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Erotic Oral Sex Art by Samarel


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An Unusual Retelling

by Femme de Scorpion

In so many ways, it is always a unique experience each and every time they hook up online. The line between fantasy and reality is occasionally blurred by revelations of facts that each one shares. She a Scorpio. He a Scorpio. Both exhibiting traits that adhere to the stereotypical horoscope description.
She is always curious. Always asking. Fascinated by the bits of information she gleans from him that help her know something about who and how and why he is.
He asks little. He is kind. Supportive. Encouraging. Sexy. Humorous.
And they both have a passion for sex...sometimes an all-consuming passion.
Worlds apart...yet together for a time. The computer bringing them close enough to fall into an easy place as though they can actually feel, touch, smell one another.
He tempts. Teases. Taunts. Torments. His words are his desires. She slips into that zone where whatever he wishes is what he receives. Control is his. She cannot help but give him free reign. He brings slivers of excitement to her body. Every nerve in her body vibrant and alive.
One day for just one time, she will control him. She wants to. Needs to. She is a Scorpio. And when she does, she will want to explore every inch of his tall frame. Her fingers, tongue, and lips will crawl over his taut flesh. She wants to know what touches elicit moans from him. What causes him to squirm. The places her lips meet that send shivers weaving through him.
Will it be a more gentle control she will have over him? Can she talk him into stretching out on his back, relaxed and comfortable? Will the light skimming of her fingernails around his nipples cause them to grow tight and hard while her painted lips are pressed tightly to his, her tongue nudging forward to enter his mouth to slide that moist muscle across his? To taste him. Breathe him in. And what then when her mouth begins a sensual waltz down the column of his neck, kissing and gently sucking on the tender flesh while her fingertips are massaging the back of his head and toying with the long curls there? Will he be impatient for her to move on, to go for his cock and take care of it right then? Or can she spend time sprinkling feather light kisses across his collarbone on her journey downward? Would he like her to take his nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and squeeze the small nubs, giving them tweaks before she descends upon one with her lips, suckling it and gripping it with her teeth...her tongue flicking the trapped tip? Would he grant her the time to tend to his other nipple in that manner? She would want to then flatten her hands, splay her fingers, and zigzag them down his chest and stomach, to feel the hairs that are scattered across his torso. Her tongue would definitely have a need to slither its way to his navel, to circle it, wet it, and dip into it.
She could not help but allow her hands to venture on down, to glide over his hips on their way to his thighs. Her head would lift, and she would watch her fingers slipping between those muscular legs, parting them. Her eyes would be compelled to look at his cock, to see if he was aroused. If his cock was lengthening, pulsing. And just how full would his balls be? Would they be holding a massive load of seed that needed to be released?
Eagerly, she would want to shift her own body and settle herself in between his sprawled legs. Each hand on his inner thighs, softly swirling invisible designs on his skin in their quest to meet at the apex. Her hands lifting his heavy sac, offering his balls to her trembling lips. Her need to take them into her mouth would be overwhelming. One at a time. Sucking and tonguing the fullness, drenching them in her saliva...knowing that the excess drool would trickle and gather at his anus.
What else could she do but bury her face behind his balls to tongue his asshole? To push her rolled tongue against the clenched opening. To stab at it harder and harder until her tongue tip had entered that tight ring. When it relaxed some, she could then fuck it and feel how it clenched around her thrusting tongue.
A searching hand would move across his drool-coated balls and upward to his cock. Long, slender fingers wrapping themselves around his girth. A squeeze and a release. Another squeeze and release. Clasping again and beginning a pumping motion. Not fast. A slow climb to the the crown, and her thumb would repeatedly stroke across the beautiful head.
Her lips sealed to his ass opening as her tongue pushes deeper. In and out. Over and over until a finger joins in. Pressing into his depths in that narrow canal. Raising her face and seeing her digit penetrate. Looking up more and seeing his cock so long and thick surrounded by her moving fist...seeing the precum that is weeping from his tip. She would have to lick that from him. To taste the prelude to his seed. And she would draw him into her mouth. Open mouth pulling him inside with strokes of her saturated tongue. Her lips would ride that cock. Sucking. A hearty mouth fucking. Tongue pressing to the throbbing rod, the pulsing quivering her lips. She would soak him in her saliva while her finger continued to remain entrenched in his ass.
When his hips would begin to lift during the sucking, she would instantly pull her mouth from him. With a swift movement, her juicy gash would be poised right over his cockhead. She would plummet down, taking all of him into her clenching pussy. A yelp would rip from her mouth. Rocking on his prick, she would add her girl juices to the coating of saliva already there. Her buried finger would begin to more quickly assault his hole. Bouncing on him would make her breasts bobble on her chest, further arousing her nipples. Tight embraces from her pussy muscles would wring his shaft. She would lift until just his bulbous head remained within her before twisting her way down to the base again. Bucking on his cock, her knees pressing his sides. Panting and gasping. Crying out for him to fill her with his cum.
She would hope she could excite him enough to splash her insides with his gushes.
Would she ever get the chance to know?

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