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Sexy business trip

by Allison | Erotic image by Samarel

Another day, another city another bar. Business trips, away from home, strange places…. My plane landed, I made my way to yet another hotel, tall buildings, nameless faces people wrapped in their own little worlds on their way to who cares where. My luggage dumped, a shower boiling down my aching muscles, fatigue saturating every inch of my body. Hotel soap, the kind that doesn’t lather, all to familiar. Reaching for a towel that had dried hundreds of bodies before me… rubbing vigorously, getting the circulation going, mind a thousand miles away… pulling on a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt, casual, clean and comfortable. Making my way downstairs remembering the pub I had seen earlier on my way in. a good stiff drink to loosen those muscles even further, maybe cloud the brain a bit before my big meeting tomorrow.


Pushing the door open and squeezing into the overfilled pub. Bodies pressed up against each other, the smell of nicotine, alcohol and bodies that had been in the same clothing all day. Not a good combination, but a familiar one. A relaxing one, takes the mind off reality. People coming together for the same reason, a small break in the grind of the working day. Drinking, making conversation with strangers, telling stories that usually were a whole lot less interesting when they originally happened. Finding an ally in a lonely city, even if it was for just a moment in time.

I found a bar stool near the far side of the bar, away from the storytellers and lonely people. Ordered my usual whiskey on the rocks. Not as smooth as I usually have, but what the hell, its wet. Picking it up and taking a sip I looked straight ahead. There was a mirror behind the bar reflecting what I was turning my back from. There I sat and started making my own stories and giving everyone names. Starting a novel in my head. Something just to while the time away, entertaining myself with amusing little anecdotes about the characters in my book. The man sitting by himself dribbling in his drink, eating a rack of ribs getting the basting all over his chin, the little black bits sticking to his teeth… the woman at the next table watching him in utter disgust, he sees her and thinks she is giving him they eye, he smiles at her showing him his blackened teeth not realizing what he has done…. He messed that one up before he even started.


She turns her back on him looking across the room to a bunch of young men with shooters lined up on the table in front of them. Celebrating the closure of a deal, everyone could hear the conversation between them, including our lonely lady sitting at her table… a pretty girl, but the lines around the eyes tell of a hard life. A sexy red dress that had perhaps been worn one too many times. She must be a hooker, but not a very high class one at that. Desperate…. Maybe that’s why she was eyeing the dude with the ribs. Shame poor girl, she’s hungry. Wonder how long it will take her to get a meal ticket...

A little competition I have with myself…. 20 minutes…. She’s pretty, and the guys are drunk. Ok — you’re on…. Mental bet with myself. She uncrosses and re-crosses her legs, changing the position of her body, adjusting the fabric over her cleavage, one of the guys notices and nudges his friend, says something and they all look in her direction… look back at each other…. I cant believe it, they also taking bets…. Don’t they realize she’s a working girl? Oh well, that’s what comes with young and dumb… the youth of today, they always have a whole chapter to themselves….. well I’m on her side, make them pay, they can afford it… time ticking on…. She’s already hatched her plot… you go girl…

I could feel body heat on my left shoulder, but couldn’t see the person standing behind me, I could smell her, an expensive perfume, spicy but not too heavy, I had smelled it before, come on think dammit, think….. she was chatting to a business colleague, something about a big deal going down tomorrow. Her and I in the same boat, stressing about details….. she bumped against me, briefly held my arm and apologized, I saw her face in the mirror…. Piercing green eyes, long dark hair, nearly to her waist. Not young, but a youthfulness about her, I caught her gaze in the mirror, her eyes piercing into mine, a half smile and the moment was gone…. I couldn’t help wondering what was behind those eyes… more so, what was under that silky shirt that was now pressing against my body. She wasn’t aware of what she was doing, she was so intently discussing her merger the next day.

My mind started wondering, working overtime… fantasizing about this woman. A business woman on the brink of making the most important business decision of her life…. The seat opened up next to me, she grabbed it and immediately stretched her head towards her knees, looking over to me with a beautiful smile mentioning something about her back killing her… no flipping wonder, check the heels on those shoes…. Good god, check the legs under that skirt…. Smooth, tanned and gorgeous… I wonder where she got a tan in a city? Wow… imagine those legs wrapped around my body…. Better still imagine those legs wrapped around my head…. I could feel my cock twitch in my jeans. I tried to concentrate on our working girl for a sec, hey she wasn’t there anymore…. I turned around searching the bar for her, saw the back of her head as the door closed, one of the young guys following her, I quickly looked at my watch, 13 minutes… yes! I won! There goes my team mate! Got a little knot in my stomach realizing that I made the right move.

