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Erotic Couple Sex Art by Samarel


Order this amazing 3 piece erotic wall art print and decorate your bedroom.

3 piece canvas making love print for bedroom

Middle of the night

by Femme de Scorpion

A chill in the room
warmth in the bed
smooth satin sheets
two adult bodies
one fiercely masculine
the other decidedly feminine
entwined lovers

His sleep was deep
hers eluded her
moonbeams cast their glow
playing through the window
his hair was tousled
face innocent and relaxed
ever the man child

Her lips curved upward
she loved him
all of him
unable to refrain
she carefully moved
her form slid under covers
down and down more

His soft cock slumbered
she breathed in
nostrils taking in his scent
lips parted, tongue extended
hot and wet mouth
drawing in his prick
claiming ownership

The flaccid shaft quiet
sleeping on the bed of her tongue
she caressed it lovingly
gentle sucks tugging
rhythmic and steady
slender fingers cradled his balls
palms filled and kneading

Agonizingly slow teases
sucking, lapping, loving
focusing only on giving
his shaft swelled
pulsing, lengthening
the cock head bulging
stretching her lips

Each deep pull
hollowing her cheeks
tongue stroking
she hummed sporadically
his cock shivered
up and down her lips moved
riding his cock with her mouth

Seizing and releasing
methodically milking him
digits fondling his full sac
saliva covered cock
slippery gliding lips
hair thrashing his thighs
merciless suctions

His hips awoke
buttocks flexing
lurching upward
fucking her face
groaning loudly
deep pushes into her throat
powerfully hard pumps

Muscles constricting
hugging the head of his cock
tongue lashing the throbbing vein

greedy lips frantically twisting
corkscrewing his meat
drooling and moaning
hungry for his seed

Hard slams up into her mouth
irregular jerks of his pelvis
the rumble of a growl
liquid heat erupting in spurts
intense lunges of hips
mouthfuls of salty cum
swallowing eagerly

His body trembling
her tongue dipping into his slit
scooping up the remains
cream swept into her mouth
slithering up his sweaty body
pressing her flesh to his
a kiss greeting his lips.

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