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I swallow hard

I swallow hard

by Ginger L

Erotic sex art by Samarel


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I pull you down on the floor with me pushing you back...straddle your legs...put my hands on your shoulders and look down at you.

Before placing my hands I could run them along your tummy and chest watching them slide along your skin *biting bottom lip*

Up along your sides...watching your face...your reaction to my touch.

As I slid my hands up to your shoulders I would have to move the lower half of me up as that I was more straddling your that my hands could reach in behind your neck and lift your head up to meet mine so I could lick at your mouth.

My mouth following where my hands were gliding across your tummy and chest so that I could taste you as I touch you.

Just thinking about even being close to that strong body of yours.

I swallow hard

Breathing weird


Grabs your hand and brings it around to my mouth licking at a finger before sucking it into my mouth and wrapping my tongue around it.

Turning around to look at you...while continuing to suck on your finger gently.

Removing your finger from my mouth and placing my hands in behind your head and biting my bottom can see in my eyes how much I want you.

Pulling your mouth closer to mine just so you can feel my breath on your mouth.

Reaching out my tongue to lick at your mouth lightly.

Feel my hands on your neck...wanting to kiss where my hands were.

As they travelled across your chest...your arms...your sides...your tummy.

Back up your neck pulling your mouth down onto mine...feeling your lips press against my mouth.

Opening my mouth to allow you in so I could taste your mouth on mine.

Feeling your passion...seeing the change of expression on your close to you...kissing you deeply...

Wanting you...

My hand moving from your neck down your chest...down your tummy... lower... feeling... slowly...MMMmmm

Moaning against your mouth as my hand reaches an area where your excitement is so noticable...and liking what I find.

Pulling away slightly to grin at you before licking at your lips and pressing down on them harder deepening the kiss more.

Excitement races through my body wanting you more.

Stepping way from you and watch eyes melting into yours letting you know the desire I have for you is so very strong...slowly I undo my blouse.

Placing a finger to your mouth and kissing with my finger between our lips...shhhhhhhh

Licking at your mouth again I step back and continue...watching as your eyes follow my movements...undoing each button slowly.

My blouse open but not parted lays against my skin as I take my hands and grab hold of my breasts and grin at you.

Slowly my hands move down...on the top of my the hem of my skirt...slowly working back up...lifting my skirt as I move my hands along my milky thighs.

Not lifting all the can't see what you so desperately want to see.

Your eyes follow my hands...


I hear the moans escape your lips wanting more.

My hands reach between my legs and I smile at you.

You can't see only know that my hand is where you want yours to be.

My head tilts back as that thought rushes through my mind.

Sliding my hand out from between my legs and slowly move both hands up my tummy parting my blouse as they move closer to my breasts.

My blouse falls open as my hands reach for my breasts and grabs them before you see what it is you want to see.

Shrugging out of my blouse so that it's just hanging at my elbows.

Your eyes move across my bare shoulders...

Across my chest...

Seeing my hands grasping my tits.

I watch your eyes on me.

My excitement rising more and more with every glare of your heated stare.

A soft moan escapes my lips as I move closer to you.

So close that you can't see my breasts when my hands leave them.

My hands on your shoulders I move them around and down...


Finding your ass...I grab and pull you against me.

You feel my tits press against your chest.


Kissing your shoulders I slowly move my mouth to your ear and breath softly before whispering...

"Tell me what you want"

Looking into your eyes...

Press my right thigh against the tightness of your jeans...

"Tell me what you want"

Moving my legs to either side of yours I place my hands on your shoulders.

Slowly I raise my arms straightening myself above you.

My breasts no longer pressing against your chest.

You look at them...

Wanting them...

Reaching your hands up you gently grab them...scared...not wanting to hurt...but needing...wanting so bad you want to just flip me over and have me right now.

I smile at you.


Your grasp tightens.

My hands move your your lower arms squeezing my tits together as you squeeze them...licking your lips.

Raising myself slightly on you before lowering my breasts directly in front of your face.

Your hands move to the sides...pinching at my nipples...

Licking your lips.

I look at you..."do it"

You cup my breasts in your hands and lift your head to lick gently between them.

A short sigh escapes from my mouth as I feel the softness of your tongue against my skin "MMMMmmmmmmmm"

Licking my lips as your tongue slowly brushes against my breasts getting closer to the nipple on the right side.

Pinching the left as your tongue darts out across the right...sending shivers through my body.


Feel the wetness growing between my legs...wanting you so your tongue takes turns licking at each of my nipples.

Sending wave after wave of shock through my body.

Pulling back slightly and looking down at look up and smile at me as I lower my mouth to yours and the kiss that connects us with such passion sends a shock wave through us both.

You buck up towards me as I grind down against you.

MMMMmmmmmmm god I want you so bad.

Your hands move up my arms and grab hold of my blouse and slide it off me.

Tossing it to the side your hands gently slide along my thighs...feeling every inch my my skin as you get closer and closer to my hips.

My skirt rises you see the black silkiness of my thong.

Reaching around you undo my skirt.

Reaching down I help by lifting my skirt above my hips.

Your hands move back around to my tummy.

A thumb trailing down below my belly button...lower...lower...MMMmmmmmmm

My hand move to yours resting on top as I guide you.

Your thumb slips under the soft lace material running along the edge just under.

I can't stand it no more I am about ready to beg you.

Noticing the look on my face you grin and slowly flick your thumb over my button.

A wave bolts through my body to your touch...wanting you now...ready to feel you deep inside me.

Your hands move to my waist and picks me up my knees wobbling to brace myself as you play with my thong before sliding it off my hips and down my thighs.

Over each knee slipping each side out off my leg.

Your hands moving slowly over the back of my legs sending shiver after shiver through me.

Reaching down between my legs I feel the wetness that had built for me and I look at eyes telling you that I am ready for you RIGHT NOW!

oh god I am so wet

My pussy is throbbing so much I want you...I need to feel you deep inside me.

Sliding down your thighs a bit I reach to undo your jeans.

My hand slipping inside.

My head tilting back oh god yesss....

Grabbing hold of your jeans I lean down to your mouth and tell you...

"I want these off RIGHT NOW"

Gently you grab my hips and lift me to the side as we both fumble to remove your jeans.

Sitting there you look at me and turn slightly.

You know what cums next....

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