Another bet…. 10 minutes…. That is going to pay for dinner and a bottle of champagne.

My cock had stopped twitching by now with the thrill of winning the bet, the barman put another whiskey in front of me…. Back to gazing into the mirror. I was watching my beautiful neighbor lifting her hair off her neck, she was hot, she had already taken off her jacket, I could see the fabric sticking to the middle of her back…. Sweat running down her neck from her thick hair, making its way down to her curvy ass. A thought of her bare ass bent over in front of me as I buried my cock deep into her cunt flashed into my head…. Sliding my cock in and out of her juicy pussy, the sweat on her body making it difficult for me to hold her hips…. I took another sip of my drink….

The door opened, there’s my girl! Not a hair out of place! What a team player, her imaginary cheer leading team making a racket in my ears…. There’s the puppy dog, big smile on his face, a look of triumph…. Ass hole…. You’ve just been had by a professional, who’s the hero now…. Prick… my team 1 your team a big fat zero…. Ha….

I gave my team member a huge smile, she winked at me. A silent nod of victory between us, she asked for the menu…

Oh yes, that luscious arse, my cock sliding in and out of that…. I must be getting pissed, but enjoying myself none the less. She dropped her hair from the top of her head, a whole bunch of hair whipping me in the face…. Shes leaning over me exposing her breasts, rubbing her nipples on my chest, her hair brushing my cheek, I can see her glistening cunt as she moves one leg over my body… what a body, all over tanned, a clean shaven pussy, aching to be sucked by me….. another suck I mean sip of my drink, the condensation on the glass almost making me drop it, or is it just my sweaty palms caused by my filthy mind… hmmmm….


My cock growing in my jeans once again…. The need to pee taking over the urge to fuck my neighbor, I got up and headed for the men’s room. Crowded, I found a spot at the urinal and unzipped my cock. The toilets are full, I’m going to piss in the guys face next to me… Dam that woman with her cute ass and her wet pussy,… how dare she….. I zipped my jeans and washed my hands instead using scorching hot water, that sorted the problem in my jeans, can take a piss in peace without the dude next to me beating me up…

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…… relief, shake off, zip, wash back to the bar, shes gone… her seat is empty…. Her business partner gone, my drink sitting there not saying anything… ill torture the fucker… see who keeps their mouth shut then…. Mother fucker….. all that left of her is the lingering smell of ……. Jean Paul Gautier!!!!! I remembered, god i'm clever….. Smiling to myself but feeling like I had lost out on what would have clearly been the best sex I had ever had….. Clearly…..

Oh well, dejected, pissed and miserable I went back to my room and passed out without even kicking my shoes off. Out cold… pissed on a raft at sea…. A siren screaming in my head I'VE BEEN RESCUED!!! A passing ship has seen me, I've been saved from definite dehydration, sea sickness and death …. Stop the siren! I hear you… I try to focus on my rescuers, my lifeline… thirst, unbelievable thirst, how long have I been afloat at sea…. The fog in my eyes…. Rub gently… from the blazing sun…. my eyes begin to focus, the delirium clears slightly the guy with the hammer in my head does not stop his assault tho….. the phone ringing….. Phone on my raft? What?


Oh fuck….. the previous night flooding back to me, one whiskey too many, my head, I cant focus, someone poking my eyes out with hot rods… no spit,,,, the nausea rising up my throat…. Too late… peas and carrots…. What’s the time, my meeting, oh no, I have an hour to get rid of the aftereffects of the lobotomy, the hot rods, the desert in my mouth, at least I have the nausea sorted I say to myself with a smile. A bit of a green smile, but nonetheless a smile…. Crawl over to the shower and a blast of cold water slices thru my skin…. Who the hell is that screaming? 


Oh its me…. Standing in the water torturing myself trying to clear my head, punishing the ass hole that allowed me to do this to myself, what the fuck……!!!! I look down and my cocks standing up!!!! What the hell are you looking at????? Its not funny, fuck off, i'm busy, I don’t have time for you now….. hes not listening, ill show him, the fucker,…. A blast of cold water and its attitude soon changed….

Got to hurry, shave, hair, dressed, briefcase, phone, wallet, shoes…. Will eat later…

I ran the 2 blocks to my meeting, striding along, fit, healthy athlete, everyone watching me as I took long strong steps on the pavement… the picture of success… Armani suit flapping behind me… catch a glimpse in a window,,, well maybe not as fit and healthy/athlete…. Couch potato comes to mind….

