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The Stranger's Words

by Tess MacKall | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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I sit in my small corner of the world, waiting and watching, surfing the net, pretending it doesn't matter. That I just don't care. I think I've checked my email at least ten times in the last half hour, glancing at the instant messenger icon constantly. My lover is late and I'm anxious.

 How did it come to this? How can he wind me up so easily with his words? I stretch, rubbing the back of my neck. Tension I can't ease. I should just go off line and teach him not to be late. Yes, that's what I'll do. 
My hand grips the mouse, letting the cursor glide over the button. I hesitate, taking a deep breath. One, two, three. My hand lets go and I hug myself tightly. The little voice in my head has lost again. What the fuck! It's not real. And if I can find some small amount of pleasure, why not? 

 Why not, indeed? The problem with that small amount of pleasure is that it has consumed my thoughts, swallowing me whole and with it taken every last semblance of normalcy from me. 

 I reach once more for the mouse, determined to occupy myself with something other than him. The news. Surely all the horrible things going on in this world will draw me from him. The swift clicks to the screen settle me, giving me balance. I prop my arm on the desk and begin to read. Sitting here with no lights on, only the glare from the computer screen, the silence envelopes me. I delve into the sadness of the world and for a few short moments find respite from my own.

 His screen pops up, signaling his arrival. My heart hammers wildly and I lurch backward into my chair. Heat rises to my face and my breath catches in my throat. The dance is about to begin. He takes his time. I see him in my mind's eye. He knows I'm sitting here. Knows what I want. 

 Oh, God I am so lost to him. Are his eyes really blue, is his hair really dark? Will his lips one day touch mine? I go back to surfing, knowing he won't message me right away. He checks his email first and keeps me waiting. Twenty minutes pass. He could have read fifty emails by now! What the fuck is he doing? 

 Maybe he's married and he's talking to his wife. Maybe he's taking a shower or getting something to eat. Maybe... Stop it! Shut the god damned computer down and go to bed! I move the cursor over the icon to log off. The red button glows. He's here. How many times had I done this very same thing? How does he know when I've finally had enough?

 My heart rate soars and with it my lungs struggle for air. I clasp my hands together to stop the tremble, smiling in spite of myself. He's impatient. If I wait too long he'll leave. My hand flattens to the mouse and I raise my finger watching it quiver. Slamming it down, the click brings up the screen. 

Blue Knight says:
r u there

He knows I'm here. It's always the same. Bastard! You know I'm waiting. I tap the keys with my reply. The same thing I've said for the past two months.

Cherry Sweet says:
I am here. Where else would I be?

Blue Knight says:
i dont know maybe had a date

Pushing my buttons like always. I've told him I don't date. How scared I am of trying again. He knows everything about me. He knows I'm broken.

Cherry Sweet says:
Yeah, right. 

Blue Knight says:
how wud i no

Cherry Sweet says:
You know. So how are you?

Blue Knight says:
fine u

Cherry Sweet says:
Good. Busy, but good.

Blue Knight says:
u busy now can u come out to play

I bite my bottom lip, suppressing the smile. He wants to play. The last two times we talked, it was just that--talk. I shift in my seat, the mere thought of what is about to happen wetting my slit and making my clit pulse. I tap the keys.

Cherry Sweet says:
I always want to play with you. 

Blue Knight says:
what r u wearing

Cherry Sweet says:
Black nightie.

Blue Knight says:

Cherry Sweet says:

Blue Knight says:
nice like the way it feels wud like the way u feel 2 r u ready

Cherry Sweet says:
Always ready for you.

Blue Knight says:
spred ur legs baby tuch urself r u warm is my pusssssy wet

Cherry Sweet says:
You know it is.

Blue Knight says:
dont tuch anymor take ur nitey off 

 I lift the short black nightie over my head. The cool air pricks my skin, making me shiver. My already engorged nipples tighten further. And my creamy slick juices flow from me like water. 

Blue Knight says:
r u naked

Cherry Sweet says:
As the day I was born, you silver-tongued devil. lol

I am definitely in the mood now. Anything goes. I love the dirty talk. Never knew words could make me so hot. And I can't even hear his voice, although it's in my head and I know it's sound, just as I know my own.

Blue Knight says:
o yea i can giv u tung and mor too

Cherry Sweet says:
Give it to me, baby. I want all you've got.

