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Eternal Kiss

by Tess MacKall | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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She slid her cunt up and down the metal pole, the hard driving rock pounding in her ears. Her glitter covered ass sparkled in the colored lights. Teasing, tempting, asking every man in the room to fuck her. Cara leaned back, extending her arm to let her fingers trail the stage floor, her long black hair sweeping the wooden planks. The blatant undulation of her hips against the pole, damn near inciting a riot. Not to worry. Big burly men formed a wall around the stage, keeping the wolves at bay.

The sleazy little club had suddenly become an overnight sensation, thanks to her.
Desperate for money, she'd walked in one day and asked for a job as a cocktail waitress. The owner offered her a job dancing instead, promising her a hundred bucks a night plus tips. No way did the coffee shop come close to that. Inside of a few weeks she could see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

She'd never stripped before and the thought of an all nude review terrified her to say the least, but drastic situations called for drastic measures and she quickly accepted. That night, for the very first time, she took to the stage and set the place on fire. The paltry few customers came unglued and the owner and bartender had to literally rescue her from the stage. That was a month ago and she was now dancing to a packed house, doing only one performance a night. One of twelve dancers and billed as the star, she pulled down a thousand bucks a night. No tips. No one was allowed to touch Cara.

Her hips swung around the pole, her hands caressing it, making love to the shiny metal. She kept her eyes closed, the far away expression on her face just as arousing as her naked flesh grinding against the steel. The music tumbled through her, touching the secret place that held her fantasies. Only the dance revealed her dark desires, the longings of her body.

The music stopped abruptly and she turned. Her long sensual strides took her down the runway and closer to her rapt audience. You could hear a pin drop. Not even the soft sound of a whisper penetrated the silence. They knew what she was about to do. They came back night after night just to watch.

She lowered herself to her knees, staring straight ahead. Finding him, she waited for the familiar stirrings to begin. She thought of him as her muse, but he was so much more. He was there that first night and every night since. Everything in the room faded away. There was only the two of them and she was his. Dressed all in black, his ebony hair spilled past his shoulders and to his waist. Lean and hard, he never smiled, only choreographed her moves.

A black fire burned in his eyes, leaping from his face and capturing her. She let its flame fill her and take her to that secret place. The swirl of colored lights went dark and a lone spotlight found her face, growing in size and intensity until it engulfed her body. The soft slow strains of a flute began to play and her body swayed with the singular sound. Her eyes joined with his, the flute consummating their union. She trailed her fingers over her full ripe breasts, circling her taut nipples. The dark pink tips begged for the warmth of his mouth.

She sighed, shivering with her need. Chair legs scraped the floor as men moved in their seats, shifting for comfort, angling for a better view. Completely unaware, lost in a world known only to him, she drew a path down her torso to her cunt, She spread her moist lips wide, gliding her fingers down through the slit. Gently rocking to and fro, her body writhed with the music. The sound of the flute guided the rhythm of her strokes, fueling the fire in his eyes and the flames dancing within her.

She dipped inside her juicy hole, gathering her slick cream. Wet and ready, her cunt glistened in the light, inviting every cock and tongue and finger in the house. Grown men moaned. Salivated. Massaged their erections. Her hand slid upward over her breasts and to her mouth. A collective gasp filled the room as the mesmerized audience watched her taste her essence.

The scent of her sex clung to the air and she breathed in, licking her lips. Once more her hand glided over her body and to her clit. Her mouth parted as the music quickened, the gentle rubbing to her clit now hard and fast. She leaned forward, reaching out to him with her hand. He stood, his arm outstretched, his hand beckoning. The flames in his eyes lapped at her cunt, her frenzied rubbing taking her close.

A hot mist filled the room, shrouding him in its cloud. Her fingers stilled. Her body chilled. He was gone, disappearing with the mist. Cara closed her eyes, clenching her thighs shut and covering her breasts. Released from the magic of his spell, she rose and quietly left the stage to thunderous applause. They thought it was just a performance and she an actress.

She crawled into her bed at four a.m., exhausted and lonely. Every night she came so close and every night he left her. Was he really there? Tears coursed down her cheeks, her soft whimpers lulling her to sleep.

Cara had a secret. She'd never known the touch of a man. Never came close to feeling what she experienced in the stranger's gaze. As if made only for him, her body ached for the flames in his eyes. It was meant to be.

In the airy kingdom of dreams, Morpheus came to her and touched her soul. The window of her bedroom flew open and the stranger's gray mist poured into the room. Her eyes wide open, struck with fear, she tried to move away, but couldn't. She looked up to see her wrists bound in red silk, hanging from the headboard. The scream inside her head refused to take voice, instead a low throaty moan fell from her lips as she watched the stranger parting the mist with a gentle breath.

She smiled, the rampant beating of her heart calming with every step he took. Her mind chanted. He's here. He's here. Finally here. Spreading her legs, she prepared herself for him. His hand swirled through the mist, curling it toward her. The gray fog slowly seeped inside her cunt, heating her blood. Like fingers it played with her clit, rising up and covering her.

Long blonde hair fell over her breasts, teasing her flesh with it's softness. She inhaled his tangy fragrance, staring into the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. His tongue swirled over her lips as his fingers dipped inside her cunt. She turned to the stranger in the mist, her eyes pleading for his touch. The black flames in his eyes once more directed her moves. Her mouth lunged for the blonde man‘s tongue, sucking it, matching the lazy massage of his fingers to her cunt. Spasms of pure wet lust racked her body. She moved her hips, driving her cunt further into his fingers.