What floor.... what floor? Dam…. Where’s the board…. Reading reading…. Ding! Faster faster….. shit!!!!!! Didn’t get it, the lift being held open for me, I turned and dived for the lift digging in my bag at the same time, head down…..doors close …. Floor? I hear somewhere in my head, then I smelled it…. Jean Paul Gautier…. I must have said it out loud, I looked up and there were the green eyes…. The long dark hair… she smiled at me and nodded…. Holy crap, even more beautiful than last night, clearly she wasn’t lost at sea on a raft last night….. I could feel my stomach pulling to the floor, and again she said - Floor?


I was just about to say 8 and the lift came to a grinding halt pushing my butt hole up my throat…. The lights dimmed and started buzzing…. Please no… claustrophobia, not now, not in front of the best sex I would have ever had… please if there is a god, I promise…. I could hear my heart in my ears, my blood pumping calm down, calm down… my knees turning to jelly I blacked out…


mmmm, lying in a forest, beetles buzzing around my head, dim light cool air being blown onto my face…. Staring up into the sky…. My thoughts starting to clear…. But wait…. Someone unzipping my fly, loosening my tie and collar…. A voice saying relax, you have to calm down, you having an anxiety attack, just relax and concentrate on my voice…. It’s green eyes talking to me, soothing calming me…. Her hands are on my chest, slowly rubbing my nipples, her warm breath in my ear, whispering so softly, forcing me to concentrate on her voice…. Husky… words…. Dirty words… suck me….. lick me…. I want you…. Her hands move down my stomach, her hand slides into my pants, into my undies and closes her hand around my cock….. gently rubbing her thumb around the head of my cock distracting me from the stuck lift…. Her body moving, she moved one knee over my body (as she did last night) her knees next to my ears...

. I opened my eyes, and there not 2 inches away from my face was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, pink and plump…. I wanted to slide my tongue into her slit, taste her lips, suck her clit into my mouth…. All of a sudden I could feel my cock in her mouth, warm and slippery, she was working my cock with her hand and her mouth, the underside of her tongue, moving her body back and forth, allowing her cunt to touch my lips for a second and then moving away as she sucked my cock into her mouth, backwards and forwards,,,,, making me harder and harder…. She let go of my cock in her mouth and slid her arse back towards my face, arching her back and opening her legs a little wider….


Her wet pussy aching to be sucked…. She was wet, she pushed her body into my face, forcing her cunt into my mouth, I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into her wetness… oh fuck…. She tasted like honey,,,, I tried to lap deeper into her pussy, stretching my tongue deep inside her… she didn’t move her hips, she was letting me do all the moving, I grabbed her arse and pulled it harder to my face, I licked her butt hole, her cunt getting wetter and wetter on my chin,,,, my neck getting wet with her juices, I could feel my cock was hard, aching…. She stood up and pulled me up with her. 


I wanted to ram my cock into her, feel her tight pussy squeezing the life out of me…. She turned her back on me and held onto the railing in the lift, bending at her waist and spreading her legs…. She was oozing juice... the inside of her tanned legs were wet… fuck me… was all she said, my cock found its way into her hot juicy cunt, I slammed my hips onto her arse, she pushed back on me, I could feel my balls hitting on her pussy, her clean shaven pussy….. (just like it was in my book) hot,,, throbbing…. Fuck me… fuck me…… she was enjoying riding my 8" monster deeper….


Deeper…. Then this thought came to me… what if the lift started up….. too late… oh fuck it, I pounded faster and faster, deeper, fuck it this was intense, when is the lift going to stop, we are going to get caught, faster faster,,,,, my balls aching, the speed of the lift making all my blood rush to my cock,,,, she started screaming, her pussy squeezing my monster, throbbing throbbing, waves and waves of cum,,, I could feel it too, the buildup, rushing from my toes thru my ears, back down to my balls, and up thru my aching cock into her hot little throbbing pussy….. we were both standing there unable to move, me with my cock still in her….. ding!

The lift opening… I pulled away from her, shoved my half erect cock into my pants and zipped my fly. She had a skirt on, pulled it down straightened it out, picked up her briefcase and without saying a word to me stepped out of the lift. I automatically followed her out, not knowing what floor I was supposed to be on…. Someone asked me if the could help me, I mentioned a company name, I was told to follow them, still in a daze as to what had happened…. Following the smell of Jean Paul Gautier, my mind not registering…. Big heavy doors in front of me, the boardroom, the meeting of my life, the merger…. The doors were opened and there at the head of the boardroom table was ....

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