Blue Knight says: 
put ur fingrs n ur mouth make them real wet thats it baby suck them now tuch 
ur nipples get them wet so fuckin hot an juicy r u tuchin them baby

 I read his words, making slow lazy strokes around my nipples. My large breasts feel like they will burst if something doesn't happen soon. They don't tingle anymore. They ache, craving his mouth, craving his teeth to nip at them. This faceless stranger with no name. This man who possesses my every conscious thought and invades my dreams.

Cherry Sweet says:
Yes, baby. You make me so hot. So fucking wet. How can you touch me like
like this? No man has ever made me so wet. 

It's not a lie. I tell him the absolute truth about everything. I've told him things I'm so ashamed of I can't believe he's still here. IM...the confessional. And he my confessor. If my family ever found out... if my ex ever knew... I push the thoughts from my mind, focusing on the screen. My Blue Knight can't be denied. I can't deny myself. 

Blue Knight says:
good feel my hot mouth on you tits i suck an bite u pull away but i hold tite with 
my teeth u like that i no u do oh baby i wnat u so bad tonite 

Cherry Sweet says:
I want you too, baby. I've never wanted a man so much. Someday.

Blue Knight says:
yea someday u just read i want u 2 cum

Cherry Sweet says:

My mouth is so dry and I'm dizzy. Lack of air. I'm panting, not really breathing. I pinch my nipples squeezing them, holding onto the pain, letting it shoot through my body like an arrow straight to my pussy. My clit is throbbing. Squeezing my thighs together I desperately try to sate its need. Not a chance. I need his words.

Blue Knight says:
Im sukin ur nipples an biting u hav ur hands on my hair holding me u pull me up 
2 ur mouth an we suck on each others tungs u taste so good baby cant wait 2 kiss
u sum day my mouth leaves urs an i open it wide and suck on ur neck i luv the 
way u taste an smell 

I play with my nipples and read his words, getting wetter every second. It will take him several posts to finish. Not as many for me, but I let him play out the scene. He likes that. If I tell him I've climaxed before he's through, he thinks I'm lying. He just doesn't understand how he makes me feel. Doesn't believe his words can do this to me. 

Blue Knight says:
I push u down on the bed an cover ur body with mine i ask u what u want me to 
do an u dont anser u just look at me ur scared u dont no me im big ur small i 
can hurt u if i want i dont jus want to luv u an fuck u like no man befor 

Blue Knight says:
i kiss u mor an squeez ur nipples while im kissing u my hand rubs ur soft belly 
ur makin littl sounds now ur hot ur wet i can hear it an smell ur wet pusssy

I am. He knows. He's done this before. With how many? I couldn't be the first, but I must be the last. How do I keep him? I can't even touch him. Don't know where he is. If I did? Oh, God. My pussy is so wet I can't stand it. I touch myself even though he hasn't given me permission. Fuck it! He can't see me. My chair is wet, coated with my slick cream. I slide my fingers into my hole. In and out, I fuck myself, imagining his cock inside me. I want so badly to close my eyes, but if I did, I'd lose his words. Can't do that.

Blue Knight says:
i luv the way u smell want u n my mouth so bad i spred ur legs with my hands 
an slide my fingr inside ur pusssssy fuck ur wet baby how did u get so wet tuch 
urself baby now thats it feel those juices r u tuchin urself

Cherry Sweet says:

I'm beyond real typing now. Only letters, no words at all. Can't even think. Just read and rub. Have to stop every once in a while. I don't want to cum too soon. 

Blue Knight says:
good rub ur clit baby jus a littl mor yea thats it baby rub it hard now stop no 
mor rubbin stop now I want muy mouth on ur pusssy need to suk ur clit dam 
ur wet an ur littl nub so hard i put my mouth on it an tikl it with my tung an slid
2 fingrs in ur hole

Blue Knight says:
Im finger fuckin u an lickin u so fuckin hard ur movin ur hips pushin in my face 
thats it baby ride my face i luv that wet me baby my cock is fuckin hard baby 
i need to fuck u so bad 

My fingers still. I need to catch my breath. I'm almost there and want to make it last. He likes for me to cum more than once, but it's hard for me. The first one is always so powerful and my clit is too sensitive, yet somehow he makes me touch myself again and again until I beg him to stop. 