He pulled his tongue away and bit one perfect nipple. A stab of pleasure seared her flesh and she arched into his mouth. He dragged his tongue over her body and down to her ripe cunt, slick with need. Lashing wildly at her clit, his tongue circled, then flattened to the nub, pressing hard. His teeth bit into her thighs and back to her clit. The tantalizing feel of her arousal became the elusive climax she sought so hungrily each night on the stage. The relief flooding her body lifted her higher, her screams piercing the room. The stranger stood by the bed watching the man with long blonde hair give her what she craved from only him.

Smooth hard flesh stretched her walls, filling her up as the blonde man pumped inside her. Her body relaxed as the gentle glide sent waves of pleasure through her slit. The scorching heat of her cunt spread through her like a wildfire. Her eyes held onto the stranger's, watching the black flames dance. His hand cut through the mist and with it her orgasm sped through her cunt and outward, setting her aflame. The blonde man's hot creamy load spilled inside her and her cunt pumped his cock for more.

The black fire in the stranger's eyes slowly ebbed into smoldering gray embers. She closed her eyes to rest for a moment, the weight of the blonde man on her body comforting her. Peacefully, she slipped into the arms of Morpheus.

The mist surrounded her, keeping her safe. Her body began to tingle as the mist settled over her. Its cooling touch like a balm to her heated flesh, bathing her with icy fingers. Falling from the arms of Morpheus, again her eyes widened, the cool reprieve of the mist now heating her body like steam. The blonde man was gone.
Long ebony hair swirled through the mist, opening a path to the window. Another man appeared, making his way to the bed. Her need for the man with black hair stronger than any sexual hunger for the man now standing at her side, she struggled against the red silk tethering her hands to the headboard.

The man covered her, his long silver hair tickling her skin. Eyes of arctic gray bore into hers. She looked to the man of the mist. His eyes heated with his arousal and she smiled. Now she understood. This was what he wanted. The silver man sucked at her throat, biting and teasing her with his tongue.

His hands kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples into tight peaks of red. From one to the other he suckled at her nipples, drawing blood. Crying out into the mist, the pain became pleasure and the silver man suckled more. She grew weak with her longing, needing him inside her. Her hips bucked upward, signaling her need.

Plunging inside her, his hard cock touched the end of her cunt. The slamming sensation pulled at her clit, building the ecstasy once more. The silver man's feverish drive inside her lifted her hips from the bed, stoking the fire in the eyes of the man of the mist. A feral wail erupted from her mouth as the cock slamming inside her stilled, it's hot cum pouring inside her.

He pulled his cock out and lapped at their mingled juices. His tongue rolled over the sodden folds of her cunt and to her thighs, consuming every drop of their bliss. When nothing was left, he bit into her flesh, sating his hunger. The man of the mist raised his hand, banishing the silver man.

And then he came for her. Reaching up he untied the silken fabric holding her prisoner. She wrapped her arms around him, melting into his flesh. He lowered his head, slipping his tongue inside her mouth, gently probing the soft inside. His teeth raked her tongue, stinging her. He drew back and gently lifted her, turning her over and bringing her ass to him.

His hand caressed her ass, moving lower to touch her cunt. Hot steam seared her cunt lips as his fingers worked their way inside. Her hole dripped with her creamy honey, begging for his entry. He spread her ass and kissed her tight opening, darting his tongue in and out of her hole. Moving his hand to her clit, he spread her juices to the swollen nub, rubbing it with hard measured strokes.

Hard flesh poked at her asshole, then slid through her cunt lips. Slathered in her juices, his steel rod mounted her ass, pushing inward. Her tense walls gripped his cock, milking its hardness, begging its hot load to gush inside her. His fingers kneaded her clit as his cock drove harder and deeper, sending them both to the place they needed to be. When her orgasm came she lurched backward onto his cock, her slick wetness drizzling over his hand as his howl of release echoed through the mist.

His body fell atop hers, both collapsing to the surface of the bed, their orgasm continuing to drain them. With his mouth on her throat, she screamed into the night, letting the mist envelope her and take her once more to the arms of Morpheus.

Her eyes flew open as the shrill beeping of the alarm woke her. It was late afternoon. She didn't have to dance until ten that night, but she had errands to run. Throwing back the covers, she moaned. Her body was stiff, every square inch of her flesh hurt. Maybe she was coming down with the flu. Two dancers had missed work because of it in the past week.

Slowly she made her way to the shower, turning on the tap and tempering the water. The hotter the better this morning. She let the steamy spray massage her sore muscles, relaxing with the sensation. Pouring scented body gel into her hands she began to lather her body, gasping as her hands connected to her flesh. She looked down to see tiny bruises sprinkled across her body.

Not yet quite awake, she continued her bath, placing her hands between her legs, washing her cunt with her soapy hands. Again, she cried out, bending to inspect her inner thighs. Dried blood held tight to her skin. The discoloration unlike any bruise she'd ever seen. A strange gray with purplish hues, surrounded two marks on her flesh. Gently she scraped away the blood, examining the marks. She shook her head and rinsed her body.

Grabbing a towel from the counter she patted herself dry, swathing herself in the soft plush terry cloth. With her hand she wiped the steam covered mirror and faced herself. Her hand flew to her mouth and she moved closer to the mirror. The same strange bruise covered the side of her throat. The same two marks, only larger stared back at her.

I had a dream. Yes, a dream, but it was only a dream. How can this be? Overwhelmed by what she was thinking, she turned on the water, splashing the cool liquid to her face. She needed to think clearly. Drying her face with a hand towel she turned back to the mirror, her hand flying to her mouth as the gray mist of her dream floated behind her. Too frightened to move, she watched as the man with long black hair appeared.

The black fire in his eyes burning brighter than ever before, his hand reached out and touched her shoulder. Lifting her hair from her neck, he touched the bruise, parting his lips to speak.

"Mine. Now and forever."

Cara fell into his embrace, welcoming his eternal kiss.

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