny hole, my bunny being used to Daryl’s pencil dick size, never before spread wider than he had opened me.

I heard the black man say, “God she’s tight!”

I pulled my knees up into my chest, holding my legs wide apart, mentally urging him to do whatever he needed to to open me wide enough to enter me.

“Use some lube if you need to,” I moaned.

Daryl appeared beside him and gooked a bunch of clear stuff into me.

Then the black man rubbed the head of his big black penis in the liquid before he steadied his penis before my bunny opening.

I don’t think I had ever been as excited and turned on as at that very moment.

I stared at his penis. It was soooooo much larger than Daryl’s little pencil dick! And sosososo black. Its head was a little lighter than his shaft.

He pressed it against my opening.

I grunted as it touched me.

I was in heaven! A black cock pressing on my vaginal opening! I wanted it to enter me in the worst way.

Even if it hurt, I wanted him in me!

“Fuck me hard and come in me,” I heard myself say.

He smiled at me. He had a gorgeous smile. White teeth, handsome face. His body was sculpted and muscled.

He shoved hard and the dark head disappeared into my opening.


A black cock was fucking into me! It hurt so good! I felt my body start to throb.

Black hands all over my body, playing with my titties, diddling my clit, black cocks rubbing on my tummy, my cheeks, my lips, my ears, my hands, my arms . . . . .

I started cumming.

I don’t think I stopped cumming the whole time they were all breeding me full of their cum.

All night long. The first time I looked at the clock it was past two in the morning.

I had load after load after load of black cum inside me. Some of them seemed to have a bucket of cum to expel. I felt my cunny hole bloating from all the sperm in me. I felt it running out of me and down across my azzi.

Whenever a new penis entered me, a huge glop of sperm would be forced out of me.

When I came back to sentience, I looked around, hoping that the guys were all still there.

I looked at Daryl. “Babe, let’s do this again on our wedding night, so all the guys can breed me before you get to. I want to do this a lot, baby!”

Daryl was grinning, though there were tears in his eyes.

Almost everyone was dressed by now. Except Daryl. His little wanker was pulsing as he stood there, staring at my grossly extended cunt hole.

“Is it your turn now, babe?” I whispered, staring at his pencil dick, unable to speak any louder.

It only took him two strokes to explode inside me.

The guy with the gorgeous smile was still there. “Want to spend the night with us?” I asked him. You can sleep in our bed with us and fuck me as much as  you want to tonight and tomorrow.”

He grinned. “I’d love to!”

“Maybe you could take me to your favorite bar and loan me out to your buddies tomorrow afternoon, and evening too?”

“Girl, I like your style!” he said with that gorgeous grin.

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