Blue Knight says:
i rub my face all over ur belly an grab u by ur hips an turn u over i pull u up an 
slid my cock between ur pussssssy lips FUCK UR WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my fuckin cock gets harder u make me so fuckin hard u like my big cock dont 
u baby oh yea feel it slidin thru ur slit tuchin ur clit u beg 4 me to fuck u an

My fingers are back on my clit now. I'm rubbing too fast. Not going to last. No way will I make it to the end of his scene. Oh, God! Damn him! I need his fucking cock inside me now. I dip my fingers inside my hole and keep rubbing with the other hand. I'm so fucking close. I'm burning now. On fire. Can't breathe.

Blue Knight says:
i tell u its okay gonna fuck u now an make u cum rub ur clit baby rub it fast an
hard u gonna cum now baby yea thats it i ram my cock inside u and ride ur ass
my balls hit ur ass an u luv that sound i no u do baby u tell me to fuck u 
harder so i pull out an slam inside u again u rub urr pusssssy clit an i grab u by


Fuck yes! I'm cumming! Spilling all over this fucking chair. It feels so fucking good. I want to kiss him. Want to kiss him so bad. All I can do is choke back the sound. Can't let my children hear me. Can't wake them. But it's so fucking good and it never seems to want to end. I rest against the back of the chair, quivering all over. I'm weak, my body limp. I just read his words.

Blue Knight says:
ur hair an pull u back my cock is pumpin inside u harder an harder an u r moanin
loud sayin u want 2 cum cum 4 me baby cum 4 me now fuck i want u so 
bad i fill u up with my hot load an u cum my hot load makes u cum an u 
fall onto the bed cryin cuz it feels so good an u want me so much an i want 

Cherry Sweet says:

I always let him know as soon as he tells me to cum that I finish. Then I rest. He tells me to rest. He's so good to me. Would he be that good to me if we met? I have to see him someday. Some day soon. 

Blue Knight says:
u 2 i lay down beside u an tuch ur face an wipe ur tears away i kiss u its soft
an sweet a long kiss i smell our sex an it smells soooooo goood yea baby
need to seee u sum day sum day soon i hope did my baby like 2 cum 4 me ???????????? my sweet baby cum 4 me pleeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeeee

Cherry Sweet says:

Blue Knight says:
just rest baby wnat u to rest hold phone brb

The man's phone must ring off the hook. We're always interrupted by the phone. Who is calling him and why? He should take it off the hook when he's with me or just ignore it. We have so little time and... we can't touch. This time is my time. Why does he let anyone in when I'm here?

Blue Knight says:
back sorry bout that baby listen got 2 go sumthing come up family thing. 
u understand i no u do ur so sweet not like other women u make me feel real good 

He knows exactly what to say. Exactly how to make me bend. How much further
can I bend before I break? Just snap like a branch from a tree. I slip the nightie over my
head, letting the silk glide along my heated skin. Like his words, it whispers across my heated flesh, caressing me as if he touched me. My breathing is calm now. My heart rate slow. It's over for tonight. What if this is the last time? What if he doesn't IM tomorrow? 

Blue Knight says:
u there did u leave me baby i dont like to be alone u know that dont be mad
i cant help it got 2 go i no u understand ur just sad me toooooooo Cherry?

Cherry Sweet says:
I'm here. You know me so well. You know I'm sad and that I understand. It's 
okay. Go. Stay safe. Will we talk again?

I couldn't help myself. I had to ask. Even if it makes me sound needy, I have to know. 

Blue Knight says:
u no we will baby tomorrow night i will try to be earlier an we will talk an 
play long time promise baby gotta go u hav good night an i no u will sleep 
good now lol kiss kiss dream about me

Cherry Sweet says:
Tomorrow night. Yes. We will talk a long time. And play too, you big stud.
Good night, my Blue Knight. A big kiss for you.

He left me with nothing but his words. My sadness returned. The emptiness he replaced, back again. I save the conversation to read tomorrow. I always do Clicking the button, I close out the screen and turn off the computer. 

The screen fades to black and I stare into the darkness. My nipples still taut, I savor the tingle, lightly brushing the tips with my hand. What am I doing? This is madness. Covering my face with my hands, the scent of my juices still fresh on my skin, I am taken to his words once more, surrendering to the blissful play of my fingers. 


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