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"Finger yourself" he said

by Femme de Scorpion | Erotic Sex Art by Samarel


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My body was extraordinarily sexually charged. The slightest real touch of another would have set off a network of internal fireworks culminating in a myriad of climaxes.
I had been without sex for longer than I was accustomed. Each passing day was a torment to me. Concentration was difficult. My mind constantly preyed on the fact that I had not experienced the actual touch of a man. And, oh, how I needed a masculine set of hands on me. That my breasts were ripe for fondling by strong hands. Fingers capable of heightening my need in so many ways.


Determined lips and tongue that could press to mine with a roughness able to further stroke my sexual fires. A coarse bit of stubble on a face and a smattering of chest hair that would be in sharp contrast to my smooth, bare flesh. How it would be to feel that body and face grinding into mine, inflaming my skin. Well-toned thighs laying atop my supple ones before forcing them apart. My brain laughed at its continuous reminders that my own fingers and toys were nothing but mere and inferior substitutes for the real thing.
At any given moment, I was an orgasm waiting to happen. The kiss of my shirt against my braless breasts brought my nipples to attention. The firm nubs suddenly screaming to be freed from the confining fabric. The seam at the crotch of my shorts would rub my satin-clad pussy lips, sending ripples of pleasure upward through my deprived body and moisture downward. Listening to music and the suggestive or outright explicit lyrics caused even more chaos and churning within me. Everything I saw and heard and felt was sensual in some way. 
I needed a release. An intense one. One not brought about only by myself. I wanted to feel the presence of a male who knew what would drive me wild. One who could bring about the strongest reactions from me.
He was online. The one. He knew. The knowledge of the power of his words over my body was exhilarating. My imagination would enable me to feel him. His first words to me were that he was looking for a pussy to suck. An intense rush swept throughout me. Tingling set in and remained. Immediate control was given over to him.
His mouth closed over my purple satin panties. I whimpered. His warm breath filtered through the silky fabric and met with my heat. He told me to pull on the string bikini panties until they were wedged between my aroused pussy lips. PULL he said. Release. PULL. Release. Already I was noisy. A combination of coos and moans and groans streamed from my mouth. My wetness darkened the purple fabric. As I kept on tugging, he brought his tongue to me. Licking my swollen lips that I was rolling with the now-soaked material. I let out a wail. Shaking in my seat. So quickly he caused those trembles.
He told me to push aside the fabric and scoot my ass over the edge of my seat. He wanted to see my slit. To look inside of my twitching and glistening cunt. My shoulders shook. His moist kisses up and down my spread thighs had me virtually panting. And his strong hands caressed the damp flesh. Manly hands. The touches I had been craving.
"Finger yourself", he said. In went two fingers, swirling and curling deep inside of me. The writhing of my slippery cunt walls matched the squirming of my whole body. I rocked on those digits, emitting purrs that grew louder and louder. He demanded that I withdraw my fingers and push them into his mouth, while my other hand replaced them in my sloshing pussy. God, how I moaned. He lapped and sucked on my juicy digits, and I fingerfucked myself. Squeezing the index and middle fingers with strong grips of my vaginal muscles. Hanging onto the very edge of a climax, I inserted a third finger, stretching the spasming hole.
I fought to catch a breath to nourish my starved lungs. And just then he brought his nose to my stuffed pussy. He said to hold my hole wide open for him. His nose pressed to my dripping gash, and he inhaled the scent of me. The heady aroma of a woman ready to orgasm. Harder he pushed; his nose grinding into me. Fucking me. My limbs were violently shaking, and my pelvis was thrusting toward him. HARD. Fucking him back.
I shattered. The release I had desired came with amazing force, as did my loud cry. My upper thighs clamped around either side of his face, and I gushed out my girl cum. Smearing him with my juices. How I shook. This body of mine could not seem to settle down. It jerked and shuddered. Repeatedly. I was panting. Shallow breaths not able to satisfy my lungs, and I grew dizzy. A reeling overtook me.
And it was so fucking beautiful.

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