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Fucking machines fantasy

by Allison | Erotic Sex Art by Samarel


Order this amazing 3 piece erotic wall art print and decorate your bedroom.

3 piece canvas making love print for bedroom

What happened? Where am i? Why can't I move? Why is it so dark? What are those noises? My wrists, tied.... Feet, can't move my legs, something hard against my hips, wood? I think I'm on a table, tied, blindfolded, something under my tummy, pushing my hips up, cant close my legs.....I'm naked.....a cold sweat running down my back, what happened? I remember being in a club and now here.....I must have been drugged. I can hear voices, whispering all around me.....someone is removing my blindfold, lifting my chin. Open your eyes!'....the room was full of men and women, all naked, watching me.....they had stopped whispering and just staring.....'look at our prize tonight, walk around her, touch her, watch her closely'....they started moving around, hell this is bad, I can feel hands on me, stroking my legs, warm sweaty hands.....I can feel warm breath on my skin, on my arse..... my pussy.....Someone is licking my crack.....tasting me, probing with their tongue.....I'm trying to move away from their mouth, I cant move.....cant move.....More fingers, pushing into my cunt, in and out.....sliding feeling.....grabbing my tits, squeezing my nipples.....'it shouldn't take long now, our little slut is going to be begging for it soon' ...what are they going on about? Want what? Are they mad, I will never want what they have to give me.....never!!!! More tongues, sucking at my cunt lips, licking my slit, sucking on my pussy.....another tongue, probing into my arse....who's moving my hips further backwards, opening me up even more? Oh my god, my body is letting me down, is my body actually enjoying this invasion? This raping of privacy? That tongue sliding in my pussy, flicking it around, lapping my cunt in long slow strokes, my nipples are hard, im starting to tingle all over, fingers in my pussy, licking my arse, pulling my butt cheeks trying to clench muscles, I have no energy, must be the drugs, all sensation, but no muscle, I feel limp, so many sensations.....A man standing in front of me with a huge erect cock, he grabs the back of my head and forces my mouth onto it, working his hips back and forth, pushing that huge cock down my throat, mmmm tastes good, wow I could ride this monster, my pussy aching, wet, I can feel my juices dripping down my legs, someone licking it clean, a woman, I can feel her hair on my legs, shes hungry, slamming her tongue into my wet pussy, mmmm feels good, shes sucked my pussy lips into her mouth, my clit is throbbing, this huge cock in my mouth mmmm.....hes working faster, hes cumming, I can feel him shooting to the back of my throat his moaning, someone pulls him away and another dick shoved into my mouth, my clit is about to burst, the juices pouring down my legs, I need a cock to ride, a big thick cock!!!! All of a sudden the licking and sucking stops, the dick is taken out of my mouth, I can feel something pushing on my pussy, its cold, not human.....push further back, a little more into my pussy, I want more, fuck me.....fuck me.....I need more.....I can hear shouting in my ears, shit, that's my voice, its me shouting, begging, please please, I need cock!! Now, pleeezzeee!!! All of a sudden I can feel something long and thick pushing into my pussy, in and out, in and out.....Oooh this feels good, faster faster please!!!! Someone steps up to me and places a control of sorts in my hand, I can feel a dial, turn the dial and the cock speeds and out, faster, faster.....I push the dial in, and the cock gets thicker.....I can feel it stretching my pussy, making it difficult to slide in and out, but oh wow. What a and out, it didn't take long, I could feel the prickling from my scalp traveling down my spine, from my nipples to my clit, my skin sweating, my nipples still being sucked, my arse being licked.....and then all at once the explosion of a really intense orgasm throbbing in waves, cuming and cuming, my body trembling, adrenalin flooding to my feet.....I remember waking up the following morning, in my bed.....Was I dreaming?

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